Elon Musk Thinks Computers Will Surpass Humans In Every Way Possible

In 2015 Musk co-based OpenAI as an AI analysis nonprofit. He left the board last year. He stated in a tweet earlier this yr that OpenAI and Tesla have …

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Wednesday mentioned that computers are getting smarter than people in more and more spheres and that the development will proceed.

They might be far surpassed in every single way. He assures it, Musk mentioned to Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba, on the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai.

The comments highlight an evolving panorama in technology, including in artificial intelligence — an area technology companies are tapping to reinforce their merchandise and sell to companies.

Musk pointed to advances in chess and the Chinese board game of Go as proof of progress in AI.

He talked about how in the future technology from Neuralink, a start-up he co-founded, may give individuals a solution to enhance their abilities in certain subjects. The company is looking to draw on AI for augmenting people’s cognitive capabilities with brain-machine interfaces. The company isn’t there yet, though.

The very first thing we should always assume is we’re very dumb, Musk mentioned. We can undoubtedly make things smarter than ourselves.

Ma had a distinct view, suggesting that a computer has by no means spawned a human being, or perhaps a mosquito.

And Ma stated that he doesn’t wish to play chess or Go in opposition to a machine. These video games had been designed for people to play against one another, he mentioned.

The Tesla chief has spoken before about AI. In 2017 he suggested that competitors amongst nations in AI may result in World Battle III.

Tesla has sought to do extra in AI. Musk revealed that Tesla was engaged on a customized AI chip in 2017, and final month he stated the automaker would “almost certainly” begin retrofitting older autos with its chips by the end of 2019.

In 2015 Musk co-based OpenAI as an AI analysis nonprofit. He left the board last year. He stated in a tweet earlier this yr that OpenAI and Tesla have been at instances each attempting to hire the same individuals, and that he and OpenAI didn’t at all times see eye to eye.

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Multi-planetary Living is Possible Using 1% of the Earth’s GDP; Says Elon Musk

… to understand it. He thinks that it is humanity’s best interest to fully secure its multi-planetary opportunities and resources as quickly as it is possible.

Advancement in technology has changed the way people live around the world. Change is inevitable and every day a new invention is made. At the much-awaited 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai, attendants were served with an intriguing debate between Alibaba founder and Chairman Jack Ma and Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. That heated discussion was about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its effects on humanity.

Ma and Musk spoke on a plethora of topics. Some of these topics include reforms to education, trips to Mars, jobs, and the general improvement of humanity. Regarding artificial intelligence, these two visionaries have different points of view.

Musk believes that AI is a danger to humanity while Ma believes in people being ‘street smart.’ Thus, according to Ma, when artificial intelligence evolves, humanity should cope with it just fine. He explained:

“It’s impossible that humans could be controlled by machines. They’re machines that are invented by humans.”

On the other hand, Musk is afraid that a time will come when computers will surpass humans’ ability to understand it. He thinks that it is humanity’s best interest to fully secure its multi-planetary opportunities and resources as quickly as it is possible.

Earth Preservation

On the other hand, Ma has no plans to go to Mars in the near future. However, he believes that it is more important to preserve the earth that we are on. But, he complimented Musk saying:

“We need heroes like you (who want to go to Mars), but we need heroes like us (who will fix Earth).”

Musk also agreed that Earth preservation is vital which also makes an important part of Tesla’s mission. He believes that it will take around 1% of the world’s GDP to make humans multi-planetary. That amount is comparable and may be less than what people spend on things like makeup yearly.

“Spending resources on making life multi-planetary would be enough with just 1% of the earth’s GDP.”

The Artificial Intelligence Impact on humanity

Regarding employment, Jack Ma asked why humans need that many jobs. He added that although people are always afraid that technology will take jobs away from them, jobs increase every day. He believes that with the introduction of artificial intelligence, people can change to three working days in a week and the average workday may last for only four hours. According to him, these shorter working hours will enable people to enjoy their lives and live longer.

On his part, Musk admitted that there is a growing worry since the birth rate around the world is declining constantly. He believes that the biggest issue that will face the world in the next 20 years is population collapse and added that it could prove to be a serious issue since people usually have a 20-yer boot sequence.

Ma agrees to that fact stating that even though China’s1.4 billion people sounds a lot, the country may encounter an entirely different landscape in 20 years. On the other hand, Musk alleged that the rise of AI will threaten most jobs making them pointless. He explained that AI evolves and it will reach a time when computers will make their software.

Musk suggests that people should study fields like engineering and other disciplines that deal with human relations. He believes that these fields will be relevant even with the rise of the AI age. He also said that this is the idea behind Neuralink and its brain-machine interface. The brain-machine interface will ensure that humans will not be left behind.

The Future

To succeed in the future, Jack Ma believes that humans must not just have an IQ. Instead, they should also have emotional intelligence and love intelligence too. Musk agreed stating:

“I agree with him. Love is the answer.”

On education, Jack Ma voiced his worries about the current education systems that he believes should be more constructive and creative. He explained that he wished to spend more time training children how to sing, dance, paint, and do all other creative things that enable people to live like humans.

Elon Musk thinks that solutions like Neuralink’s neural lace could make a difference in enabling people to upload and quickly learn many new skills. He thinks that the concept of ‘The Matrix’ movie’ is not far from reality.

At the time of writing the Alibaba (BABA) stock is up 0.83% trading at $167.48 while Tesla (TSLA) stock is also up 0.71% trading at $215.59.

John WangubaJohn Wanguba

John Wanguba

John is a content crafter and has experience in writing Forex and Crypto news for FXTimes for over a year. He is also an experienced creative and technical writer, and is usually one of the first ones to publish, discover or cover a scoop. e-mail: john@fxtimes.com

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Elon Musk to kick off 2019 World AI Conference with Alibaba founder Jack Ma

Tesla CEO Elon Musk will be joining Alibaba founder Jack Ma on stage for a … Musk’s private space firm, SpaceX, is currently testing a rocket engine … Musk also revealed that he will be launching The Boring Company’s China …

Tesla CEO Elon Musk will be joining Alibaba founder Jack Ma on stage for a conversation at the opening stages of the upcoming 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai, which will run from August 29 to 31, 2019. The update was related by a spokesperson from Alibaba on Monday, who added that the two entrepreneurs’ conversation will be held on the first day of the conference.

Elon Musk and Jack Ma, apart from being billionaire entrepreneurs, are both disruptors in their respective segments. Musk’s private space firm, SpaceX, is currently testing a rocket engine designed to take humanity to Mars, and his electric car and energy company, Tesla, is at a point where its latest vehicle, the Model 3, is causing serious disruptions in the auto segment.

.@AlibabaGroup‘s #JackMa and @Tesla‘s @elonmusk will hold speeches at the opening ceremony of the World AI Conference in Shanghai on Aug. 29. #WAIC2019pic.twitter.com/19CLwzORhI

— Yicai Global 第一财经 (@yicaichina) August 26, 2019

Ma, on the other hand, is noted for adopting a startup culture that ultimately made Alibaba an e-commerce juggernaut in Asia, and one that outsells Amazon during its peak sale days. The Alibaba founder currently has an estimated net worth of $36.8 billion, while Musk has an estimated net worth of $19.1 billion.

The two entrepreneurs’ talk comes amidst the ongoing trade dispute between the United States and China. Last Friday, US President Donald Trump announced additional tariffs on about $550 billion of targeted Chinese goods, just hours after China announced tariffs on $75 billion of US goods.

Elon Musk has not publicly shared his opinions about the ongoing trade war, though he did address some concerns about China’s import tariffs on Twitter last year. Jack Ma, on the other hand, has been open about his disdain for the two countries’ trade dispute, noting late last year that it was “the most stupid thing in the world,” as noted in a Reuters report.

Elon Musk’s upcoming trip to China will not only involve his attendance at the 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference. In a Twitter announcement, Musk also revealed that he will be launching The Boring Company’s China division on the same trip.

The Tesla CEO is also expected to pay a visit to the Gigafactory 3 site in Shanghai, which is already nearing completion. Musk has noted that he expects Gigafactory 3 to start trial production runs of the Model 3 by the end of the year, though the factory’s buildout has been so rapid that the CEO’s estimates might end up being conservative. With the upcoming completion of the site’s substation next month, for example, Gigafactory 3 could go online as early as the start of September.

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Massmutual Trust Company Fsb Boosted Its Intel (INTC) Holding; Alibaba Group Hldg LTD (BABA …

Some Historical INTC News: 26/04/2018 – Intel CEO Brian Krzanich dismissed investor concerns that functionality issues were causing 10-nanometer …

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) Logo

Joho Capital Llc decreased its stake in Alibaba Group Hldg Ltd (BABA) by 9.91% based on its latest 2019Q1 regulatory filing with the SEC. Joho Capital Llc sold 80,016 shares as the company’s stock declined 8.56% . The hedge fund held 727,621 shares of the business services company at the end of 2019Q1, valued at $132.75 million, down from 807,637 at the end of the previous reported quarter. Joho Capital Llc who had been investing in Alibaba Group Hldg Ltd for a number of months, seems to be less bullish one the $459.58B market cap company. The stock decreased 0.39% or $0.69 during the last trading session, reaching $176.52. About 5.59M shares traded. Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE:BABA) has declined 6.34% since August 21, 2018 and is downtrending. It has underperformed by 6.34% the S&P500. Some Historical BABA News: 09/04/2018 – Alibaba Invests in Chinese Facial-Recognition Startup; 14/03/2018 – Top-Performing China Fund Manager Says Alibaba, YY, Look Cheap; 27/03/2018 – Alaska Governor: Tech giant Alibaba Group joins Opportunity Alaska: China Trade Mission; 04/05/2018 – ALIBABA – DURING MARCH 2018 QTR, ANT FINANCIAL CONTINUED TO AGGRESSIVELY INVEST IN THEIR BUSINESS; 19/03/2018 – Alibaba counters Amazon’s expansion in SE Asia; 19/04/2018 – Alibaba expands cross-border e-commerce in Southeast Asia; 19/04/2018 – Hong Kong Exchanges CEO: It’s a ‘Matter of Time’ for Alibaba to List in Hong Kong; 10/05/2018 – ANT FINANCIAL IS NEARING A $10 BILLION EQUITY RAISE – CNBC, CITING; 04/04/2018 – Tencent and Alibaba share the same strategy: Invest in the most promising online and mobile services that emerge in China; 09/03/2018 – Alibaba’s Jack Ma and Joe Tsai are pumping $20 million into Rent the Runway through their investment firm The deal is said to value the New York City startup at nearly $800 million

Massmutual Trust Company Fsb increased its stake in Intel Corp (INTC) by 3.07% based on its latest 2019Q1 regulatory filing with the SEC. Massmutual Trust Company Fsb bought 7,419 shares as the company’s stock declined 0.41% . The institutional investor held 249,020 shares of the semiconductors company at the end of 2019Q1, valued at $13.37 billion, up from 241,601 at the end of the previous reported quarter. Massmutual Trust Company Fsb who had been investing in Intel Corp for a number of months, seems to be bullish on the $209.16B market cap company. The stock increased 1.32% or $0.62 during the last trading session, reaching $47.22. About 6.38M shares traded. Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) has risen 6.00% since August 21, 2018 and is uptrending. It has outperformed by 6.00% the S&P500. Some Historical INTC News: 26/04/2018 – Intel CEO Brian Krzanich dismissed investor concerns that functionality issues were causing 10-nanometer production delays; 19/03/2018 – Intel: Lavizzo-Mourey is Fifth New Independent Director Added to Intel’s Bd Since Beginning of 2016; 14/05/2018 – As much as $150 billion annually at stake for Apple, Intel and other US tech companies in China-US trade fight; 02/04/2018 – Taiwan Semi: Intel’s Apple Pain Could Be Its Gain — Barron’s Blog; 12/03/2018 – March 12th Deadline Alert: The Law Offices of Howard G. Smith Reminds Investors of Looming Deadline in the Class Action Lawsuit; 27/04/2018 – Intel CFO Sees Growing ‘Needs for Data’ (Video); 27/03/2018 – INTEL TO FOCUS ON CLOSING AFRICAN AMERICAN REPRESENTATION GAPS; 18/04/2018 – Investor Intel: Global Blockchain Introduces the Laser Network – The SWIFT for Blockchains; 17/04/2018 – Portland Bus Jrn: Intel unveils new threat security technology; 31/05/2018 – EQS-News: Mobile TeleSystems PJSC: MTS, ERICSSON AND INTEL TESTED A CYBERSPORT VR GAME ON A 5G NETWORK

Investors sentiment decreased to 0.86 in Q1 2019. Its down 0.14, from 1 in 2018Q4. It is negative, as 61 investors sold INTC shares while 733 reduced holdings. 139 funds opened positions while 541 raised stakes. 2.84 billion shares or 4.15% less from 2.96 billion shares in 2018Q4 were reported. Greenwich Wealth Management Llc has 1.09% invested in Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC). 3.79M were reported by Putnam Invs Limited Liability Corp. Moreover, Captrust Advisors has 0.63% invested in Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC). E&G Advisors LP holds 0.37% or 15,724 shares. Osborne Partners Mgmt Limited Liability reported 113,799 shares or 1.19% of all its holdings. Beck Mack And Oliver Limited Liability reported 4,000 shares. Spectrum Asset Management (Nb Ca) holds 2.05% or 56,694 shares. Sand Hill Ltd has 122,751 shares. Tdam Usa reported 157,882 shares. Homrich Berg reported 0.19% in Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC). Mu Com, a Japan-based fund reported 117,000 shares. The California-based Clarivest Asset Management Ltd Com has invested 0.35% in Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC). The Tennessee-based Capwealth Advisors Lc has invested 0.07% in Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC). Estabrook Cap Management, New York-based fund reported 403,923 shares. Burke & Herbert Financial Bank & Tru Com holds 31,781 shares.

Massmutual Trust Company Fsb, which manages about $1386.79 billion US Long portfolio, decreased its stake in Zimmer Holdings Inc (ZMH) by 10 shares to 4,534 shares, valued at $578.99 million in 2019Q1, according to the filing. It also reduced its holding in Kellogg Co (NYSE:K) by 473 shares in the quarter, leaving it with 527 shares, and cut its stake in Deere & Co (NYSE:DE).

More notable recent Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) news were published by: Marketwatch.com which released: “Chip stocks head for record high after Texas Instruments earnings, ahead of Intel’s results – MarketWatch” on July 24, 2019, also Nasdaq.com with their article: “Intel (INTC) Earnings After Bell: Will Management Guide Shares Up? – Nasdaq” published on July 25, 2019, Nasdaq.com published: “After Hours Most Active for Jul 25, 2019 : MRVL, INTC, FDC, VOD, QQQ, CMCSA, KO, MCHI, NOK, KEY, SQ, MFC – Nasdaq” on July 25, 2019. More interesting news about Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) were released by: Nasdaq.com and their article: “After Hours Most Active for Aug 6, 2019 : GE, DIS, BKS, BABA, ARMK, KO, INTC, MLCO, MSFT, FISV, QQQ, QCOM – Nasdaq” published on August 06, 2019 as well as Nasdaq.com‘s news article titled: “Notable ETF Inflow Detected – SPY, JPM, BAC, INTC – Nasdaq” with publication date: August 06, 2019.

Analysts await Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE:BABA) to report earnings on August, 22. They expect $1.13 earnings per share, up 71.21% or $0.47 from last year’s $0.66 per share. BABA’s profit will be $2.94 billion for 39.05 P/E if the $1.13 EPS becomes a reality. After $0.88 actual earnings per share reported by Alibaba Group Holding Limited for the previous quarter, Wall Street now forecasts 28.41% EPS growth.

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) Institutional Positions Chart

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6 things to know about Justin Sun, the crypto whiz kid who postponed a $4.6 million lunch with …

He worked at the cryptocurrency startup — which has received backing from Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, and other blue-chip investors …

JustinSun5Instagram/Justin Sun

Crypto whiz kid Justin Sun postponed a $4.6 million charity lunch with Warren Buffett scheduled for Thursday, blaming a bout of kidney stones. Chinese media reported his real reason for rescheduling was that he was barred from leaving China following a laundry list of allegations that includes illegal fundraising, money laundering, gambling, and pornography.

The boss of Tron — the 11th largest cryptocurrency with a $1.5 billion market capitalization, according to CoinMarketCap — and file-sharing service BitTorrrent has dismissed the rumors. Sun streamed a live video on Tuesday that seemed to show he was in San Francisco. “I feel so much better now!” he tweeted on Wednesday. “It seems I will be back to work with full speed on this Friday!”

Here are six things to know about the 28-year-old tech entrepreneur.

A protégé of Alibaba founder Jack Ma

Instagram/Justin Sun

Justin Sun is a protégé of Alibaba founder and executive chairman Jack Ma. Sun’s oldest photo on Instagram shows him receiving a certificate from Ma. “Inspired by the best to shape the future for the better,” the caption reads.

Sun was the youngest member of the inaugural class at Hupan University, a Chinese business school founded by Ma in 2015, according to the South China Morning Post. Ma recruited 30 students who he believed could revolutionize the Chinese business world. Sun wrote his thesis on the blockchain industry, titling it “The Birth of a Decentralized Internet,” SCMP said. He graduated from Hupan in 2018.

An Ivy League graduate


Sun graduated from Peking University with a bachelor’s degree in history in 2011, according to his LinkedIn page. Peking is China’s second-best university, according to Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings. Two years later, Sun earned a master’s degree in political economy from the University of Pennsylvania, one of eight prestigious US colleges that make up the Ivy League.

An entrepreneur and dealmaker


Sun joined Ripple Labs as a chief representative and adviser in Greater China at the end of 2013, according to his LinkedIn page. He worked at the cryptocurrency startup — which has received backing from Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, and other blue-chip investors — for just over two years. Sun also founded Callme or Peiwo, China’s largest voice live-streaming app, in 2013.

In July 2017, Sun founded the Tron Foundation, a blockchain company with its own cryptocurrency that is “dedicated to building the infrastructure for a truly decentralized Internet,” his LinkedIn page states. Less than a year later, Tron acquired BitTorrent, a peer-to-peer file-sharing service, for around $126 million, according to TechCrunch. Sun currently serves as CEO of Peiwo, Tron, and BitTorrent.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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