Telco titan or DIY upstart? You be the judge

Telstra’s cut-price subsidiary, Belong, charges $180 less over a year for that amount of data, using the same mobile network. Verdict: $180 worse off with …

When it comes to the NBN, the list of “are-they-worth-it” bells and whistles on offer grows.

For a “StandardNBN” deal, Telstra charges $1080 a year and tosses in those same sports apps described above, the Binge trial, 20,000 Telstra reward points, a home phone and a free 4G back-up modem. If you include Fox Sports channels, it comes to $1680 a year.

Verdict: On the cost of NBN + modem alone, Telstra costs $240 more than Vodafone for the same speed. However, if you want sports, you can get them much cheaper via the Kayo app and save a significant $540 a year with the DIY bundle.

What to make of all that? It depends on you and whether you use all the extras.

If you are on a budget, there are usually savings to be had by shopping around.