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Hot Chips 34 Reveals Intel's 3D Foveros Ambitions for Meteor Lake, Arrow Lake CPUs

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Date: 2022-05-22 19:05:38

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The organizers have shared the schedule for the Hot Chip Symposium 2022. Intel has booked a lot of presentation time with experts sharing information and insight about its latest GPUs, CPUs, foundry technologies, etc. Other key PC technology firms at Hot Chips 34 include AMD, Arm, and Nvidia. Well-known tech industry pioneers like Samsung, Tesla, MediaTek, and Cerebras will be there. Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, Hot Chips 34 will be a virtual conference that will take place live over the days specified. Still, all presentations will be recorded and made available after processing.

Intel's Hot Chips 34 Schedule

  • Intel’s Ponte Vecchio GPU: Architecture, System and Software. Monday, August 22, 9 – 11am
  • Heterogenous Integration Enables FPGA Based Hardware Acceleration for RF Applications. Monday, August 22, 11.30am – 1.30pm
  • Semiconductors Run the World. Monday, August 22, 2.30 – 3.30pm
  • Meteorlake and Arrowlake : Intel Next Gen 3D Client Architecture Platform with Foveros. Tuesday, August 23, 5 – 7pm
  • Next-Generation Intel processor build for the edge - Intel Xeon D 2700 & 1700. Tuesday, August 23, 5 – 7pm

Our readers' most interesting Intel presentation will concern Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake technologies on Tuesday. Intel's Wilfred Gomes will host this presentation.