Eaton brings outdoor, software-defined power solutions for 5G, IoT and more

Telstra Regional General Manager May Boisen said the Queensland rollout would continue into more Greater Brisbane suburbs and across the state in …

The OPS2 is compact and durable and can be placed outside on buildings and poles, as well as inside pits and in all sorts of places in all sorts of weather and conditions.

Eaton has a lengthy history of providing industrial, reliable power solutions from hyper-scale data centres to office buildings. However, the OPS2 marks a departure from internal power systems.

To support the rollout of 5G mobile services it must, of course, be small enough to place wherever needed and be capable of handling hot, cold, dry, wet and all other types of weather.

These core features alone mean telcos can use the OPS2 to build denser 5G networks with low power consumption.

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The OPS2 builds on this with a rich set of additional functionality including remote SNMP and web-based monitoring and control so telecommunications companies can troubleshoot and resolve issues without the expense of sending people out.

“Energy consumption will increase dramatically if 5G is deployed in the same way previous generations were deployed. In the past, densifying networks implied high energy outputs which amassed to substantial operator expense,” said Darren Salter, Eaton APAC Product Manager.

Another stand-out feature of the OPS2 is it provides fully software-defined configuration options. “If we want the output to be a certain size we set it in software,” Salter explained. “An engineer can set up the configuration in the office and deploy the OPS2 remotely.”

The OPS2 came out of Eaton’s own research and development and while elements are not new, it is physically deployed in a wholly new way. It is also one of the first devices of its kind to be fully software-powered.

“The thing that is most important is as 5G rolls out it becomes ubiquitous and you have potentially hundreds of millimetre-wave in small areas. You need power efficiency so it’s important your power conversion equipment is done with utmost efficiency,” says Salter.

Eaton is speaking with Australian telcos about using the OPS2 in their 5G rollouts.

The OPS2 has much to offer in making 5G rollouts viable but is equally suitable for CCTV, public Wi-Fi, IoT and other equipment that needs reliable power to operate and placed in street-side pole-mounted environments.