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Local Aviation Program First Incorporating Virtual Reality Painting | Business

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Date: 2021-07-22 04:52:30

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HUNTINGTON — The Aviation Maintenance Technology program, jointly run by Marshall University and Mountwest Community & Technical College in Huntington, will be the first Part 147 school in the United States to meet FAA training requirements for aviation paints using virtual reality systems. And coating lab.

In early July, the program was approved by the Federal Aviation Administration and introduced a new system that simulates the environment of an aviation paint shop and allows instructors to simulate different paint scenarios to accurately measure student abilities. Introduced.

Like all educational assistants and equipment for aviation training, virtual 3D paint systems are evaluated during the Marshall-certified FAA design performance stage to ensure they meet federal requirements.

The 3D system provides instructors with a platform for measuring student performance, including indicators such as millimeters of paint thickness, cost of materials used, gun distance, overspray, and angle to painted parts. I will.

Manufactured by Virtual Paint Products in Cedar Falls, Iowa, the same training used by the U.S. Air Force’s Aviation Education and Training Corps at facilities such as Hill Air Force Base in Utah and the U.S. Coast Guard’s Aviation Technology Training Center in North Carolina. The system. ..

“This innovative virtual reality system saves a lot of money on the program by eliminating the need for consumables such as paints and personal protective equipment while reducing setup and cleanup time.” Said Jim Smith, Interim Director of the Marshall / Mount West Aviation Maintenance Technology Program. , In a news release.

The first class of the AMT program at Huntington Tristate Airport is scheduled to begin in January 2022.

Local Aviation Program First Incorporating Virtual Reality Painting | Business

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