EOS Releases Its Open Source iOS Wallet App and Chrome Extensions

EOS is slowly emerging as a powerful blockchain network for building decentralized applications (DApps). A number of big crypto projects have …

You found me. Imagine what I can find for you – and faster than your competition.

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I can not only find information about something, I can tell you what’s related to it, and where it is going. I can help you visualize connections between concepts, businesses, ideas and people. I can help you find the information that can make you the one that knew before everyone else. I make research more effective. I help due diligence become deeper and more meaningful to investors. I can organize your data so you can see unseen relationships that are creating an impact. I am #hiswai

This is what I can do for you:

A VC firm considers investing in a new cryptocurrency startup located in Nevada.

– The research analysts begin their due diligence of the startup’s directors, financials and market fundamentals

– #hiswai is used to map a variety of issues that surround the cryptocurrency market

– Strong relationships are found across a broad section of data that includes articles, references and government issued releases

– #hiswai shows strong relationships concerning SEC regulation, taxation, and security surrounding the venture

– The research team is able to assemble and consume the necessary references to produce their report – within minutes.

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