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Mystery Crypto Player Hits $1M Jackpot on CryptoSlots' Most Popular Game | Bitcoinist.com

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Date: 2022-03-31 09:05:10

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Pretty much anyone can confess that the Saturday night fever can get quite hot at times, but this particular Saturday in February has been a game changer for CryptoSlots player going by the nickname RUBEN. Totally unexpected, he hit the elusive jackpot and won $1,000,000 on a single spin of the Jackpot Trigger slot game.

This win has been waiting for some years now: being the first time in the casino’s history that a player has won such a dreamable amount in one play. The hundred-thousand-dollar sum has been won several times over several years that the casino has been online. Wins come in multiples of ten: $1, $10, $100, all the way to $1,000,000.

The Jackpot Trigger is a one of a kind casino game. Made by the masterminds CryptoSlots – gaming provider Slotland Entertainment – you can only play it with tokens earned on other CryptoSlots games.

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Who was the lucky crypto winner?

In the casino world there are mainly 2 types of winners: those who want to be flashy and those who celebrate it on their own! RUBEN – now a millionaire – falls into the latter category.

Pledged to remain a haven for anonymous online casino players, CryptoSlots respects his wishes. He has actually been a long time slot player and now exclusively plays using cryptocurrencies for their heightened levels of security.

“It’s not about trying to hide anything, more about the security provided,” explains casino manager Michael Hillary. “Many of our players like that their earnings are theirs and none of their personal details are compromised. We have some of the longest-standing online casinos in the world, but crypto is really the only way to achieve this level of privacy.”

RUBEN requested to distribute his wins into several transactions through different cryptocurrencies. To be safe with wins of this scale, it is a choice endorsed by CryptoSlots.

So, how can you win your million?

  1. Play Provably Fair games

Provably Fair is a concept well known to experienced crypto players. It is a blockchain-inspired concept that lets players externally verify game results.

How to prove it? First, you need to play a Provably Fair game. There are a small number of casinos where all games fall under this sought-after category – CryptoSlots is one of them. Unlike where some casinos have a Provably Fair section, and some have none.

To check a result for randomness, you copy the server seed and paste it into an external site to verify.

  1. Choose high-paying games

 It makes sense that to win big, you have to be selective about where you place your bets.

As where most casinos have high roller games where you can win thousands in a matter of minutes- with higher bets comes higher risks.

Jackpot Trigger is an unusual one that mitigates the risks: the tokens you use to play do not have a monetary value. They are, in essence, bonus extras collected by playing other games. You can spin with as little as one token, although only ten can bet for the million-dollar win. The game does give you the power to hold certain reels – so to play tactically, it’s worthwhile to build up your stash of tokens and play for longer.

  1. Play online

 Variety and ease are the two major factors that attract online players, rather than opting for land-based casinos. However, when it comes to winning, the odds are more in your favor.

Online casinos have a better edge when it comes to bonuses and payback. With far fewer overheads, they are in a much better position to give more money back to their players. Like the tokens for CryptoSlots’ jackpot game, playing online also allows you to reap the benefits of loyalty rewards that many online casinos offer.

None of this is new, online casinos have been around since the dawn of the internet. But cryptocurrencies have made them far more fair, secure, and (if we take player RUBEN as an example) lucrative!

Launched in 2018, CryptoSlots is an online casino created by Slotland Entertainment. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Monero are accepted payment methods. The crypto-casino has dozens of Provably Fair games and allows players from the US and abroad.


Original Source: https://bitcoinist.com/mystery-crypto-player-hits-1m-jackpot-on-cryptoslots-most-popular-game/