Opera’s newest update brings Ethereum crypto wallet and Web 3 support

Opera Software announced the release of its 60.0 desktop browser “Reborn 3.” The highly-anticipated update includes Web 3 support and a crypto …

Opera Software announced the release of its 60.0 desktop browser “Reborn 3.” The highly-anticipated update includes Web 3 support and a crypto wallet, as well as a revamped VPN and ad blocker—helping users remain in control of their digital life.

Opera Launches First Desktop Browser for Web 3

Opera, the company behind the eponymous Opera browser, has officially launched Opera 60.0. Aptly named Reborn 3, the newest iteration of its browser has been welcomed by the crypto industry for its new features that cater to enthusiasts.

According to the company’s official blog post, Reborn 3 includes Web 3 support and a crypto wallet, a feature it deemed the “most important” in the launch. Reborn 3 will enable users to explore and make transactions with the blockchain-based DApps that characterize Web 3.

Apart from cryptocurrencies, Reborn’s crypto wallet enables users to store collectibles in the Opera browser that sync in the browser’s Android version. This means that wallet keys never have to leave the user’s smartphone, reducing the chance for funds to be hacked or stolen.

The company said in its blog post:

“In our pursuit of empowering users to improve all aspects of their web experience, we feel this is the most powerful development, truly the beginning of a new era of the Web.”

Reborn 3 Offers Users Tools To Reclaim Control of Their Online Presence

The Norway-based company also introduced many other features to the Reborn 3 browser. Apart from free unlimited VPN data that comes integrated into the browser, the entire platform received a complete facelift.

The browser features a “borderless” design, with the dividing lines between buttons and other parts of the browser removed to avoid any distractions for the user. Two different themes have also been added, light and dark.

Opera‘s free integrated VPN was updated to increase its speed and functionality. However, when compared with other third-party VPN services, Opera’s integrated VPN only offers a limited choice of location. Users can choose between IP addresses in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, rather than choosing virtual addresses in particular countries.

But, with most same-tier VPN services requiring monthly or yearly subscriptions, Opera’s free VPN seems welcomed by the community despite its shortcomings. The browser is now available as a freeware download for Windows, macOS, and 64-bit Linux users.

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Ad Servers Plot To Scoop Up Sizmek’s Business; PE Firm Acquires Gizmodo Media Group

Adform isn’t the only ad server anteing up for Sizmek accounts. Flashtalking CEO John Nardone says that within a few days of Sizmek’s bankruptcy …

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A Chance To Serve

The buy-side ad tech company Adform announced an investment on Monday by GRO Capital, a Danish private equity firm. The companies didn’t disclose the size of the new round, and Adform COO Oliver Whitten tells AdExchanger that talks with GRO began in December 2018, when Adform backed out of its IPO plan. But he said the cash injection comes at a pivotal moment for Adform, since it wants to ramp up hiring and biz dev to go after ad server business suddenly up for grabs following Sizmek’s bankruptcy. Adform isn’t the only ad server anteing up for Sizmek accounts. Flashtalking CEO John Nardone says that within a few days of Sizmek’s bankruptcy filing, his board had approved a plan to speed-hire about 30 new employees in addition to 15 prior open positions, as many brands and agencies look for an ad server replacement. The ad-serving startup Thunder originally planned a global expansion in 2020, when Google is expected to shut down its advertising ID worldwide, according to CEO Victor Wong, but the board has accelerated that plan because so much of Sizmek’s business in Europe and APAC is suddenly on the table.

Oh No, Gizmodo

Univision is selling Gizmodo Media Group to private equity firm Great Hill Partners. The Gizmodo properties will be rebranded under the name G/O Media Inc. and led by James Spanfeller, the former CEO of Forbes.com and president of consumer magazines at Ziff Davis. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but sources tell The Wall Street Journal they expect Gizmodo to be sold for well below the $135 million Univision paid for it in 2016. While Gizmodo is another example of a digital publisher selling below a prior valuation, Spanfeller sees great value in Gizmodo’s audience – 67 million people visited its sites in February. He wants to double down on programmatic ad sales as well as ecommerce paid content to whip the company back into shape. More.

Around The Block

The German media conglomerate Axel Springer, the largest news company in Europe, has brought another suit against Eyeo’s Adblock Plus (ABP), a popular ad blocker, PPC Land reports. Axel Springer has taken Eyeo to court a handful of times for alleged anti-competitive behavior, but its efforts never landed much of a blow. It won a partial victory in 2016, when a court ruled that ABP couldn’t force Axel Springer to pay whitelisting fees to serve ads to users who had consented to see ads. But Eyeo’s revenue mostly comes from networks like Google, Criteo and Taboola, not directly from news publishers. The new suit claims Eyeo violates copyright law because “ad blockers change the programming codes of websites and thus directly interfere with the legally protected offerings of publishers.”

But Wait, There’s More!

You’re Hired!

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Users of Brave Browser Can Now Earn Basic Attention Token (BAT) for Seeing Ads

The browser was created by a fund through an Initial Coin Offering. BAT tokens were then sold to investors and the project was launched by Brendan …

Basic Attention Token (BAT) came into the scene as an Ethereum token that aims to revolutionize the digital ad industry. Recent BAT crypto news has revealed that the digital currency has what it takes to get mass adoption. Many enthusiasts have referred to it as the best cryptocurrency to invest 2019, but others believe Holo crypto stands a better chance.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

Name Price 24H (%)



The token launched a project with its Brave browser to reward publishers. Users of the cryptocurrency powered browser can earn BAT for seeing ads. The Beta version of the browser has been released and this feature is a part of it.

This implies that Brave browser users can now earn BAT token for simply browsing the web. These users will not have to deal with the browser’s developer version which is not as stable as this version. It is usually used to test new features rolling out for the project.

Our beta channel now features Brave Ads for testing. Users can opt in to view private ads via Brave Rewards, and will be able to claim BAT accumulated for having viewed ads. Link to download Brave Beta: https://t.co/u6HMPploBM

— Brave Software (@brave) April 2, 2019

How it works

From recent BAT crypto news, it was gathered that only users who opt-in to view ads will see them. Also, only those users who opt in will be rewarded for viewing. The initial phase of ad rollout was successful as users were engaging with ads on their screens.

Several users have reported that they only see ads in some countries and not all. This is similar to the developer version of the browser and at the moment, only France, Germany, Canada, the united states and the United Kingdom can see ads. However, other users around the world will soon be able to enjoy these benefits when they are released on the stable version of Brave browser.

The browser was created by a fund through an Initial Coin Offering. BAT tokens were then sold to investors and the project was launched by Brendan Eich, the former Mozilla CEO. This browser features an adblocker which comes built in and also blocks trackers automatically.

The ads can only appear to users who opt-in to see pop-ups. They also get rewarded for clicking. The company plans to give users up to 70% revenue and this could increase their earnings by $5 each month in BAT.

Is BAT the best cryptocurrency to invest 2019?

BAT brings something new to the digital currency industry. It eliminates the middle man when it comes to ads and rewards. Also, its browser which has more than 20 million downloads could help facilitate mass adoption. These are the advantages it has over Holo crypto.

The tokens earned by users are distributed to content creators and websites visited by users. Also, users can change the parameters and allocate certain amounts to different publishers. They can also choose to keep their tokens and wait for the withdrawal option to show.

About a year ago, the browser included a tipping feature that allows users to tip content and website creators. Later on, publishers will be allowed to show ads on individual websites. The system will also allow them to take up to 70% of all the revenue they generate in the process. While users take the remaining 15% after the firm keeps just 15%.

In the near future, the company aims to roll out its special ad features in other independent browsers and not just its own. Follow up on BAT crypto news daily to get more updates as they unfold.

Is BAT the best cryptocurrency to invest 2019? Please share your thoughts below.

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Brave Browser to Let Users See Ads on its Beta Version to Earn BAT

Remarkably, an initial coin offering (ICO) has funded the Brave browser wherein the browser’s BAT tokens have been sold for investors. Brendan Eich …

Brave- the cryptocurrency powered browser announced recently that now, the users will be capable of earning BAT tokens while browsing the web.

Brave users have been accommodated to earn its Basic Attention Token (BAT) in return of seeing ads on the developer channel earlier, and now this feature has been added to the Beta version of the browser. As a result of this, users will no longer have to deal with the not very stable developer version and will be working with the Beta version where new features are frequently tested to facilitate earning.

However, as stated by Brave, the users who will be shown ads and rewarded for them will be the ones opting in for it. According to the reports, it has been found by the first phase of the ad rollout that consumers viewing the ads were also getting engaged with it.

On the social media of Reddit, a point was brought to attention by the people that- only users located in some countries like the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, France, and Canada will be able to view ads just like it is in the developer version of the browser. But apparently, the program will be available to users worldwide after it is released on Brave’s secure version.



Remarkably, an initial coin offering (ICO) has funded the Brave browser wherein the browser’s BAT tokens have been sold for investors. Brendan Eich, the former CEO of Mozilla launched this with features like an in-built adblocker and blocking of trackers by default.

Brave will apparently be giving the users 70% of the revenue who opt-in for viewing the ads and click the rewards users. According to Eich, this will help them earn up to $5 per month in BAT. Tokens earned by the users in this process by default will be dispersed to content creators. Even though certain allocations of particular amounts to particular publishers can change these parameters in some instances. Tokens can also be kept by the users in the meantime of waiting for a withdrawal option to appear.

An in-built tipping feature was added on the browser sometime last year, which let the users utilize their tokens to tip content creators and websites. There are plans for another feature which will permit the publishers to show ads on their own platforms. This system will reward them with 70% of the revenue generated by them with 15% being rewarded to the users while 15% will be kept for the firm itself.

It has been stated in reports that this ad feature is being anticipated to roll out beyond the company’s own browser in the near future.

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Cryptocurrency-Enabled Brave Web Browser Hits 20 Million Downloads

BTCNN reported on December 13 that Opera had launched a cryptocurrency wallet on its latest browser for Android. On February 7, it was also …
brave browser

Brave Browser, a web application from Brave Software Incorporation has hit 20 million downloads on the AppBrain Android marketplace. The open source internet browser is reportedly speedier than Chrome and rewards its users with the Basic Attention Token (BAT). Therefore, people can earn while they surf their favorite pages on the net and so can publishers of these content.

Brave Browser Boasts of Being a Fast Ad Blocker

Brave Browser reputably known as a fast ad blocker has recorded 20 million downloads on AppBrain. The latter is an increment from the 10 million downloads which the application had garnered in August 2018. In May of the same year, the app was downloaded 5 million times which shows that within a few months, the adoption rate doubles. The company in September 2018 also revealed that they have 4 million monthly active users (MAUs).

Brave’s popularity can be attributed to the number of features the application boast of. Some of these include its ability to block ads on web pages as well as trackers. As a result, the page loads faster, fewer resources are loaded to the CPU, and the user’s activity and location are not tracked.

So I just installed and set up @Brave Browser. Listen here…if you like Chrome, but hate how much CPU it hogs up, get Brave. It’s literally built on Chromium and operates JUST like Chrome, but uses WAY less CPU. Definite heads up for my fellow gamers and streamers.

— Not Rob Riggle | #CrownGang (@RobRegalGxC) March 5, 2019

Users and Publishers Earn BAT Cryptocurrency

On the other hand, users of the app can opt-in to receive the Brave ads which in turn, enables them to earn BAT. Publishers also stand a chance of earning the virtual currency for the content they promote. In this case, visitors can donate BAT to them as the case may be. An instance is the case of Philip DeFranco, a YouTube content creator with over 6 million subscribers. DeFranco in April 2018, signed with Brave to earn using its tokens while also promoting the Brave browser.

Brave had its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in 2014 where $36 million was raised under 30 seconds. BAT, the cryptocurrency in question which is used to reward people was launched on Coinbase exchange in November 2018. Upon its launch, there was a spike in the virtual assets price, and most recently, the asset has seen a 30 percent boost in price.

Other Web Browsers Implement Cryptocurrency Feature

The Brave internet browser may have especially been designed to cater to the cryptocurrency community, but in recent times, the traditional browsers are doing the same. BTCNN reported on December 13 that Opera had launched a cryptocurrency wallet on its latest browser for Android.

On February 7, it was also revealed that Mozilla intends to add a cryptocurrency mining block feature on its browser to prevent the illegal mining of these assets. Other than developers of web browsers, smartphone makers like Samsung, HTC, and Sirin Labs have all designed blockchain-based smartphones.

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