Chainlink Collabs With Colorado State Lottery to Create Innovative Web3 Games

Some of the keynote speakers will be Vitalik Buterin and Governor Polis. The press statement claims that the new lottery becomes the ‘first-ever …

Chainlink has partnered with the State of Colorado for a hackathon to create a new lottery game. The new hackathon will involve $17,500 in prizes to three winners as well as $8,500 in Web3 bonus prizes, which will be sponsored by Chainlink.

Chainlink is proud to collaborate with the Colorado Lottery to launch the #GameJam Hackathon from July 31-Aug 9! This is the Lottery’s first-ever public private partnership & hackathon. Build Web3 games for potential use by the Lottery using verified randomness w/ #ChainlinkVRF.

— Chainlink – Official Channel (@chainlink) July 27, 2020

The Colorado Lottery has designed a GameJam Hackathon, which will be open to individuals from across the globe.

According to the State of Colorado, the new innovative games will aim at collecting around $1 billion in revenue which will be used for land conservation, outdoor fund recreation as well as improving the state schools. The state lottery will also aim at enhancing responsible gaming.

Excited by such similar successful projects in other states like Wyoming, Jared Polis, the Colorado governor, stated that he is committed to ensuring that the Colorado government becomes an example to other states when it comes to technology space.

Polis explained that the Colorado government is committed to serving its populace through innovative technology better. He explained:

“Last year, we launched Colorado Digital Services to begin developing critical public-private technology relationships to position our state government as a tech leader, but more importantly, to better serve our population through technology.”

Sergey Nazarov, Chainlink’s co-founder, stated that his firm was excited to partner with such lotteries. He also added that he desires to see the blockchain technology move beyond the traditional token sphere.

Nazarov also expressed his gratitude for working with Colorado Lottery in helping developers to come up with non-fraud gaming apps. He added:

“I think this shows that smart contracts, blockchains, and oracles can be successfully composed to go beyond tokens and on-chain financial products (DeFi), into the many markets that need truly tamper-proof and highly reliable digital agreements.”

According to a press release, the opening ceremony is set for the evening of July 31. Some of the keynote speakers will be Vitalik Buterin and Governor Polis.

The press statement claims that the new lottery becomes the ‘first-ever public-private partnership and hackathon.’

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