MintDice, the World’s Top Bitcoin Casino, Introduces New Levels of Trust and Security

Cryptocurrency casino company MintDice is an online Bitcoin casino that … These include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, Blocknet, …

Cryptocurrency casino company MintDice is an online Bitcoin casino that offers players the option of playing and investing with several different cryptocurrencies. Powered by trustless betting algorithms based on blockchain technology, it provides a new level of security and trust.

Internet gambling is an increasingly growing trend across the globe. In the world of digital currencies, cryptocurrency casino popularity is rising: it is the new and improved way to gamble, with frictionless transactions as well as provably fair algorithms the chief factors driving uptake.

MintDice is the leader of this major virtual gaming shift. The online Bitcoin casino offers multiple cryptocurrencies. These include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, Blocknet, NEO, Decred, ZCoin and more. MintDice’s core mission is to maintain a gambling service that is fun and social – involving everyone in its community.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have merged themselves into the gaming world, innovating the way people game online. Online gambling is now becoming more popular, allowing wider access to grow the multi-billion dollar industry. The combination of two of the technology industry’s largest sectors (games and cryptocurrency) ensures greater interest and usership from around the world.

The MintDice edge

Despite it being relatively new on the scene MintDice has already gained a reputation as one of the world’s leading Bitcoin Casino for Bitcoin Dice, Slots, Plinko and other games, mainly down to its ability to access a new level of trust between gamers and virtual casinos.

True to the concept of community, it also offers new investment opportunities, masternode/staking revenue, unique site features, and multiple classic casino games to enjoy and wager on. MintDice is aiming to continuously add new and improved features rather than remaining static and this potentially includes introducing new games and markets.

CEO of MintDice, Bryce stated the following:

“We are relatively new to the scene in what seems like a somewhat sleepy market but we are slowly gaining interest that is fairly apparent on our backend sheets and trust in the community.”

MintDice prides itself on being a reliable platform with a low house edge. Utilizing its fairer, more trustworthy and overall better algorithm, MintDice allows players to review their bets which consequently confirms their random outcome and security, proving independently they aren’t being taken advantage of by the house.

A trustworthy ecosystem isn’t the only goal MintDice is hoping to achieve and maintain. It has been designed with a user-interface boot that prioritizes speed and functionality.

It also offers investments for even more opportunities to win and profit, free from risk. One opportunity is the Masternode/Staking investment where users can invest at a cheap rate in shared Masternode pools and receive payouts from the Bitcoin casino’s profits (dependant on the investment capacity).

The other is MintDice’s “Be The Bank” offer. Here, users receive a portion of profits from a pool that takes 15% of each bet placed at the site, depending on how much the users holds. MintDice is confident that all user funds are at no risk and that its goal is to always provide complete transparency to its users, as members of a safe, social and accessible community.

To get the details of MintDice investment opportunities, read up the investment guide.

Already a new global leader in cryptocurrency casinos, MintDice knows there is still always room for improvement. Its main mission continues to be that of constant development, with more and more ideas are coming into play, including a versatile rewards program, further additions to its current social games and two new “first to market” games (expected to be released by the end of this year).

Find out what the future of crypto gaming looks like by visiting the MintDice platform now.

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