7 key strategies for improving your email list

Email marketing remains one of the most popular, consistent marketing platforms around. Entrepreneurs and businesses big and small depend on …

Email marketing remains one of the most popular, consistent marketing platforms around. Entrepreneurs and businesses big and small depend on their email lists as a source for their leads. Yet many of these same businesses don’t update their email lists as often as they should. The problem that arises is that consumers on these lists don’t always stick to the same email addresses. After a time, the lists become outdated, and it’s impossible to be sure if your emails are actually reaching your audience.

In addition to maintaining an updated list, companies need to make sure their subscribers are people genuinely interested in their offers. Sending emails and newsletters to the wrong audience is a waste of time and money. Cleaning, pruning and enhancing an email list is therefore crucial for any modern business.

So how can an organization make sure its email list is both accurate and targets the right people? These seven experts from Ad Age Collective share their strategies for how to improve an email list and ensure it remains an effective form of marketing for your business.

1. Optimize your content to make it relevant.

My strategy is to optimize the digital content so that it is relevant to our target audience. Many consumers have a short amount of time, and they are less likely to open a marketing email if it seems to be blatant advertising or spam. Thus, every email should give the reader a reason to open it and to pass on word-of-mouth to other interested viewers. – Duran Inci, Optimum7

2. Focus on ongoing verification and consent.

Conduct ongoing verification of your list and make sure you have consent. I don’t know how many times someone has tried to sell me a list with my own name on it and my college address. – Lana McGilvray, Purpose Worldwide

3. Segment your list based on common features.

You can improve the email list you already have by segmenting it. This means grouping people based on similar characteristics. You can do this according to demographics, interests, purchase history and other relevant details. When you have a segmented list you can send an even more targeted email campaign, which is certain to see higher open rates and conversions. – Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner

4. Use industry-specific gated content.

My advice is to use industry-specific gated content. Let’s be honest, we want ideal customers in our email list. By providing gated content that is relevant to industries that your business is targeting, you’ll naturally gather quality people for your email list. Adding further self-qualifying questions can also allow you to segment the list further into prospects to follow up with, depending on how they identify. – Patrick Ward, Rootstrap

5. Make sure you respect their privacy.

Privacy has become more and more of a concern for consumers, so don’t waste their time or yours. Make sure that your consumer has opted in to your messaging with their initial interest, and then follow up with messages that are relevant, such as discounts or similar content. – Jessica Hawthorne-Castro, Hawthorne Advertising

6. Include fun articles in your email marketing.

In the service business, we’ve had great success engaging prospects by having more fun articles and references within our email marketing. Being human is still a good trait to carry into your marketing strategy — imagine that, right? Anything from cooking or baking recipes, personal picks for color choices on decorations and before-and-after photos has made an impact on open rates. – Rob Palowitz, PALO Creative

7. Attach audience acquisition to your strategy.

Attach audience acquisition to your content marketing strategy! Whenever you produce a valuable piece of content for your audience, include a call to action for the reader to sign up for an email list or newsletter, or to be alerted of future blogs, podcasts, etc. Not only do you have interested parties opting into your content this way, but you’ll also know what interested them. – Holly Fearing, Filene Research Institute

There’s No Such Thing as Business as Usual This Holiday Season

Let the data guide your merchandising and messaging strategy. Are customers looking for shirts more than pants? If yes, try building out a multi-product …
November 6, 2020 5 min read
Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

We know the economy is shrinking, unemployment is up and the future of retail will remain digital during this seemingly endless pandemic. On top of that, we’ve just started the holiday season, which accounts for 40 percent of brands’ annual revenue.

As a brand management expert, with experience working at L’Oréal and Nike, and as a founder of a boutique digital marketing agency, I know that consumer product brands have been planning their holiday strategy for months — photographing new value sets, fine-tuning promotions, honing hero product assortments and re-negotiating revenue targets. For them, the holiday season starts now and gradually ramps up to Cyber Week. By the time Black Friday comes around, brand marketers are already planning for their spring launches.

But this holiday season won’t be business as usual.

Let’s assume that most brands will continue to advertise their Black Friday deals. What happens if consumers don’t respond? To succeed in today’s competitive and highly promotional landscape, it’s more important than ever for companies to optimize their online presence to drive incremental revenue.

Check out my three tips on how you can stand out from the competition this holiday season, whether you’re a global consumer products brand, a solo entrepreneur or a small business owner.

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1. Further personalize your product recommendations

Given that you might have a lot of excess inventory burning through your profit and loss statement, continue to discount the product you need to move, but also add more personalization to your product recommendation engine. Take the “you may also like” website functionality to the next level by tying it together with email and paid media.

Delve deeper into your algorithms. Are you targeting browsers in the last seven days or 30 days? How does your messaging differ for past purchasers and cart abandoners?

Based on my experience in helping to build Converse’s first custom global CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database, it’s critical to hone in on your consumer’s multi-channel digital experience. I recommend putting together a one-pager that lists your algorithms, recommended products, frequency caps and messaging by channel.

For example, if someone abandoned an item in their shopping cart, gently remind them two-three hours later with a Facebook ad. Did you forget something? If they haven’t clicked on the ad, you could follow-up a day later with a branded email. And if they don’t open up your email, as your final attempt, try sending them an exclusive discount offer across email, Facebook ads and as a pop-up reminder once they return to your website.

It would help your profit and loss statement if you use discounting as a last resort. Your consumer might be a loyalist (two or more past purchases) and willing to pay full price if you just gently nudge them along. Don’t rush to send them a promo code unless you see that they won’t buy. Your finance team will thank you.

2. Become a pro at Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Rather than starting with the products you need to promote then building out your marketing strategy, start by letting Google do the work for you. Take a look at Google’s Keyword Planner, Google Trends or Search Console tools to see how consumers are searching for your brand online. Let the data guide your merchandising and messaging strategy.

Are customers looking for shirts more than pants? If yes, try building out a multi-product gridwall that highlights the new t-shirts on your website. If you need to sell those pants quicker than your inventory is moving, create a special offer to increase your average order value (i.e. get a free $50 gift card when you spend $250-plus on your next look). Then, send out an email to promote it, and don’t forget to update your metatags to ensure that Google serves up your new landing page to potential buyers.

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3. Leverage your brand’s platform to help those in need

It might be difficult to move all of your excess inventory through discounts, free gift cards or sweepstakes promotions. I worked at Laura Mercier (part of Shiseido) pre-Covid, and as part of a paid media partnership that I launched, we “gifted” new product to select influencers and invited them in-store for a complimentary makeover, in return for sponsored blog and social posts. It helped us build new relationships, generate content and move through inventory.

During the pandemic, influencers might be more questionable as we’re all leading less glamorous lives, primarily quarantined inside these days. Another useful strategy is to partner with a nonprofit where you can “gift” your product. For example, try working with an organization that’s leading a socially distanced food drive and give away complimentary bottles of shampoo and conditioner at a branded booth. Or throw in some mini mascara samples and a free branded face mask into the gift bag to support an online fundraiser. Not only will this potentially move hundreds of units out of your warehouse, but it also has the added benefit of helping those in need during this challenging time.

While the retail landscape is especially uncertain right now, by following my three tips to increase your brand’s revenue, I’m confident that you can optimize your online presence and enhance the consumer experience during this unprecedented holiday season.

Gaming the system: why marketers are underestimating gaming

It’s a time-heavy investment, but rewarding if you’ve identified it’s the right thing for your marketing strategy. We’ve seen many fashion brands …

Despite the huge amount of time spent across gaming, from console to casual mobile gaming, the understanding and investment from marketers is still in early stages.

To help marketers get up to speed, Adcolony and The Drum will be bringing together leading marketers to battle it out against each other in a game show-style panel at The Drum Digital Summit.

Ahead of the session, The Drum caught up with Adcolony’s senior vice president APAC, Tom Simpson, to unpick some of the key trends and misunderstood insights about gaming and advertising.

Why has gaming become such an important focus for Adcolony?

Consumers spend as much time playing mobile games as using social media, around 35% of total screen time – this has been the case for years. During the pandemic, we’ve seen an increase of 48% in consumers gaming daily, and this has been a genuine tipping point for the adoption of gaming as a channel by many brands and marketers.

Brands and marketers are now keen to lean into and maximise the gaming opportunity, and as one of the largest gaming-focused advertising platforms and a business really focused on bringing brands and consumers together in gaming, we’re keen to help.

You are on quite a big education drive around this, where are the gaps in terms of industry understanding?

The persistent myths around gaming hold back many marketers from getting involved. The first and most persistent myth is “Girls Don’t Game”. Gaming is actually a very even 50/50 male-female split in most markets. Honestly, the idea that “Girls Don’t Game” is a toxic stereotype – it’s 2020, and as an industry, we need to do better. At AdColony, we always say “Girls Got Game”!

Secondly, the idea that only Gen Z game when, actually, there are as many Boomers as Gen XYZs in gaming.

Finally, the perception that it’s a lower socio-economic demographic is common, when actually high net worth individuals are more likely to play mobile games than the average person.

How can this be better plugged?

We see gaming as a channel, and we anticipate agencies and brands building out gaming teams in the same way they have historically built out social teams. This will help plug a lot of gaps.

More broadly, as an industry, we can spend more time focusing on education, and building frameworks for planning, execution and measurement to help formalise and professionalise the space.

What’s the real opportunity if this education gap is plugged?

Gaming will eat the internet, similar to the way social media ate the internet over the past 15 years, in that all we currently do online – shopping, entertainment, socialising – will be contained within gaming, and that’s where we’ll spend our online time. This is what futurists call the metaverse. So I always think it’s bigger than an opportunity, it’s unavoidable, it’s everything.

However, to simplify it for marketers, gaming has as much reach as social media but is a much cleaner and higher attention environment. Shift the money you currently spend on Facebook or YouTube to gaming, for improved media performance, better brand results, and more sales.

What tips would you give marketers looking at investing in gaming advertising?

Think about gaming as two separate opportunities:

Keep it simple – just buy ads! Gaming in general (and in-app mobile gaming especially) is a high reach, brand-safe channel to deliver video or display at scale, so just transfer what you already do on YouTube or Facebook i.e. buying targeted ads. This is a super simple, instant way to capture the gaming opportunity.

Go deep – If you have time to dedicate, the possibilities in gaming are endless. It’s sport, music, social media and TV all rolled into one. You can execute via gaming partnerships, esports sponsorships, interactive rewarded video, AI, native in-game ads (think OOH in virtual worlds!) streaming and more. In a similar way to social media, if you deep dive, you will need to demonstrate an affinity with the interests of an audience that more closely identifies with gaming. This means really defining your brand purpose around gaming, and why you’re investing. It’s a time-heavy investment, but rewarding if you’ve identified it’s the right thing for your marketing strategy. We’ve seen many fashion brands deep-diving into gaming, they see it as a cultural originator in the same way they saw street fashion 20-30 years ago.

Register now for The Digital Summit and The Gaming Game Show, where we’ll put industry heavyweights to the test. The panelists include Pete Mitchell, global comms and media lead at Reckitt Benckiser, Vivian Yeung, consultant/market SPOC for transformation and change management, Singapore at GroupM, Itamar Benedy, co-founder and CEO at Anzu and Tom Simpson, senior vice president at Adcolony. The session goes live at 11am Singapore time (SGT) on Friday 13 November.

Digital Marketing Market Dynamics BY TOP MANUFACTURES-The Martin Agency, Droga5,Mullen …

The Global Digital Marketing Market, which has an immense potential for growth in the future is projected to rise at an estimated value of USD XXX.

Digital Marketing Market Growth Prospects 2020 – 2025

The Global Digital Marketing Market, which has an immense potential for growth in the future is projected to rise at an estimated value of USD XXX.XX billion for the period 2020 – 2025, according to a report published by Decisive Markets Research. Consumer base is ever increasing and there is no stopping to it. Business has seen tremendous growth in the last two decades because of the availability of new variants in the market. Industry experts predict that the market will increase at a compound annual growth rate of X.X % during the projected years. Suppliers are competing both at the regional and global level. E-commerce and online retail sale has further added to the potential of the market. The extensive report covers all areas of market to investigate into the booming business. It highlights the market both at the macro and micro level perspective.The internal and external structures of the different market have been studied carefully to forecast the trends. Major regions, application areas and product types have been included as well for thorough analysis.Analysts opine that the emerging markets are North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, which has huge potentials for investment opportunities.

Digital Marketing Market Classification on the Basis of Region, Product Types and Usage Areas

The main market of the world has been categorised as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World (RoW). These areas have been further sub divided as follows:

  • North America (the US, Canada and Mexico)
  • Europe (UK, France, Germany, Spain, Russia and Rest of Europe)
  • Asia Pacific (China, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Rest of Asia Pacific
  • Rest of the World (South and Central America, Middle East and Africa)

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Grey Advertising

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Table of Content

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Segmentation and Scope of the Digital Marketing Market

Market segments of the global market have been provided below to understand the bi-furcation of the market. The market segments help the reader to understand the market from all the aspects.

By Geography

North America (U.S., Canada and Mexico)

Europe (France, UK, Germany, Italy and Others)

Asia Pacific (India, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia and Singapore)

Rest of the World (RoW) (Central & South America, Middle East, Africa)

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  • Market size and forecast: 2019 to 2025
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  • One of the extensive research methodologies apart from primary and secondary research is data triangulation method

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TopDevelopers.co brings to light the competent Digital Marketing Agencies of November 2020

It has almost become the sole marketing field of any business and entrepreneurial ventures to improve their online presence. Digital marketing is no …
The Top Digital Marketing Service Providers of November 2020

Top Digital Marketing Service Providers – November 2020

The soaring demand for the digital marketing services preceded us to list out the competent digital marketing agencies in the industry to help the businesses.

Hiring digital marketing experts for your business promotion is absolutely a positive step towards writing a success story of any business.”

— TopDevelopers.co

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 6, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The ace marketing medium of this era is digital marketing leaving the traditional offline marketing tactics behind. It has almost become the sole marketing field of any business and entrepreneurial ventures to improve their online presence. Digital marketing is no more SEO, SMO, PPC, etc., as every individual agency has their own strategies to market and every type of business requires a certain way and platform of marketing so as to reach the maximum target as planned.

Perfect research, proper understanding of the business, learning about the psychology of the target group, interpreting the cultural interests of the targets, and most importantly the trends in the world of digital marketing are a few of the things that the leading digital marketing service providers have the eye on before proceeding.

Digital marketing is one of the inevitable business activities. This can never be taken for granted as a single step backward can ruin the entire reputation of the business or sometimes it may become the reason for the failure in achieving the business goals. Therefore, hiring digital marketing experts for your business promotion is absolutely a positive step towards writing a success story of any business.

Since there are a huge number of reliable SEO Companies and digital marketing experts online, the service seeking entrepreneur or the business entity may find it a tough task as it requires research to figure the better partner. So as to make the task easier, the analysts at TopDevelopers.co has compiled a list of leading Digital marketing agencies that can help you make the difference in taking your brand closer to your target effortlessly.

List of Efficient Digital Marketing agencies – November 2020




W3era Technologies

Web Brain InfoTech

YellowFin Digital


BrandBurp Digital





97th Floor

Coalition Technologies

The SEO Works

Pearl Lemon

Flying V Group

Digital Success

Joseph Studios



JDM Web Technologies

Creation Infoways Pvt. Ltd.

BluShark Digital LLC

RedCube Digital Pvt. Ltd.

Read the actual press release here: https://www.topdevelopers.co/press-releases/leading-digital-marketing-service-providers-november-2020

About TopDevelopers.co

As a dedicated directory of B2B IT service providers – TopDevelopers.co understands that finding a trustworthy and good mobile app development company can be time consuming as well as tiresome. We, as a reputed research and analysis platform, act as a bridge between the organizations and the mobile app development companies for a smooth initiation of the mobile app development process.

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