HFPA Bolsters Grant Giving at YouTube Event

“HFPA Philanthropy: Empowering the Next Generation,” showcased some of the recipients of the HFPA’s largesse with stars such as George Clooney, …

While much of the world knows the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. (HFPA) for the Golden Globes, the annual kudosfest it puts on, it is equally well known for the money from the television contract is spent on philanthropy. Since 1987, the HFPA has disbursed $44.5 million and that tradition continues this year with $5.2 million given to various organizations and schools that work in and with the entertainment industry.

Though the money was given at a big socially distanced event that was presented online on YouTube on Oct. 13, Meher Tatna, board chair of the HFPA, says since the lockdown in March the org has donated $300,000 in three batches to various institutions.

“A lot of students were in distress, they had to leave their dorm rooms, a lot of them are food insecure so we, the HFPA members, voted to give emergency grants to everyone,” she says.

The average gift was about $20,000, mostly to colleges, but “there were other grantees who were going to remove their employees off the payroll because they couldn’t afford to keep them.”

The beneficiaries are in education, including several schools, and press freedom-related and film restoration orgs. The process of selecting grantees did not change from previous years, says Luca Celada, board member and co-producer of “HFPA Philanthropy: Empowering the Next Generation,” the YouTube event that was presented Oct. 13.

The title is a reference to the work the org has been doing with younger people, many in inner-city schools.

“Outreach to what in the end will be our future, the future of the industry, showing them that we want to actively showcase their work and kind of give them a leg up and taking that extra step,” Celada says.

“Throughout the year we have an application process with our grants officer,” he adds. “Many of these 77 are repeat grantees although some are new.

“We usually do it in a ballroom. we present it in person,” Celada says. “Of course, like everyone else, we’ve changed. In a way we are making the most of that with this format and actually highlight some of the work the young people are doing with 11 schools that we are specifically highlighting.”

“HFPA Philanthropy: Empowering the Next Generation,” showcased some of the recipients of the HFPA’s largesse with stars such as George Clooney, Jurnee Smollet and John David Washington, singers including Billie Eilish and Mary J. Blige participating in the event hosted by James Corden. HFPA is considering repeating it.

“The idea is to make it part of our philanthropy effort, to take one further step besides financially supporting also kind of reaching out keeping in mind the kind of year it has been,” Celada says.

Also this year the org added the Social Justice Grant, $300,000 presented to the Urban Peace Institute’s Connie Rice by Tracee Ellis Ross on Oct. 13.

The passing of HFPA president Lorenzo Soria did not affect the HFPA’s grant process as the decisions were made before he died. “All the processes that he put in place, we just continue,” Tatna says.

“The Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. is committed to giving back, and providing grants to deserving organizations and individuals,” says Ali Sar, the new president. “We are committed to continuing our unwavering support of educational, cultural, humanitarian and journalistic efforts.”

The money that the HFPA disburses comes from the goose that lays the Golden Globes but what is going to happen in the future is anybody’s guess.

Tatna points out that the awards were moved, but beyond that, “Who the hell knows? Nobody knows anything. Will there be a second wave? Will there be a flu pandemic?”

Celada adds, “In the long run I would imagine it would affect us as it would the entire industry.”

Looking to the future, the pair would like to expand the HFPA’s philanthropic efforts. For Tatna that means more to refugee organizations. Some of the checks that were given at festivals, including at Cannes, didn’t happen because the event was canceled.

Celada, for his part, would like to go beyond monetary giving to experiences. The HFPA already offers internships, director residencies and fellowships.

“But I think also some of our members could do courses or go and speak at some of these schools, have more interns join us and actually kind of give in experience and not only in money. I think that is, there is room there to become more involved.”

Teen Born With Congenital Limb Difference Finds Happiness Surfing: ‘It Is My Calling’

The professional surfer knows a thing or two about feeling different. She lost her left arm in a 2003 shark attack. “It was my first time surfing ever, and I got …

A California teen who was born with a congenital limb difference has found her passion.

Liv Stone is a 17-year-old who rides some serious waves.


Born with a congenital birth defect, Liv’s arms end just above her elbows. She has just two fingers on each hand.

“I almost get questions every time I’m out there,” she told Fox 5.

“I’ll go out and there’s old geezers out there trying to keep up with me and be like, ‘I’ve been surfing for 60 years and you’re out here rippin.’

“They ask me questions, I explain my situation and then they let me catch some waves.”

Liv didn’t have much interest in sports just a few years ago.


That all changed when she met Bethany Hamilton at a faith-based retreat. The professional surfer knows a thing or two about feeling different. She lost her left arm in a 2003 shark attack.

“It was my first time surfing ever, and I got to surf with (Hamilton) and it was just incredible,” Liv recalled.

“It came so naturally. And then I went home to Pennsylvania and I traveled back and forth to California doing different adaptive surfing events, but still based in Penn. And I loved every second of surfing.”

In 2019, Liv packed up and moved west to California. She got deeper into adaptive surfing. Liv bought some prosthetic paddles to wear on her hands to help with paddling out. She worked hard.

Liv worked so hard that she earned a spot on Team USA’s Paralympic surf team. She won two golds and one silver medal at the world championships. Her victory has given her a deeper self-confidence.

“At the end of the day, I am super confident now because without me being born this way, and without God’s gifts that he has given me, I wouldn’t be here now,” she said.

“I wouldn’t be in California. I wouldn’t be surfing. I wouldn’t have three gold medals. I wouldn’t be doing this right now and impacting as many people and I just believe that it is my calling to do this and I’m just overjoyed to share my story.”

Regal Canyon View Cinemas 14 reopens to moviegoers

With $5 tickets to classic films, Regal Canyon View Cinemas 14 finally is welcoming back movie fans. The theater at 648 Market St., which closed in …

With $5 tickets to classic films, Regal Canyon View Cinemas 14 finally is welcoming back movie fans.

The theater at 648 Market St., which closed in mid-March because of COVID-19, reopened Friday with an employee greeting moviegoers at the lobby door to explain the theater’s concession lines and to answer questions.

While a few new releases such as “Unhinged” and “Tulsa” are showing, the theater is offering a number of classics on the big screen for a limited time. Tickets to those classics, which include “Jaws,” “Back to the Future,” “Deadpool,” “Black Panther” and a couple “Star Wars” movies, cost $5 for adults and $3 for children.

Regal has reduced audience capacity for its auditoriums and its seat reservation system automatically keeps empty seats between groups — up to nine seats may be reserved per order. Tickets may be purchased at the theater as well as online, however with limited seats available for showings, reserving seats is advised.

The auditoriums are sanitized following every screening with the lobby area also getting cleaned every 30 minutes.

Concessions are available — refills are not — and the theater now offers contactless concessions through its mobile app.

Masks must be worn by both employees and customers, with the exception of when a moviegoer is eating or drinking in an auditorium. For information about the theater, its movies and COVID-19 safety measures, go to regmovies.com.

For moviegoers, it’s been a long summer.

On June 12, Grand Junction’s other movie theater, Picture Show reopened at 50% capacity.

During the shutdown, on May 8, Picture Show started providing curbside popcorn and drink service on weekends at four of its 12 locations in the United States. It was reported that approximately 90% of the company’s popcorn sales in May came in Grand Junction.

In mid-April drive-in theaters like Delta’s Tru Vu Drive-In and the Star Drive-In in Montrose reopened with COVID-19 restrictions.

With the movie-making industry shut down due to COVID-19, drive-in movies were showing old movies. But on June 27, the Delta and Montrose drive-ins welcomed hundreds of country music fans for a Garth Brooks concert on the big screen.

Other country artists have also appeared at the two drive- ins later in the summer.

Starting July 3, movie fans could make the trek to Glade Park after the annual Glade Park Movies Under the Stars finally got underway. There are two more Friday’s remaining for this year: Aug. 28 and Sept. 4.

Get Your Sauce-Covered Hands on Some Free Chicken Wings Today

If you’re ordering through DoorDash, you must use the code WINGSDAY. The deal is automatically added at checkout when you order a minimum $15 …

Illustration for article titled Get Your Sauce-Covered Hands on Some Free Chicken Wings Today

Photo: DronG (Shutterstock)

It’s National Chicken Wing Day—time to celebrate the American tradition of taking previously discarded parts of a chicken, deep frying them, covering them in butter and hot sauce and then selling them at a high markup. Well, technically, those are buffalo wings (which originated at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York in 1964). Chicken wings themselves—deep fried or in other forms—have been around a lot longer.


Appetizer history aside, a lot of people can’t get enough of these poultry pieces, and now they have their own National Day. To mark the occasion, several wing slingers are offering freebies and other deals on this popular dish. Take a look at some of the participating restaurants now, so you can plan your day and won’t have to wing it.



There’s a Buy One, Get One Free wings deal for takeout or delivery orders on July 29. The deal is valid for online orders only through Applebees.com or via the Applebee’s mobile app. To get this offer, add your choice of wings to your cart and enter the coupon code WINGDAY at checkout. The promotion is not valid for dine-in or through third-party delivery services. There is a limit of one offer per person.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Get six free wings with the purchase of any size order of wings (boneless or traditional). The deal is only available for dine-in (eh, maybe skip that one) or by ordering via phone for pickup at your local BWW.


East Coast Wings + Grill

Not a straightforward deal, but customers who post a photo of themselves enjoying East Coast Wings + Grill using the #ECWGwingface on Instagram and/or Facebook from July 29 through July 31 will be entered to win some free wings. One winner will be chosen from each of the 36 locations, and they’ll get 25 free wings in two flavors.



If you’re committed to chicken wings, human boobs and pretending like we’re not in the middle of a pandemic, you can get 10 free boneless wings with the purchase of any 10 wings when you dine-in at participating locations. nationwide.


Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings

Full disclosure:“Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings” is the name that Chuck E. Cheese goes by on food delivery apps. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, if you order $15 or more from the chain on July 29, you’ll get one free order of twice-baked wings. This offer is valid for delivery only through GrubHub, UberEATS and DoorDash. If you’re ordering through DoorDash, you must use the code WINGSDAY. The deal is automatically added at checkout when you order a minimum $15 through UberEATS or GrubHub.



Get five free wings with any online wing purchase made through Wingstop’s website using the code 5FreeWings, or with any wing purchase made in-restaurant at participating locations worldwide on July 29.


Wing Zone

Get in the zone for wings with a deal for 10 boneless or thigh wings for $16. To get this offer, you have to order directly from the Wing Zone website, click on “WZ Deals” and enter the code 2182. Good for pickup or delivery.

National Chicken Wing Day 2020: Where to Get Deals, Specials & Freebies

No promo code is needed through UberEATS and DoorDash. Wingstop: Free Wings With Online Purchase. Wingstop is offering five free wings with any …
National Chicken Wing Day

Google – Labeled for Reuse

Today is National Chicken Wing Day, and restaurants around the country are gearing up to offer specials, deals and freebies on many of their items to celebrate the holiday.

Chicken Wing Day came about in 1977 when Buffalo Mayor Stan Makowski proclaimed July 29 to be Chicken Wing Day, though not much is known about when it became known as a national holiday rather than just one in the city.

Read on to learn more about where you can find specials on National Chicken Wing Day. As always, be sure to check with your local establishment to see if they’re offering the specials, as they often vary by location.

Applebee’s: BOGO Wings

Applebee’s is offering buy one, get one free deals on wings for their celebration of National Chicken Wing Day.

The special is available for both boneless and bone-in wings for to-go and delivery using code WINGDAY.

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse: Free Appetizer

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse is offering a free appetizer, including their boneless wings, with any $25 purchase when you use the code FREEAPP at checkout.

The deal is available for both takeout and delivery through BJ’s website and mobile app.

Buffalo’s Cafe: All You Can Eat Wings

Buffalo’s Cafe, a restaurant that serves wings with over a dozen sauces as well as burgers, ribs, steak, chicken, fries, salad and deserts, will be offering all you can eat boneless or bone-in wings for $14.99.

Buffalo’s Cafe is primarily located in Georgia. To find a location, see here.

Buffalo Wild Wings: Free Wings All Day

“Anyone need a beer?”

The most famous beer vendors from the Beltway were on hand for #OpeningDay yesterday, bringing the ballpark to the sports bar: pic.twitter.com/x1Gbl62x8d

— Buffalo Wild Wings (@BWWings) July 24, 2020

To celebrate National Chicken Wing Day, Buffalo Wild Wings will be offering free wings all day, though there is a catch. Customers will have to purchase an order of wings, and then they will receive six free wings.

“As the authority on all things chicken wings, Buffalo Wild Wings is gearing up to celebrate its favorite holiday of the year,” they said.

Hooters: Free Wings With Purchase

Today, Hooters is offering 10 free boneless wings with the purchase of any 10 wings at participating locations nationwide. The deal is available for dine-in only.

Hooters is also asking customers to go here and vote on the age-old question: are drums or flats superior?

Hurricane Grill & Wings: Wings & Fries Special

Today only, you can get a discounted price on the wings and fries combo from Hurricane Grill and Wings.

Visit a location to get 20 bone-in wings and fries for takeout for just $18.99.

Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings : Free Wings

On National Chicken Wing Day, customers can get free wings with any purchase of $15 or more. The special is valid on delivery orders on GrubHub, UberEATS and DoorDash.

On GrubHub, customers must use the code WINGS on their order to receive the special. No promo code is needed through UberEATS and DoorDash.

Wingstop: Free Wings With Online Purchase

Wingstop is offering five free wings with any online purchase of wings.

To unlock this deal, use the code 5FreeWings on their website, or simply ask about the deal when dining in at a participating Wingstop restaurant.

Wing Zone: 16 Boneless Wings For $10

On July 28 and July 29, Wing Zone is offering 16 boneless thigh wings for $10. Customers can simply enter the code 2182 when ordering to score the deal.

Locally owned businesses and regional restaurants may also be offering specials for National Chicken Wing Day. Call ahead or check out their social media channels before visiting to see if they have any specials you can take advantage of.

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