Massive Bitcoin Price Rally Awaits Shorts Trigger Beyond Fresh 2019 High

While the Bitfinex-Tether scandal, in which the Office of the New York Attorney General alleged Bitfinex of misusing $900 million of Tether’s cash …

By CCN: In the past month, the bitcoin price has climbed 23 percent against the U.S. dollar in major markets, recording nearly a 70 percent year-to-date (YTD) gain.

The bitcoin price is up by more than 23 percent in the past month (source:

The bitcoin price has almost fully recovered to November 2018 levels as it surged past $6,300 with strong volume and momentum.

Since March, the real volume of bitcoin calculated using the methodology of Bitwise Asset Management has surged by three-fold from $270 million to over $700 million, indicating an increase in interest towards the dominant cryptocurrency.

What Will Trigger a Bitcoin Bull Run?

Last week, global markets analyst Alex Krüger noted that if bitcoin surpasses $6,400, the most traded price of 2018, it would confirm the start to a new bull market.

$BTC now at $5750, the 2018 low prior to the November crash.

– The 2018 bear trend ended once above $4200.

– Above $6400, 2018’s most traded price, it’s a bull market.

— Alex Krüger (@krugermacro) May 3, 2019

The bitcoin price has surged by nearly 10 percent in the past week and despite various optimistic technical indicators, for the asset to climb above key levels it would need solid catalysts that could act as stimuli for near-term growth.

Some analysts like David Puell, the head of research at Adaptive Capital, have said that shorts of bitcoin are far from being liquidated and squeezed.

A short squeeze could serve as a potential stimulus for the bitcoin price, especially if the volume of shorts increase in upcoming days out of caution from traders that the $6,400 resistance level may be too big for the asset to overcome.

“Price is not only parabolic but vertical now. Shorts are still far from getting fully squeezed. $6.4k may activate longs from late trend traders, setting up the perfect blow-off top. Blue: pullback targets after this potential climactic top from who knows where,” Puell said.

While the Bitfinex-Tether scandal, in which the Office of the New York Attorney General alleged Bitfinex of misusing $900 million of Tether’s cash reserves, led to a substantial increase in the premium of BTC on Bitfinex that may have led the price to climb, the premium of BTC on the exchange has declined in the past few days.

Had the disproportional premium of BTC on Bitfinex continued to exist, it could have largely affected the stability of the crypto market and raised serious concerns on the sustainability of the market’s short-term movement.

Will BTC Continue to Outperform Alternative Crypto Assets?

As explained by Yassine Elmandjra, a crypto asset analyst at ARK Invest, bitcoin has outperformed every top 10 crypto asset in the past month.

“On a day where everything is bleeding red except Bitcoin, let us be reminded that Bitcoin has continued to outperform every coin in the top 10 over the last month. On average, the top 10 coins by market cap are down more than 30% against Bitcoin,” Elmandjra said.

Previously, investors like Multicoin Capital general partner Vinny Lingham said that crypto assets would have to show independent price movements to sustain the momentum of the market.

“Many people believe that the crypto winter is over. Here are some of my unfiltered thoughts on this topic. Charts & technicals aside, I don’t believe this rally is sustainable for one reason: The market has not yet decoupled the various crypto assets from Bitcoin,” Lingham said in April.

The decoupling of crypto assets since last month suggests that the market as a whole is no longer engaging in a downside movement, possibly as the confidence of investors rekindles in the near-term.

It remains to be seen whether BTC could hold its price at important resistance levels even with the ongoing Bitfinex-Tether controversy, a scandal which some have argued has the potential to become the biggest intervention of the crypto market in history.

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Bitfinex welcomes another coin with a 1:1 peg to Bitcoin

Let’s forget the controversy surrounding Bitfinex and look on the bright side. A Bitcoin sidechain, Liquid, developed by Blockstream has launched its …

Let’sforget the controversy surrounding Bitfinex and look on the brightside. A Bitcoin sidechain, Liquid, developed by Blockstream haslaunched its coin on Bitfinex.

DubbedLiquid Bitcoin (LBTC), the coin can now be deposited or withdrawn onBitfinex. The coin has a ratio of 1:1 with Bitcoin. The Liquidnetwork is controlled by institutions which include cryptocurrencyexchanges. The current members of the network include Tilde, Huobi,BTCTrader, DMM Bitcoin, among others.

According to Paolo Ardoino, CTO, Bitfinex:

“IssuingBitcoin, stablecoins, and various other digital assets under oneblockchain platform makes a lot of sense. It reduces the integrationburden for an exchange like ourselves, and traders can manage alltheir assets from a single wallet application.”

LBTCis Bitcoin on the Liquid network. As stated by Blockstream, Liquid is an inter-exchangesettlement platform that connects virtual currency exchanges andother institutions across the globe. This, in turn, facilitatesfaster BTC transactions plus the issuance of digital assets. Thespeed of Liquid proves beneficial for traders engaged in arbitrage.

Althoughthe chain was initially closed to a select few, it is slowly lettingthe general public to have a feel of the network using the Liquidclient.

Asnoted by Blockstream’s Mario Gibney, apart from allowing Liquidusers to send funds to other users without an intermediary,Blockstream is considering supporting “an easy-to-use-mobilewallet.”

Gibney added:

“Andas more exchanges integrate (as Bitfinex and the Rock Trading alreadyhave), then users will be able to deposit and withdraw from thoseexchanges within 2 minutes.”

TheLiquid network is a permissioned platform with 15 entities selectedto validate and commit transactions. While this may not be the bestapproach, once those using the platform build trust with thevalidators, it “would make transfers pretty much instant, and thuswould make arbitrage a lot faster.”

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Binance hack: CZ gives latest security updates, Bitfinex announces Blockstream Liquid Network …

Crypto News – 10 May – Binance hack: CZ gives latest security updates, Bitfinex announces integration of Blockstream Liquid Network and more.

Crypto News – 10 May – Binance hack: CZ gives latest security updates, Bitfinex announces integration of Blockstream Liquid Network and more

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— AMBCrypto (@CryptoAmb) May 10, 2019

Crypto News – 10 May

Basic Attention Token spikes: Popular crypto, BAT, surged by 23% over the past 24 hours, to gain back the loss in value it had incurred during the fall yesterday


Tron releases DApp report: Tron Foundation’s DApp report had more good news for the ecosystem after it revealed that smart contracts and 24 hour trading volume had risen significantly


Riccardo Spagni on Craig Wright: Monero’s lead developer joined the debate against Craig Wright after he shared the un-blocked version of an article written by Jameson Lopp, which was critical of Wright


FinCEN on crypto-regulations: In a recent development, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network [FinCEN] published a thirty-page document guiding financial institutions to comply with current regulations while interacting with digital assets


Binance Coin nosedives: Following the hack that cost Binance over 7000 BTCs, the price of BNB fell dramatically, falling by 6% in an hour and 18% over a day


John McAfee on Binance hack: Software pioneer, John McAfee, declared his support for the hacked exchange, Binance, offering the use of his ‘wizards’ to fight ‘dark wizards (hackers)’


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Bitfinex Exchange Claims It Is Very Lucrative To Operate a Cryptocurrency Exchange

The controversial and popular cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex claims that running a crypto exchange platform is very lucrative. According to the …

The controversial and popular cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex claims that running a crypto exchange platform is very lucrative. According to the company, iFinex Inc. the company behind the exchange and the stablecoin Tether (USDT), they registered a profit of $404 million last year.

Bitfinex Claims Exchanges Are Very Profitable

In a recently released white paper, iFinex reported a $404 million profit in 2018 on $418.2 million in gross profit. At the same time, Bitfinex disclosed that it seeks to raise up to $1 billion through an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). The intention is to be able to claim for $850 million that are frozen in bank accounts in Poland, Portugal, and the United States.

As reported by Bloomberg, New York’s attorney general has accused Bitfinex and Tether to cover-up $850 million in losses. This generated controversies in the market about the stability of the Tether stablecoin, the largest in the market.

Bitfinex has also announced that it is launching LEO, a digital currency that would allow users of the exchange to pay lower fees when they trade virtual currencies. Bitfinex will be using 95% of the recovered funds from government seizures to repurchase and also burn the tokens in one and a half year after the day of recovery.

The white paper explains that the firm has between 60 and 90 employees and that they registered expenses of $14 million just in 2018.

Bitfinex will have to work hard in order to recover the trust from clients, traders and the crypto market in general. Thus, this is expected to be a very difficult task for the company.

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Why is bitcoin surging? — Here are 4 possible explanations

“The fact the Binance news was shrugged off was telling. Add in the Bitfinex debacle and you can see that the sentiment really is rising,” Greenspan …

If you haven’t heard, bitcoin is back. The digital currency on Thursday booked its eighth winning session in the past 10 and is on track to log four successive winning months — this after recording six losing months in a row, an unflattering record it had never previously achieved.

The bitcoin BTCUSD, +4.87% rally is nearing 100% off its December 2018 low at $3,200, and year-to-date the cryptocurrency has added 70%.

So what’s behind the rally bitcoin? Here are four potential answers:

Technically driven

One thing the bitcoin rally has done is bust through some closely watched technical levels. Whether it’s the resistance at $4,000, the psychological $5,000 mark or some key momentum indicators, the technical outlook has flipped from lower highs to higher lows.

“Bitcoin’s long-term technical profiles continue to point to a new up cycle,” wrote chart watcher Rob Sluymer of Fundstrat Global Advisors.

“With bitcoin now back to a resistance band near $6,000, similar to where it was in Q2 2015, a pullback would not be surprising. However, rather than sell or attempt to micromanage bitcoin exposure, we would strongly encourage investors to remain focused on the longer-term bottoming profile developing,” he said.

Bitcoin, per Fundstrat Global Advisors

Moreover, bitcoin broke above closely observed 200-day moving average, and on April 23, the digital asset scored a golden cross, where the 50-day moving average crosses above the 200-day moving average — underlining its upside momentum.

Read:Bitcoin rises from the ashes

The adoption argument

Arguably, bitcoin’s biggest battle is getting people to use it. Whether as a store of value or a medium of exchange, digital assets have struggled to garner attention, especially from institutional investors.

But, according to a recent Fidelity survey, this is slowly changing. The Boston-based asset manager said nearly half of institutional investors believe digital assets can play a role in their portfolio, while 22% already own some form of digital currency.

“We’ve been seeing steady growth and adoption in the industry, and prices are starting to get in line with the usage of bitcoin,” said Mati Greenspan, senior market analyst at eToro.

Read:More than 20% of institutional investors already own digital assets, Fidelity survey finds

Is sentiment shifting?

Bitcoin, for the first time in a while, is shrugging off bad news. The industry, which is prone to negative headlines, including exchange heists and malfunctions, or the use of cryptos for illicit activity, has been back in the headlines.

“The fact the Binance news was shrugged off was telling. Add in the Bitfinex debacle and you can see that the sentiment really is rising,” Greenspan added.

Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges said on Tuesday that hackers stole more than $40 million worth of bitcoin. And on April 26, the New York Attorney General accused crypto exchange Bitfinex and Tether of an $850 million coverup.

But the digital currency barely flinched. After a momentary selloff, bitcoin resumed its march higher.

Read:More than $40 million in bitcoin stolen in hack of world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange

Are people actually dropping gold?

Or maybe people are trading in a popular haven asset for a slice of digital currency.

On May 1, Grayscale Investments, a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, kicked off a provocative ad campaign to promote bitcoin as a better alternative to gold. The campaign, which employed the social-media hashtag #DropGold, promoted bitcoin as a better store of value, arguing it’s more secure and borderless.

Read:Bitcoin tycoon Silbert kicks off ad campaign against ‘overpriced metal’ gold

And, it turns out the gold bugs were watching. A day after the campaign launched, the World Gold Council rolled out another explanation as to why cryptocurrencies are no substitute to gold. “Cryptocurrencies extreme daily and intraday volatility disrupts its use as a medium of exchange and discourages strategic investments,” wrote Adam Perlaky, manager of investment research at the World Gold Council.

But, maybe the ad got some investors reassessing their gold investments. On May 7, six days after the ad kicked off, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust GBTC, +5.41% topped the list of the most actively traded stock on OTC Market Group.

As always, there’s myriad theories behind each and every bitcoin move, but after a torrid 18 months for bitcoin bulls, it doesn’t really matter why it’s up. And on Friday it was up again, rising 2.6% to $6,290.

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