XRP Army Waiting For The Price of XRP To Hit Bottom To Buy and Hodl Ahead of The Next Bull Run

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As reported in our previous XRP news, the price of XRP has been having difficulty gaining against the USD. It is struggling to hold the support at $0.32 against the USD and is also down against the price of BTC. XRP wasn’t even part of the recent bull rally that took the price of BTC above $5300.

XRP News Today – XRP Price Prediction 2019

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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The Bitcoin price action did little or nothing to contribute to the price of XRP. Breaking the trend seemed like a good thing at the time because the price of XRP was in trading in green while other cryptocurrencies were in red. However, now, more than ever, XRP may need to rekindle its relationship with Bitcoin. So, when the next Bitcoin bull run starts, the price of XRP will rise along with the rest of the market. This would help since the XRP development isn’t doing much to support the price.

It’s important to note that the current XRP price action is in line with one of our XRP price predictions that placed the price of XRP lower by another 50%. The XRP Army is waiting for the price of XRP to hit bottom so that they can buy and hodl ahead of the next bull run. In fact, some of them consider this fall in price as a good thing. This is because they have faith in technology.

Ripple XRP News Today – XRPayments App Trends in Google Play Store

Almost every trader on the XRP rich list is currently wondering why the price of XRP is falling significantly against the USD and if the current price of XRP will affect the XRP price prediction 2019. Well, it is important to note that almost every cryptocurrency in the market is currently trading in red as part of a market-wide price correction.

Just around the weekend, according to the XRP report on bitcoinexchangeguide; the official launch of XRPayments app on the iOS app store and Google Play was done. Designed by Ripple-backed startup XRPL Labs, the app with an in-built currency converter allows the payments to be made directly from the ledger or through XRPTip Bot.

“Right on time! Our XRPayments app was just accepted by Google and Apple. You can get the app now from the Apple iOS or Google Play store, and start accepting $XRP for payments in your physical store!”

XRPL Labs co-founder Wietse Wind had shared a demo of the app just last month. Within just two days of its release, the app even managed to make it among the top trending apps on Google play in the business category.

Recently, there has been news of XRPTipBot to be integrated into Skype in the near future. Moreover, XRPTipBot is moving to get a banking license as announced by Wind, the brain behind this application as well, at the XRP meetup in Netherland.

A move like such would definitely work in favor of XRP price and will open more opportunities for its retail and institutional adoption.

Find All Current XRP Price, Reddit Ripple XRP, Bitcoin Price Chart, AST Crypto, Cosmos Crypto, XRP News, Ripple Coin News in Smartereum.com

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XRP: XRP Tip Bot creator reveals plans to get European banking licence; nicknames it ‘legacy …

A vast majority of cryptocurrency organizations have been trying to integrate digital assets with the existing financial system. Ripple has been a prime …

The cryptocurrency market saw most major coins fall considerably on April 21 as Bitcoin [BTC], the world’s largest cryptocurrency, registered a dip in prices. XRP, the third largest cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCap, also faced the brunt of BTC’s dip. XRP’s bear market has contributed to many XRP enthusiasts doubting their position. This was reflected in a tweet by a Twitter user, claiming to have seen the ‘biggest warning sign’ for XRP hodlers.

Twitter user @hlnoooo tweeted,

“Warning to all $XRP holders.

Ripple CTO @JoelKatz recently selling his $XRP stack is the biggest warning sign one could ever get. This is the most bearish sign for $XRP I have ever witnessed since beginning of ’17.”

The user further attached a warning for all crypto users, asking them to “get out now.”

Apart from Ripple’s CTO, David Schwartz, selling his XRP, the user observed a similar trading behaviour with another “Ripple employee,” who was also selling his/her XRP over the past few days. The SEC’s ‘Framework for Analysis of Digital Assets,’ hinting at a possibility of XRP being termed as a security in the long-term was speculated to be the reason behind the sale of these XRPs.

The user also cited an old tweet by Schwartz, where the CTO spoke about the ‘de-risking strategy’ he came up with his wife during the previous bull run. Schwartz’s tweet read,

“I hold some XRP that I bought on the open market over the years as well as other similar assets. When I first chose to put money in, I agreed on a de-risking strategy with my wife should we ever have too much at risk, which I’ve been following with some sadness.”

The user took this as an indication of the risk associated with owning XRP. He further stated that the bear market, coupled with the news of the CTO selling a part of his XRP was worrisome and bearish for the community.

However, Schwartz was quick to clarify his position and stated that he was still following the ‘de-risking strategy.’ He added,

“What helped me not to be so sad selling during the bull run was thinking how happy I’d be if I regretted my decision, but it still hurt.”

Schwartz’s informed @hlnoooo that a majority of his liquid assets was still XRP and that a majority of “illiquid assets was still Ripple stock.” He claimed to be deep in the game whether he “wanted to or not.” The CTO also spoke about the amount of risk he and his wife were in and the realization they had about how there was nothing to be done fundamentally. He concluded by saying,

“All my eggs are in one basket, but I do like the basket.”

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Bitcoin Jumps To 6-Month High As 2019 Rally Extends

Bitcoin jumped on Tuesday to its highest in six months, pulling smaller cryptocurrencies up with it in a move that traders and analysts ascribed to …

Bitcoin jumped on Tuesday to its highest in six months, pulling smaller cryptocurrencies up with it in a move that traders and analysts ascribed to technical forces with no apparent news catalysts at play.

The original and biggest virtual coin climbed as much as 4.5 per cent in early trading to top $5,600 briefly, touching its highest since November 18.

Other major cryptocurrencies that tend be correlated to bitcoin such as ethereum and Ripple’s XRP also gained.

Bitcoin was last up 3.1 per cent. It has gained more than 35 per cent in April, due largely to a 20 per cent jump that caused puzzlement among traders and underscored flaws in cryptocurrency markets.

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Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:APDN) Shares in Focus: Looking at Full Year Performance

Flipping through the dials, we have noticed that shares of Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:APDN) have shifted to the downside over the past …

Flipping through the dials, we have noticed that shares of Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:APDN) have shifted to the downside over the past full-year. Over the past 52-weeks, shares have been lower by -59.18%. Investors might be trying to figure out whether the situation will reverse over the next 52-week period.

Investors may be taking a closer look at holdings and trying to decide which way the stock market will lean in the second half of the year. Maybe there are some surprising winners, and the decision needs to be made to either sell for a profit or hold on for further potential gains. Maybe there are some losers that are being held onto with the hope of a rebound. Sometimes investors may get too emotionally attached to certain stocks. Keeping unbiased focus on the market may help provide the portfolio with an added boost. Nobody knows for sure what will transpire over the next few quarters. As earnings reports flow in, investors will be monitoring which companies provide the biggest surprises.

Shifting the focus to what the Wall Street analysts are projecting, we can see that the current consensus target price on shares of Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:APDN) is $4.00. Analysts often put in a lot of work to study stocks that they cover. Because each covering analyst may come to a different conclusion about where shares are headed, investors often look to the consensus number in order to get an overall sense of the outlook. Investors may already be putting together the puzzle in order to achieve success over the next couple of quarters. Following analyst opinions may be a good way for the investor to compare individual research with that of Street professionals.

We can also see that Wall Street analysts have a consensus recommendation of 3.00 on shares of Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:APDN). This number falls on a one to five scale where a one would be considered a strong buy and a five would indicate a strong sell recommendation. Investors often have to weigh all the information before making the tough decisions. Highly publicized stocks may be enticing, but they may not be the right addition to the portfolio. Completing all the homework before taking any position can help the investor ensure that no corner has been left unchecked.

Investors tracking shares of Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:APDN) may be focusing on where the stock is trading relative to its 52-week high and low. At the time of writing, the stock had recently hit $0.60. At this price, shares can be seen trading -67.39% off of the 52-week high mark and 100.00% away from the 52-week low. Investors often pay increased attention to a stock when it is nearing either mark.

Studying some alternate historical performance measures for Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:APDN), we can see that shares are -7.72% over the previous week. Over the last month, company shares are -7.41%. For the last quarter, the stock has performed 33.93%. If we look back year-to-date, the stock has performed 50.00%. Equity market investing will always come with peaks and valleys. There are so many various factors that can have an impact on day to day stock price fluctuations. Finding the proper investing strategy may take a lot of time and effort. Many investors tend to get impatient when the portfolio is not performing up to par. Sometimes an original plan may be strong, but it needs some time to begin to work itself out. Staying on the right track can be much easier said than done.

Some dedicated market watchers will preach the old adage, nothing ventured nothing gained. Some may adhere to the slow and steady mindset. The correct play for one investor may not be the same for another. Some may choose to be fully invested while others may keep some cash on the sidelines. Active stock market investors may have to find that perfect balance between being too risky or playing it too safe. If the market keeps charging higher in the second half of the year, investors may have to decide whether to take profits, or let it ride.

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