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Date: 2018-05-18 15:27:42

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Finisar is the world's largest supplier of optical communication products. Finisar leads the industry in creating and delivering break-through optics technology and world-class products that improve the way we communicate.


Finisar sought to implement new branding, modern styling and advanced presentation for its optics technology product line. A project was created to focus on provided both fast and comprehensive tools for navigating detailed specifications of optical communications products, supporting documentation and opportunities for purchase - all housed in a responsive theme. Critical to the success of this project was the synthesis of requirements from multiple customer and stakeholder groups to form a strong solution that advanced the core interests of all.

Solutions and Impacts

FivePaths facilitated stakeholder discovery meetings to develop content priorities, as well as content architecture and feature requirements. We developed content management tools easy to use by a focused content team. Synchronization tools allow for the centralization of content such as products, news releases and more, while controlling its presentation in custom displays across the main site as well as specialized partner portal websites. This provides management for Finisar while delivering common, personalized and privileged content to customers. Our search tools allow for simple product search as well as comprehensive drill down tools for customers to find exactly the part they need. We build a top performing and highly secure system, working with expert internal Finisar security teams, as well as external partners including Rapid7 and Acquia to ensure the strongest system implementation.

The new system overhauled content management, community engagement, product findability and sales, as well as branding and theme. We supported a dedicated team of Finisar web content experts to build out and refine content across the site, including mass imports, mass updates and presentation refinements to ensure the site’s ease of use for all visitors. Working with graphic design teams, we implemented a robust responsive theme, that adjusts incrementally for a multitude of screen sizes. FivePaths worked hard to use proven Drupal solutions for supporting each feature requirement. This provides Finisar with a long lasting, stable solution that is easier to support and update over time.

Finisar customers now enjoy a beautiful and modern system of websites at www.finisar.com, partner.finisar.com and oarp.finisar.com, that offers immediate access to browse, search and drill down through products to find exactly what they are seeking.

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