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How Allbirds will step up marketing ahead of going public - Ad Age

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Date: 2021-08-31 17:48:45

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As consumers continue to place more importance on sustainability—a choice experts expect to be more than a trend and something all brands are paying attention to—Allbirds has branded itself as a shoe that values the planet over profit. Ad campaigns have emphasized the transparency of its supply chain, beginning in 2018 with a “Meet Your Shoes” effort from Anomaly. In recent months, Allbirds, which competes with larger brands such as Nike and Adidas, has worked with agencies such as Mythology and Uncommon Creative Studio.

Such work has helped grow net revenue to $219.3 million in 2020, a 74% rise over 2018.

In its filing, Allbirds announced it plans to expand brand awareness by marketing its sustainability values, including open-sourcing its carbon footprint methodology and challenging copycat brands, something the company has been vocal about in the past. The company will also expand its Allgood Collective, a group of Allbirds brand ambassadors, and store footprint, as well as grow its full-funnel marketing and personalization efforts.

With so many companies making claims to sustainability, Allbirds may need to tread carefully. The company was sued earlier this month by Patricia Dwyer, a consumer accusing Allbirds of greenwashing in its advertising, according to The Fashion Law. Dwyer alleged that Allbirds operations are not as eco-friendly as they purport to be.

Original Source: https://adage.com/article/marketing-news-strategy/allbirds-will-increase-marketing-ahead-going-public/2361776