13 celebrities who back cryptocurrency and may own millions in bitcoin

There’s no shortage of public figures who have advocated crypto as the currency of the future. From artists like Pitbull and Snoop Dogg to actors …

Up until relatively recently, cryptocurrency hadn’t captured the interest of the general public; it was reserved almost exclusively for the engineers, developers, and entrepreneurs who had been involved in its conception around a decade ago.

However, the bitcoin bubble in 2017 caused cryptocurrencies to soar in value, and led to millions purchasing cryptoshares and even setting up their own mining farms.

Despite the considerable drop in the value of bitcoin over the past year, experts are predicting a new cryptocurrency boom in the near future, possibly from 2020.

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With a considerable number of public figures already investing their fortunes in cryptocurrency, more seem to be jumping on board with cryptocurrency for business ventures and more.

Here are 13 celebrities who have publicly backed various cryptocurrencies.

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Ledger Nano S Review: Complete Guide 2019

Now your Nano Ledger will be almost ready to be used, you just have to install the cryptocurrency wallet that you want to use in the Ledger Nano.
Ledger nano s wallet

Once the step is taken to make an investment in cryptocurrencies, there is something essential to pay attention to, when acquiring bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, the user is responsible for the security of the same and is the one who must put all the means so that this investment is protected, in this review we will talk about Ledger Nano S a cryptocurrency wallet that facilitates this delicate work.

There are many scammers that can jeopardize our cryptocurrencies, phishing websites, malware, hacking tools and other tools that people can try to take advantage of and steal their profits. The number of cryptocurrencies stolen with any of these methods in the first semester of 2018 has been 3 times higher than in all 2017.

Phishing is one of the most common fraud methods. Duplicate websites (exact copies of other websites) are cheap to maintain and quite profitable with the right approach. Phishing hackers can earn from 30,000 to 2.5 million dollars per week.

In order to increase the user’s security against these attacks, the so-called hardware wallets have been developed.

Ledger nano s hardware cryptocurrency walletLedger nano s hardware cryptocurrency wallet

What is a hardware wallet?

A hardware wallet is a device that was created to provide an additional level of security when interacting with cryptocurrencies. Usually, use a unique password to access the device and be able to make transactions.

With a hardware wallet, private keys are stored on the device itself and never transferred to a computer

Configuration Ledger Nano S

When connecting the LEDGER NANO S for the first time, it will be necessary to follow some simple steps to put it into operation:

– The first thing that the wallet will ask is to press the two buttons of the device at the same time.

– Then ask if you are going to configure a new device.

– Once this message is accepted, you must choose the Wallet PIN code, this PIN code consists of up to 8 digits, each of these digits must be selected with the top buttons and when the desired number appears on the screen we press the two buttons at the same time to move to the next, this process must be done until the PIN code is completed. (Do not forget to write this code on a piece of paper while it is being configured as it will be necessary to access the device)

– After choosing the PIN, the wallet will ask us for a confirmation of it.

The next step is the most important of the configuration, since we will proceed to write the recovery phrase of the wallet, essential if at some time we want to restore the device or if the LEDGER NANO S is broken, when knowing this phrase can recover completely the data on any other Ledger device, so even if you lose your wallet, you can “clone” it to another nano Ledger.

– In this step the wallet will show different words (a total of 24), which should be noted on the “Recovery Sheet” cards supplied in the LEDGER NANO box.

In the box there are 3 cards to write down these words, it is advisable to write them down in at least 2 of them and keep them in safe places to avoid losses or accidents, because if you lose these words you will not be able to recover your wallet in case of loss or damage, so you could lose all the cryptocurrencies it contains.

– Once this step is finished, the wallet will ask us for a verification of the words to ensure that they have been correctly targeted.

The initial configuration is already finished, the next step to start using the Ledger Nano S is the installation of the application on your computer.

Installing the Ledger Live application

To continue working with the wallet, we recommend downloading and installing Ledger Live. With this application, you can update the firmware of the general ledger wallet to the most current one, add or delete a cryptocurrency, receive it or transfer it.

  • Go to the official website ledger.com and download the Ledger Live application.
  • Run the installation.
  • When you begin, select “Start a new device Ledger”.
  • Select the device you are installing.
  • Confirmation is made to ensure that the PIN code, recovery phrase has been saved and a check will be made to see if your Nano Ledger is genuine.
  • We create the password for the application, which will be necessary every time we access it.

Now your Nano Ledger will be almost ready to be used, you just have to install the cryptocurrency wallet that you want to use in the Ledger Nano.

Installation of wallets in Ledger Nano S

To install a wallet you must go to the Manager menu, located at the top left of the Ledger Live application, then find the wallet you want and click on Install.

The Ledger Nano S has a limited space to install wallets, so if the device returns a message saying there is not enough space do not worry, you should only remove any of the wallets you have installed until the device has enough space for the new wallet.

Quietly, deleting the installed wallet does not imply deleting your cryptocurrencies, in order to make transfers again you only have to reinstall the deleted wallet and your cryptocurrencies will still be stored in it.

Conclusion and tips on the Ledger Nano S wallet

The Ledger Nano S cryptocurrency wallet is one of the most popular and safest on the market, which is why it is one of the hardware wallets most used by the community.

Keep the firmware of your wallet updated, you can see the current version in the Manager menu of the Ledger Live application.

If you want to buy a Ledger Nano S, do it on the official website or at an authorized dealer, otherwise you may be buying a manipulated wallet.

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Binance Crypto Wallet App TrustWallet Announces DASH Coin Token Support

Binance’s official cryptocurrency wallet app, TrustWallet, has announced Dash support, bringing the number of coins it supports to 14. This new …

Binance’s official cryptocurrency wallet app, TrustWallet, has announced Dash support, bringing the number of coins it supports to 14.

This new announcement comes only after a week when the App announced the support of Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin. Besides these, the app supports Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, GoChain, POA Network, VeChain, Tron, Wanchain, Callisto and ICON.

You can now send/receive/store your #DigitalCash#Dash from the convenience of your Trust mobile wallet – #useTrust w/ @Dashpayhttps://t.co/A6qdCSG6P0pic.twitter.com/zUPOzLx6CH

— Trust – Ethereum Wallet (@TrustWalletApp) January 17, 2019

Enabling New Assets

According to a post published on their blog, TrustWallet has demonstrated how users can add new assets to their accounts. One can achieve this by tapping on the “+” sign located at the upper right corner of their app, and then selecting the coin they wish to add.

For a clear presentation, TrustWallet included this photo:

More Development To Come

The TrustWallet team took up the Dash support announcement to inform its users that it has more developments lined up for them. The team noted that:

“Going forward, we will monitor the performance and stability of our Dash release very closely, and if everything works well, hopefully, we can surprise you with more new coins in the coming weeks!”

What’s Dash And How It Works

Based on the bitcoin source code, Dash is an open source cryptocurrency focuses on the payments industry. It offers users a form of digital currency that’s fast, inexpensive and portable.

Just like its older sibling, Bitcoin, Dash is a decentralized cryptocurrency and based on the blockchain. However, it works a bit differently bitcoin considering that it has a two-tier network. Powered by master nodes, the second tire allows for instant transactions and financial privacy.

Horizen Launches Flagship Application Digital Wallet

This is a highly-secure cryptocurrency wallet with unique features, that give users even greater control over their sensitive data and transactional …

Horizen Continues to Innovate

Launched in May 2017, Horizen is a technology platform that provides privacy and control of their digital footprint. It is working towards the day when anyone will be able to build privacy-based applications on the Horizen Platform and generate income from them. Horizen is the leading-edge platform which enables real-life uses beyond the ZEN currency. It also enable private chat with others and users to publish information and go anywhere on the web with total privacy. In this manner, Horizen will bring thousands of services offering people the freedom and everyday utility they crave.

On December 17th, 2018 in New York, Horizen released Sphere by Horizen, which incorporates unprecedented features in a cryptocurrency wallet, including secure messaging between users and the ability to toggle between light and full clients. This is a highly-secure cryptocurrency wallet with unique features, that give users even greater control over their sensitive data and transactional information.

ZenCash rebrands to Horizen with new Sphere wallet

Co-Founder and President of Horizen, Robert Viglione, said: “The mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies relies heavily on the industry’s ability to simplify the technology for everyday use. As an easy-to-use, state-of-the-art wallet, Sphere by Horizen is a significant milestone toward achieving that goal. It also improves access to key privacy-focused applications of the Horizen platform, such as ZenChat. We firmly believe that everyone deserves the right and ability to protect their digital identity. With the launch of Sphere by Horizen today, the community can leverage unique features with cutting-edge security to take greater control of their digital identities “.

Sphere by Horizen is available on desktop, and allows users to switch between a full or light client or use a web client. This will enable for sending, receiving, and storing ZEN and serves as the launching point for services that use ZEN for transparent and shielded transactions. If a user loses their account, they can restore their cryptocurrency funds.

Gustavo Fialho, Horizen User Experience Director said: “Sphere by Horizen drastically improves on current standards for the user experience of cryptocurrency and blockchain applications without sacrificing technological innovation or security. The application will act as universal point of access for node operation, cryptocurrency storage, private communications, and peer-to-peer payments, markedly simplifying access to services on the ZEN blockchain. We look forward to continually develop new features to bolster Sphere by Horizen, including a multi-currency wallet, MultiSig support, human-readable addresses, and the ability to manage secure and super nodes on the platform. ”

Top 7 VeChain (VET) Wallets to Keep Your Tokens Secure

The wallet is compatible with both Android and iOS and gives users a streamlined, lightweight and secure mobile cryptocurrency wallet that easily …
  • VeChain holds 25th position by market capitalization
  • VeChain launched its own MainNet last year and stopped being an ERC20 token
  • Always set a strong password and secure your private keys to secure your tokens

The VeChain Token (VET) is the VeChain blockchain’s native token that is used to carry the value transfer function of the blockchain and all its attendant activities. VeChain’s side-chain capability and high scalability have made one of the leading cryptocurrencies that holds the25th position by market capitalization.

SinceVeChain launched its own MainNet on June 30, 2018, it stopped being an ERC20 token and you can’t store it in an ERC20 compatible wallet. This guide curates the list of top 10 VET wallets that support the coins:

The VeChain Thor mobile wallet was unveiled alongside the VET token and the VeChain MainNet as the dedicated mobile wallet for VET. The wallet is compatible with both Android and iOS and gives users a streamlined, lightweight and secure mobile cryptocurrency wallet that easily connects to the VeChain Thor blockchain. The leading features include send and receive, token swap, observe an address and bind your X node providing a useful and convenient way to secure, send and receive VET tokens.

This USB-sized cryptocurrency hardware wallet is well suited for transactions. It’s a multi-asset hardware wallet that resembles a folding drive which can also be used to store Bitcoin, Ethereum and over 30 other cryptocurrencies.

Ledger Nano announced the inclusion of VeChain (VET) which was previously an ERC 20 token symbolized by VEN. The wallet is secure, un-hackable and malware-proof so there’s no risk of exposing your private keys on the internet.

TheVeChain Thor Sync wallet is the only desktop wallet available for storing VET tokens. The wallet was created soon after the MainNet launch and is therefore available for OSX and Windows. While it may not be too polished, it gives access to the VeChain blockchain and enables you to send and receive VET coins.

This desktopAtomic wallet is compatible with MacOS, Windows, Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu. The wallet was designed to leverage the potential of atomic swaps and integrate the decentralization of the crypto ecosystem but it doesn’t fully support atomic swaps for all the 200 coins it supports. The wallet however offers Changelly and ShapeShift for many coins.

TheTREZOR wallet offers real competition to the Nano S and is a popular choice. The wallet connects to computers and Android devices via a micro USB. The wallet includes a built-in screens and buttons to enable manual verification for transactions. TREZOR is a PIN protected wallet and every time someone enters the incorrect PIN in succession, it automatically increases the wait time until you can try again by the power of two.

TheTrust wallet is iOS and Android compatible you can access via an online browser. The wallet allows users to send, receive and store different cryptocurrencies all ERC20, ERC223 and ERC721 tokens, Ethereum Classic (ETC), and VeChain (VET). The wallet’s key security feature is being able to store your private keys locally on the device. The wallet’s other key feature is a built-in Web3 browser that enables direct interaction with decentralized applications.

TheCobo wallet offers a simple but secure storage for the VeChain cryptocurrency. The hardware/mobile wallet comes with impressive features that include secure data transfer as it is “air-gapped” to protect transactions from hackers, multi-currency support, military grade durability and next-generation security. This hardware wallet features a self-destruct mechanism to prevent channel attacks and web authentication for preventing supply chain attacks.