US Military threatens operations between SpaceX and NASA ​

According to a piece of new information, the collaboration between SpaceX and NASA might be at risk because the American military forces are …

According to a piece of new information, the collaboration between SpaceX and NASA might be at risk because the American military forces are monitoring Elon Musk’s space agency’s operations because their spacecraft carry aboard satellites.

NASA is apparently keeping a close watch on SpaceX’s Crew Dragon expedition which suffered an impediment just last week as the capsule blew up while examined in the static fire test. Besides this, the NASA signed with Elon Musk’s space agency a $2.6 billion contract to transport astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS), and also, the U.S. Air Force voiced its concern over the fact that SpaceX will be having on board national security property, namely satellites. Due to this, the U.S. military could, in fact, stop the launch if SpaceX will still encounter problems during its test flights, the report said.

Brigadier General Douglas Schiess, the Air Force commander managing the unit reported in a recent interview that the Air Force designed personnel that knows the preparation procedures of the satellite and rocket to observe the process. They have the power to interfere with SpaceX-NASA operations if they think that the ‘correct’ process is not being ensued, Schiess said.

Not only SpaceX but also Boeing has signed a contract with NASA and are now supposed to support NASA with its space observations and missions through the agency’s commercial space project. However, SpaceX is now the forerunner as it successfully fired an uncrewed Crew Dragon spacecraft at the beginning of the year and anchored it at the International Space Station without any problem.

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon is intended to be the space agency’s first capsule to carry on board human occupants. Elon Musk’s space agency was scheduled to carry on the second stage of the demos which includes American astronauts, but because of the accident occurred at its hangar, the mission was a bit delayed. Crew Dragon spacecraft was due to transport NASA astronauts to the International Space Station this year.

​The accident which occurred on April 20, took place while numerous engine tests were performed on the Dragon capsule at Cape Canaveral in Florida. The explosion happened during the last phases of testing, and because of it, the second demo was postponed, and thus the American Air force could also push back the launch if they think the expedition is not prepared enough.

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NASA and SpaceX: Could FAILED Dragon parachute test spell trouble for Elon Musk?

If SpaceX can guarantee the safety of NASA astronauts onboard the Crew Dragon capsule, the US space agency will cut its reliance on Russian …

The Dragon test was unmanned but a NASA chief has confirmed on May 8 the technical hiccup left the spacecraft damaged.

Bill Gerstenmaier, the associate administrator for Human Exploration and Operations, addressed concerns regarding SpaceX at a meeting of the US House Committee on Science, Space and Technology.

The NASA chief said: “The test was not satisfactory. We did not get the results we wanted but we learned some information that’s going to affect, potentially, future designs.”

The case of failure has not been identified yet but Mr Gerstenmaier said one of the parachutes deliberately failed to test the capsule under stress.

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SpaceX And NASA Relations Threatened by the US Army

SpaceX and NASA’s partnership is apparently threatened because the US Army services are keeping a close watch on the Elon Musk’s space agency …

The US Air Force reportedly have placed their people on the SpaceX site to control and report everything. This personnel knows the process which has to take place as they set up the rocket and the satellite, and they are monitoring that, Brigadier General Douglas Schiess which is the Air Force commander in the led of the unit, declared in an interview. He repeated the fact that the military forces have the authority to interfere in the NASA-SpaceX endeavors if they think that the process is not being followed.

US Army might threat the relations between SpaceX and NASA

Elon Musk’s Crew Dragon spacecraft was programmed to be the first capsule of the company which will carry human passengers on board. The company was scheduled to conduct the second stage of the demos that are already containing astronauts, but due to the explosion, there is an additional delay to the expedition.

The explosion on April 20 occurred in the time in which Crew Dragon was being examined through a ‘series of engine tests’ in Florida, at the Cape Canaveral hangar. The accident happened during the last phases of testing, and because of it, the second demonstration day has been postponed. However, is now possible that the U.S. Air Force to moreover delay the take off if they suppose the expedition is not ready yet.

Crew Dragon capsule was scheduled to carry NASA astronauts to the International Space Station sometime this year.

Barring SpaceX, Boeing has also signed a contract to back up NASA in its space exploration through the firm’s marketing space program. However, SpaceX was way before everything as it successfully lifted off a human unoccupied Crew Dragon spacecraft and jettied it at the International Space Station free of issues earlier this year.

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