Web Security Software Market 2019 Outline, Surge and Forecast to 2024

Global Web Security Software market recent study provides an in-depth … McAfee Web Protection, WebTitan, Cato Networks, Kaspersky Security …

Global Web Security Software market recent study provides an in-depth assessment of this vertical business involving main industry deliverable information, predominantly Web Security Software market trends, size, share, current valuation, and estimates of revenues for the estimated period. The Web Security Software industry information also analyzes and elucidates the market growth rate in the prediction timeline, encouraged by certain catalysts, a gist of which was given in this Web Security Software research report in combination with the industry’s main challenges and growth opportunities.

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The Web Security Software report offers brief information about the market at the start through an overview of the situation. This includes manufacturing technology, commonly used applications, and creative methods to grow the market. The report also involves a thorough assessment of competitive outlook, trend variables, Web Security Software industry trends, and important regional status. In addition, market growth risk factors are also noted along with the product cost, which affects the development of the Web Security Software market during the forecast period of 2024.

Global Web Security Software market competition by top manufacturers:

Open DNS Umbrella, Duo Security, Netskope, Avast Business, Webroot, AlienVault, Trend Micro, Cisco Umbrella, McAfee Web Protection, WebTitan, Cato Networks, Kaspersky Security

On the basis of product, we research the production:

  • Cloud Based
  • Web Based

This report focuses on the status and outlook for major applications/end users:

  • Large Enterprises
  • SMEs

Global Web Security Software Market, Geographic Scope

Americas, United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, APAC, China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, India, Australia, Europe, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Russia, Spain, Middle East & Africa, Egypt, South Africa, Israel, Turkey, GCC Countries

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The global Web Security Software market report offers important industry information, including valuable facts and figures, specialist views, and the recent trends worldwide. Also, the report calculates the Web Security Software market size, the report takes into account the revenue generated from this report’s sales and techniques from different application sections. The study provides comprehensive coverage of the Web Security Software industry and major trends in the market. The research involves historical and forecast data, demand, details of implementation, price trends, and geographically leading Web Security Software business shares. Based on application type and geography, the study divides the market size by quantity and value.

The study objectives of this report are:

  • To analyze global Web Security Software status, future forecast, growth opportunity, key market and key players.
  • To present the Web Security Software development in United States, Europe and China.
  • To profile main players strategically and evaluate their Web Security Software growth plan and policies comprehensively.
  • Defining, describing and forecasting the Web Security Software market by type of product, market and key regions.
  • The Web Security Software research also elucidated extensive information of product consumption spanning numerous parts as well as the valuation obtained by these regions.

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Customization Service of the Report:

Research Kraft provides customization of Web Security Software reports as per your need. You can customize this report to fulfill your demands. Contact our sales team to ensure you get a report that fits your needs.

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Neighbors are using these smart cameras to track strangers’ cars — and yours

… class of 2017 and has since raised nearly $20 million in funding from tech heavyweights including Matrix Partners and Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund.

On a quiet road south of Ventura Boulevard, two cameras on a pole watch over the road, facing opposite directions.

A block away, another brace of cameras sit sentry. Together, they constantly film the two points of entry to a closed loop of public streets in Sherman Oaks.

Nearby, on a dual-screen setup in the basement of his hillside home, Robert Shontell pulls up hundreds of snippets of footage captured by the cameras earlier that day. Each shows a car, time-stamped and tagged with the make, model, paint color and license plate.

He searches for a silver Honda spotted between the hours of 1 and 2 p.m. After some scrolling, a shot of my car — and me — pops up.


“The most surprising thing is just how many cars drive through the neighborhood each day,” Shontell says. And every one ends up filmed by the motion-activated cameras, then tagged and entered in the database by the machine vision software powering the system.

Residents of the neighborhood had pooled their money to rent these cameras, and the software behind them, from Flock Safety — an Atlanta-based company that has found clients for its automatic license plate readers in safety-conscious communities, homeowners’ associations and local police departments across 30 states.

The company’s pitch: With its cameras, residents can track every vehicle that passes through their neighborhood. If a burglar strikes, they can check and see which cars were spotted in the area around the time of the crime, and pass that footage on to police. To allay privacy concerns, only the residents have access to the footage, and it automatically deletes after 30 days.

Costs vary depending on the client, but Flock generally charges $2,000 per camera per year for the service, and reports that more than 400 communities are using its product. It’s backed by serious Silicon Valley investment: The company was a member of prominent start-up accelerator Y Combinator’s summer class of 2017 and has since raised nearly $20 million in funding from tech heavyweights including Matrix Partners and Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund.


“Our cameras are helping solve two crimes every single day right now,” said Josh Thomas, Flock’s head of marketing. The company said it couldn’t share details of every case but did note that the technology was integral to a recent arrest of a ring of 24 sexual predators in north Georgia, and local media outlets report a steady drumbeat of burglaries and car thefts that Flock helped to solve. “If we can reach further scale and put out more detective-like cameras on every street corner, we can solve more crime.”

Flock’s push to put a camera on every corner comes at a time when smart cameras and social media are combining to create a newly paranoid model of neighborhood life. The message boards on Nextdoor, a social service that requires users to verify their addresses to ensure that only true locals are allowed to post, are rife with reports of suspicious noises, cars and people.

Footage from Ring, a video doorbell company, often ends up on Nextdoor or shared on its in-house social network, Neighbors. Recent reporting from Motherboard has revealed that local police have signed secret agreements to hawk Ring systems to their local communities, and BuzzFeed found that the company is testing out facial recognition technology with its clients in Ukraine.

License plate reader technology, which has been used by the Los Angeles Police Department and agencies across the state for years, has raised concerns among privacy advocates, and the state of California is investigating the legality of its use in law enforcement.

“License plate readers have been recognized by the Legislature and lots of police departments — and certainly civil liberty groups — as technology that can violate people’s privacy by tracking their movements without their consent,” said David Maass, senior investigative researcher with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital civil liberties nonprofit.

The leap from traditional security camera systems to those powered by machine vision, like automatic license plate readers, is as vast as the difference between an analog library and the modern internet. Before, a human would have to pore over hours of footage from multiple cameras to try to piece together a car’s movement through a neighborhood, let alone an entire city. Now, the software can instantly spit out a list of all sightings, effectively creating a shot-by-shot map of a car’s whereabouts.

And while the technology is more accurate than its machine vision cousin, facial recognition software, false positives remain a risk.

Last year in Contra Costa County, a license plate reader spotted a car on the freeway listed as stolen in a state database. Police pulled the car over, approached with guns drawn, handcuffed the driver and his passenger, and forced them to kneel on the pavement at gunpoint, believing them to be dangerous. But the stolen car database was out of date — the car was a rental and had been reported stolen, then recovered, earlier in the year.


Outcry over incidents like this prompted state legislators in 2015 to pass a law regulating how public agencies can use automatic license plate readers, but recent pushback from privacy advocates, backed by research indicating that law enforcement may not be following the law, prompted the state auditor to launch a probe into the technology’s use in June.

Flock’s extension of the same technology into the private sphere raises another set of concerns: Private citizens are unlikely to receive the same training, or be subject to the same oversight, as public employees. A neighborhood administrator could easily search local Flock records to track a spouse’s whereabouts. And while the onus is currently on Flock clients to send their footage to police to assist in an investigation, there’s little stopping police, once they know cameras are in place, from requesting footage from Flock users to track anyone who passes through the area — a practice that’s already common with Ring video.

“Our customers are the ones who own all the footage. We don’t access it, we don’t share it with third parties, we don’t sell it. They can share that with their local law enforcement in the event of the crime if they choose,” said Flock’s Thomas.

“It would be a breach of contract if they were to use it for other nefarious purposes,” he added. “We would end our contract and take it back,” though he noted that with no access to a client’s account, the company has no way to monitor the systems for abuse.

Shontell said that he and his neighbors started looking into the company after a series of break-ins on their street, having heard about it from friends who live in a nearby hillside neighborhood, and decided to install the cameras earlier this summer. As a career film and TV editor, he volunteered to be one of the technical administrators for the system.

During the setup process, users can add a list of residents’ plates, to avoid mistaking a neighbor for an interloper. Those with a direct line to the system administrators can also request that footage of their cars not be logged in the system. Shontell said that the neighborhood group went door to door to let every household know they were installing the cameras, but there’s no legal requirement that they do so.

Flock also records footage of cyclists and pedestrians moving past its cameras. Users can search in those broad categories by time, scrolling through a list of every person who walked or biked by, but the more advanced search criteria only work for cars. The interface also has a “dog” category, which largely consists of clips of people walking their dogs.

The street has been crime-free so far, but Shontell said his neighbors — many of whom have private cameras or Ring systems for their own homes — feel safer with a belt-and-suspenders approach to neighborhood security.


“We can tell who’s coming and going 24/7. Some people might have an issue with that,” Shontell said. “I tend to think personally that what you might give up in terms of privacy is overshadowed by what you gain: possibly having some real evidence to give the police.”

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Financial Services Security Software Market 2019 Global Trends, Share, Growth, Analysis …

The players that are mentioned in the report include Trendmicro, Beyondtrust, Cigital, Tripwire, Checkpoint, Kaspersky, Luxoft, CHL Software, …

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, September 11, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Summary:

A new market study, titled “Discover Global Financial Services Security Software Market Upcoming Trends, Growth Drivers and Challenges” has been featured on WiseGuyReports.


Global Financial Services Security Software Market

A new report released by the Wise Guys Reports (WGR) reveals that the global financial services security software market is set to grow rapidly over the next few years.

The financial services security software is gaining attention globally. The software helps to detect threat and provide many types of security services including file security, database security, web application security, among others. Also it helps organizations and businesses to reduce the business impact of service disruption and prevent future disruption.

The popularity of cloud-based financial services security software is the main indicator to fuel the market during the forecast period. The report will further help to analyse the existing market opportunities.

The research aims to provide insights on the current and prospect players in this market. It will also help stakeholders and investors to know more about the existing market competition that can boost the growth of the market.

Get Free Sample Report at https://www.wiseguyreports.com/sample-request/4277721-world-financial-services-security-software-market-by-product

Key Players of Global Financial Services Security Software Market =>

The segmental analysis of the market has been conducted based on recent industry trends, type, application, region and some of the leading players. The players that are mentioned in the report include Trendmicro, Beyondtrust, Cigital, Tripwire, Checkpoint, Kaspersky, Luxoft, CHL Software, Gomoxie to name a few in the list.

Based on component, the market is divided into software (file security, database security, web application security, and others) and services (professional services and managed services).

Based on end user, the market has been segmented into small & medium enterprises (SMEs) and large enterprises.

World Financial Services Security Market: Regional Analysis

On the basis of region, the market has been segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC), Latin America, and Rest of the World (RoW). In North America, countries like U.S, Canada and Mexico are covered. In Europe, countries such as the UK, France and Russia are covered. In APAC, countries such as Japan, China and India are covered. In terms of revenue, North America accounts for the largest share of the world financial services security. The increase in growth and superiority of security breaches is one of the factors responsible for the growth of financial services security software market.

The use of advanced financial services security software helps companies to enhance the productivity of the industries. Also APAC region has emerged as an attractive market for cloud financial services security software. It is projected that APAC is set to make a significant contribution to the global financial services software market in terms of revenue. The rapid growth of the software industry in the countries such as Japan, China and South Korea is partly driving the market growth in the region. The market in Europe is also expected to witness a sound growth during the projection period.

The report will help companies to plan their future expansion plans and growth strategies based on reliable analysis as per the global financial services security market.

Get Detailed Report at https://www.wiseguyreports.com/reports/4277721-world-financial-services-security-software-market-by-product



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email us here

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Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security Market Competitive Analysis to 2027: Top Key Players Like …

Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security Market Competitive Analysis to 2027: Top Key Players Like Amazon, Cylance, Darktrace, IBM, Intel, Micron …

This report “Global Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security Market Research Report “provides detailed insight covering all important parameters including Development Trends, Challenges, Opportunities, Key Manufacturers and Competitive Analysis.

The cyber-attacks among organizations are getting more severe and complex, affecting their data as well as resource. Artificial intelligence in cybersecurity is a solution towards staying ahead of the threats and secure resources. Artificial intelligence can not only help in automated threat detection but also combat them without involving the workforce. The technology helps in securing sensitive data from malware and virus attacks across various sectors such as banking, financial services and insurance, defense, healthcare, manufacturing, government bodies and others.

The market for artificial intelligence in cyber security is expected to grow in the forecast period on account of rising instances of cyber-attacks with increasing adoption of IoT and networking across all major industries. Moreover, concerns for data protection and vulnerability to threats over wi-fi connections is further expected to boost the growth of artificial intelligence in cyber security market. However, insider cyber threats and inability to avoid advanced threats pose quite a hindrance for the artificial intelligence in cyber security market. On the other hand, the requirements of security among SMEs is likely to offer lucrative opportunities for artificial intelligence in cyber security market.

Get Sample Copy of this Report @ https://www.theinsightpartners.com/sample/TIPRE00005600/

The reports cover key developments in the Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security market as organic and inorganic growth strategies. Various companies are focusing on organic growth strategies such as product launches, product approvals and others such as patents and events. Inorganic growth strategies activities witnessed in the market were acquisitions, and partnership & collaborations. These activities have paved way for expansion of business and customer base of market players. The market payers from Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security market are anticipated to lucrative growth opportunities in the future with the rising demand for Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security market in the global market.

Key Players Influencing the Market

  • Amazon
  • Cylance Inc.
  • Darktrace
  • IBM Corporation
  • Intel Corporation
  • Micron Technology, Inc.
  • NVIDIA Corporation
  • Samsung
  • Vectra AI, Inc.
  • Xilinx Inc.

The “Global Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security Market Analysis to 2025” is a specialized and in-depth study of the Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security industry with a focus on the global market trend. The report aims to provide an overview of global Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security market with detailed market segmentation by solution, deployment type, application, vertical and geography. The global Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security market is expected to witness high growth during the forecast period. The report provides key statistics on the market status of the leading market players and offers key trends and opportunities in the market.

The global artificial intelligence in cyber security market is segmented on the basis of components, deployment model, security type and industry vertical. By component, the market is classified as hardware, software and services. Based on deployment model, the market is segmented as cloud-based and on-premises. On the basis of the security type, the market is segmented as network security, endpoint security, application security and cloud security. The market on the basis of the industry vertical, is classified as BFSI, government & defense, enterprise, infrastructure, manufacturing, automotive & transportation, healthcare and others.

Besides this, the report analyzes factors affecting Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security market from both demand and supply side and further evaluates market dynamics affecting the market during the forecast period i.e., drivers, restraints, opportunities, and future trend. The report also provides exhaustive PEST analysis for all five regions considered in the Global Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security Market report.

The report provides a detailed overview of the industry including both qualitative and quantitative information. It provides an overview and forecast of the global Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security market based on the type and application. It also provides market size and forecast till 2025 for overall Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security market with respect to five major regions, namely; North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), Middle East and Africa (MEA) and South America (SAM). The market by each region is later sub-segmented by respective countries and segments. The report covers the analysis and forecast of 18 countries globally along with the current trend and opportunities prevailing in the region.

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Answers that the report acknowledges

  • Market size and growth rate during forecast period.
  • Key factors driving the Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security Market.
  • Key market trends cracking up the growth of the Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security Market.
  • Challenges to market growth.
  • Key vendors of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security Market.
  • Detailed SWOT analysis.
  • Opportunities and threats faces by the existing vendors in Global Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security Market.
  • Trending factors influencing the market in the geographical regions.
  • Strategic initiatives focusing the leading vendors.
  • PEST analysis of the market in the five major regions.

About Us:

The Insight Partners is a one stop industry research provider of actionable intelligence. We help our clients in getting solutions to their research requirements through our syndicated and consulting research services. We are a specialist in Technology, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Automotive and Defense.

Contact Us:

533, 5th Floor, Amanora Chambers,

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Call: +1-646-491-9876

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Private Security Services Market SWOT Analysis by Growth and Forecast from 2019-2025 …

Predictive Maintenance Market SWOT Analysis by Lead Segment from 2019-2025 | Augury Systems, Bosch Software Innovations, C3 IoT · 4K Laser …

Global Private Security Services Market to 2025 based on segments, growth rate, revenue, leading players, regions and forecast. The Private Security Services market is escalating at a rapid pace with the invention of the new dynamism that is progressing rapidly.

Additionally, global Private Security Services market forecast significantly underlines important segments for example types, significant improvements, forcing reliant on metropolitan areas, key businesses, and inventions. The Private Security Services report also provides estimations of revenue and development rate on each industry section.

Free Sample of this Report at: http://www.marketresearchglobe.com/request-sample/1063011

Global Key Vendors Analysis:

Pinkerton, Blackwater Protectio, Allied Universal, Hook Private Security, International Protective Service In, Paradigm Security, US Security Associates, SIS, Beijing Baoan, Shandong Huawei Security Group Co. Ltd, Transguard, Prosegur, Secom, China Security & Protection Group, Andrews International

Private Security Services Market Analysis by Types:

  • Executive/VIP Protection
  • Residential Protection
  • Executive Drivers
  • Asset Protection
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM) Services

Private Security Services Market Analysis by Applications:

  • CEOs
  • Entertainers
  • Athletes
  • Royalty
  • Others

Leading Geographical Regions in Private Security Services Market:

North America, Asia-Pacific, UK, Europe, Central & South America, Middle East & Africa

Get Exclusive Discount at: http://www.marketresearchglobe.com/check-discount/1063011

Precisely What Private Security Services Market Report Offers:

  1. Private Security Services market offers evaluations for your county level evaluation together using manufacture, ingestion, earnings;
  2. Industry supplies Private Security Services businesses with gross profit margin, merchandise classification, revenue earnings, cost, and advice;
  3. Market predictions of five decades of the Private Security Services segments;
  4. In the Private Security Services pipeline for the applicants;
  5. Business series Private Security Services investigation, procedures, manufacture and cost inquiry, style of transportation and price evaluation;
  6. Private Security Services supply chain series tendencies planning the brand new progressions;
  7. International Private Security Services market stocks drivers, limitations, prospects, dangers, challenges and investment prospects;
  8. Company summarizing with Private Security Services methodical plans, financials, and also current advancements;

Additionally, the Private Security Services factors highlighted in the report are revenue, sales, manufacturing cost and production, which states the competitive aspect in the lucrative idea of the market share. The Private Security Services economic background and financial troubles across the globe are discussed in the report along with the CAGR value during the forecast period up to 2025.

Enquiry More about the report: http://www.marketresearchglobe.com/send-an-enquiry/1063011

Customization of this Report: This Private Security Services report could be customized to the customer’s requirements. Please contact our sales professional (sales@marketresearchglobe.com), we will ensure you obtain the report which works for your needs.

Ellen Holden

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