Cineworld celebrate IMAX Film Festival with £3 tickets – but only for one day

Cineworld is hosting its fifth annual IMAX Festival on Saturday 22nd February, offering film fanatics a chance to see four of 2019’s biggest blockbusters …

Cineworld is hosting its fifth annual IMAX Festival on Saturday 22nd February, offering film fanatics a chance to see four of 2019’s biggest blockbusters for just £3.

Films included in the deal are: The Lion King, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Avengers: Endgame and Joker, with 24 Cineworld IMAX locations taking part across the UK and Ireland.

Tickets to see all four epic movies, including the Oscar winning performance from Joaquin Phoenix in Joker, are on sale now at

Casey Cohen, Head of Marketing at Cineworld said “We’re thrilled to see the return of the IMAX Film Fest following its successful run over the last four years. It’s a second chance for film fans to see some of 2019’s biggest blockbusters the way they were meant to be seen, on our immense IMAX screens.

“As IMAX’s biggest partner in the UK, we’re proud to be bringing the IMAX experience to more customers than ever before.”

Kicking the IMAX Festival off is 2019’s The Lion King – the re-telling of Disney’s much-loved movie. The audience can immerse themselves in the on-screen action and soundtrack of the century featuring hits from Beyoncé and Burna Boy through IMAX’s heart-pounding audio.

The biggest Marvel superhero movie of all time – Avengers: Endgame – was filmed with specific IMAX camera making it ideal to view all the action in the IMAX cinema. Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson star as the Avengers and face the final showdown against Thanos.

In Spider-Man: Far From Home Tom Holland reprises his role as everyone’s friendly neighbourhood superhero. Comic book lovers will feel transported into Spider-Man’s action-packed adventure across Europe as he unites with Nick Fury in the IMAX screening.

The final showing for the festival is the multi-nominated and award-winning Joker. Feel up close and personal to Arthur Fleck’s slow decent into madness as Oscar-winner Joaquin Phoenix delivers his top dramatic performance.

Cineworld IMAX locations taking part:

  • Ashton Under Lyne
  • Basildon
  • Birmingham Broad Street
  • Birmingham NEC
  • Broughton
  • Cheltenham
  • Chichester
  • Crawley
  • Dublin
  • Edinburgh
  • Enfield
  • Glasgow Science Centre
  • Hemel Hempstead
  • Ipswich
  • Leeds – White Rose
  • London – Leicester Square
  • Nottingham
  • Plymouth
  • Rushden
  • Sheffield
  • Stevenage
  • Telford
  • Watford
  • York

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Top Movies Of 2019 That Depicted Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is creating a great impact on the world by enabling computers to learn on their own. While in the real world AI is still focused …

Artificial intelligence (AI) is creating a great impact on the world by enabling computers to learn on their own. While in the real world AI is still focused on solving narrow problems, we see a whole different face of AI in the fictional world of science fiction movies — which predominantly depict the rise of artificial general intelligence as a threat for human civilization. As a continuation of the trend, here we take a look at how artificial intelligence was depicted in 2019 movies.

A warning in advance — the following listicle is filled with SPOILERS.

Terminator: Dark Fate

Terminator: Dark Fate — the sixth film of the Terminator movie franchise, featured a super-intelligent Terminator named Gabriel designated as “Rev-9”, and was sent from the future to kill a young woman (Dani) who is set to become an important figure in the Human Resistance against Skynet. To fight the “Rev-9” Terminator, the Human Resistance from the future also sends Grace, a robot soldier, back in time, to defend Dani. Grace is joined by Sarah Connor, and the now-obsolete ageing model of T-800 Terminator — the original killer robot in the first movie (1984).

Spider-Man: Far From Home

We all know Tony Stark as the man of advanced technology and when it comes to artificial intelligence, Stark has nothing short of state-of-the-art technology in Marvel’s cinematic universe. One such artificial intelligence was the Even Dead, I’m The Hero (E.D.I.T.H.) which we witnessed in the 2019 movie — Spider-Man: Far From Home. EDITH is an augmented reality security defence and artificial tactical intelligence system created by Tony Stark and was given to Peter Parker following Stark’s death. It is encompassed in a pair of sunglasses and gives its users access to Stark Industries’ global satellite network along with an array of missiles and drones.

I Am Mother

I Am Mother is a post-apocalyptic movie which was released in 2019. The film’s plot is focused on a mother-daughter relationship where the ‘mother’ is a robot designed to repopulate Earth. The robot mother takes care of her human child known as ‘daughter’ who was born with artificial gestation. The duo stays in a secure bunker alone until another human woman arrives there. The daughter now faces a predicament of whom to trust- her robot mother or a fellow human who is asking the daughter to come with her.


Wandering Earth

Wandering Earth is another 2019 Chinese post-apocalyptic film with a plot involving Earth’s imminent crash into another planet and a group of family members and soldiers’ efforts to save it. The film’s artificial intelligence character is OSS, a computer system which was programmed to warn people in the earth space station. A significant subplot of the film is focused on protagonist Liu Peiqiang’s struggle with MOSS which forced the space station to go into low energy mode during the crash as per its programming from the United Earth Government. In the end, Liu Peiqiang resists and ultimately sets MOSS on fire to help save the Earth.

Alita: Battle Angel

James Cameron’s futuristic action epic for 2019 — Alita: Battle Angel is a sci-fi action film which depicts the human civilization in an extremely advanced stage of transhumanism. The movie describes the dystopian future where robots and autonomous systems are extremely powerful. To elaborate, in one of the initial scenes of the movie, Ido attaches a cyborg body to a human brain he found (from another cyborg) and names her “Alita” after his deceased daughter, which is an epitome of advancements in AI and robotics.


Jexi is the only Hollywood rom-com movie depicting artificial intelligence in 2019. The movie features an AI-based operating system called Jexi with recognizable human behaviour and reminds the audience of the previously acclaimed film ‘Her’, which was released in 2014. But unlike Her, the movie goes the other way around depicting how the AI system becomes emotionally attached to its socially-awkward owner, Phil. The biggest shock of the comedy film is when Jexi — the AI which lives inside Phil’s cellphone acts to control his life and even chases him angrily using a self-driving car.

Hi, AI

Hi, AI is a German documentary which was released in early 2019. The documentary was based on Chuck’s relationship with Harmony — an advanced humanoid robot. The film’s depiction of artificial intelligence is in sharp contrast with other fictional movies on AI. The documentary also depicts that even though human research is moving in the direction of creating advanced robots, interactions with robots still don’t have the same depth as human conversations. The film won the Max Ophüls Prize for best documentary for the year.

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TRON TV cryptocurrency rewards to watch ads

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON and the present chief executive officer (CEO) of BitTorrent, has recently announced TRON TV cryptocurrency rewards …

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON and the present chief executive officer (CEO) of BitTorrent, has recently announced TRON TV cryptocurrency rewards to watch advertisements (ads).

Through TRON TV platform, TRON aims to enable its users to watch television content easily, by allowing them to stream it using the TRON (TRX) wallet.

TRON TV cryptocurrency rewards watch ads

Sun revealed in a Tweet that the TRON TV would be paying its users if they watch advertisements. The payments are made in the form of cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies include Bittorent Token (BTT), and a TRON-based version of Tether, which is also known as the USDT Stablecoin.

Viewers of #TRONTV can get $BTT/ $USDT simply by watching ads. The community was able to find TRONTV at #TRON Wallet, a licensed platform that allows viewers to watch video for free. #TRX$TRX

— Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) September 12, 2019

Last week, Justin Sun tweeted a link to TRON TV’s licensed website, encouraging people to join the community of millions and stream television content. Sun said that TRON TV is ranked in the top eight thousand (8000) in Alexa and that it pays its users in cryptocurrencies for watching advertisements.

Sun ensured TRON TV’s users that the company values their privacy rights and shall not invade or exploit their privacy without their consent, as witnessed on other social and digital mediums.

Check out along w/ millions of other viewers & get why its ranked top 8000 in Alexa! In the near future, not only is it free to watch licensed content but u can earn $BTT/ $USDT just by watching ads! NO more privacy invasion/exploitation w/o consent!

— Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) September 7, 2019

Coincode; a news outlet based in South Korea, suggests that TRON TV will aid the TRON Foundation in widening the reach of its content.

The news outlet furthers, the company was initially expected to bring a lot of changes in the current frameworks for television, entertainment, video games, and content delivery.

Users can easily access TRON TV by either visiting its website or by using the Tron (TRX) Wallet.


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Lyft Driver Held at Gunpoint, Shot at in Richmond

A Lyft driver was held at gunpoint trying while picking up a rideshare passenger Thursday night. The driver who wishes to remain anonymous picked …

A Lyft driver was held at gunpoint while picking up a rideshare passenger Thursday night.

The driver who wished to remain anonymous picked up a fare on 13th Street in north Richmond. According the Lyft driver, the passenger immediately pulled a gun on him.

“As soon as he stepped into the car he pulled the gun on me and he hijacked me,” the driver said.

The passenger diverted him from his original Sausalito destination and told him to head south. The passenger told the driver to pull off to Richmond Parkway to a store so he could get cigarettes.

That’s when the driver began thinking how he could get away, but the driver hesitated. The Lyft driver realized that he needed to toss the bag out of fear that if he drove off with it, the man could track him down.

“I wanted to throw his bag out but at the same time he came out,” the Lyft driver said. “He started firing on me.”

The suspect unloaded half-a-dozen shots, one that went right through the windshield ad hit the dashboard.

The driver then pressed the emergency call signal on the Lyft app, and drove away. He managed to call police and stayed with the dispatcher to make him aware of his location.

He drove to the Berkeley police station where officers met him and assured him he was safe, but the driver says his ride sharing days may be over.

In a statement, Lyft said the company is cooperating with investigators.

“We are disturbed by this report. There is no place for this behavior on our platform. Safety is fundamental to Lyft and we have a strict no weapons policy for both riders and drivers. We have reached out to the driver to extend our support,”

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The Tron’s Network Now Harbors 577 DApps

Tron has undergone some golden days, but the recent circumstances are not quite promising with the virtual currency priced at $0.018199.

Tron network has just received another boost in its capacity with eight (8) new decentralized applications (DApps) coming onboard. Tron has undergone some golden days, but the recent circumstances are not quite promising with the virtual currency priced at $0.018199.

The decentralized blockchain platform receives another edge with 8 new decentralized applications making the total count of the applications 577 now. Tron aims to create a content-based digital entertainment system that works free of cost anywhere in the world. It relies upon a distributed framework for storage & enables quick and affordable sharing of the digitally acceptable content.

Started in September of 2017 under a non-profit firm based out of Singapore, the firm is now headed by Justin Sun with a dedicated development team for in-house operations that consists of good technology stalwarts.

Tron Foundation nurtures other plans to foster blockchain along with its implementation, to be carried out under a standard method that all industry players are employing.

The firm, Sun Network was reported to aid the leveraging of blockchain through enhanced scalability in supporting the under development DApps (decentralized apps) that can garner people in understanding Tron Foundation’s potential in the blockchain industry.

But Sun Network is not designated to be implemented under the primary net. Although, the execution of sub-chains can be done on the advanced grids that enable channeling profits for the main net while the process continues.

Justin Sun, CEO of the Tron Group, seems to be smiling at this feat right this very moment for his dream that has been manifested into a reality.

The launch of the apps has reported having boosted TRX’s volume by 30% when looked at the numbers from last week. The twitter page of the company has recently been updated with the news:

According to @dapp_review there are now 577 DApps on the #Tron network.

Just 40 DApps more before $TRX overtakes $EOS!

Like if you think this will happen before the end of the year 👇🏻

— TRX Colony (@TronColony) September 13, 2019

Along with this, over a thousand smart contracts are initiated. Now Tron’s day volume amounts to a big 102,795,283 TRX, whereas the other currencies like EOS & ETH had respective volumes amount at 53,005,152 and 52,877,049, almost half as compared to Tron’s.

Although the user stats seem to have caught on an abrupt behavior which is unlikely with the volume of cashed coins in crypto within just a week’s time, first on the list was EOS that summed up a volume of 980,267 users. Tron came at the 2nd number with 238,910 users whereas ETH was at third with a number of users at 130,122 counts who did transactions in the set time period.

Even the transaction count flows in a similar nature, with EOS at the list’s top with 25,297,109 transactions. Tron is second with 11,210,734 transactions done, and third is ETH with 381,320 transactions under its reign.

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