Challenges Telegram Facebook and the Rest of the world already this October?

All Three are said to have been part of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), by means of which Telegram a total of $ 1.7 billion collected. In the closed circle …

The encrypt of Messaging App Telegram will introduce a new digital currency Gram in October. This is a must have, at least, notified to investors by the Mainstream media. How will react the Rest of the world? A ban by the States threatens the project?

Telegram Token already this October?

As the New York Times on may 27. August reported that chatted three anonymous investors from the beans. All Three are said to have been part of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), by means of which Telegram a total of $ 1.7 billion collected. In the closed circle of the company have now confirmed that the first Token will spend in two months.Another Telegram Open Network (TON)-Investor, to be in contact with the Telegram Team, also announced that the company plans to release the platform from the 1. To test September open to the public.The long-term goal of the management level behind the ambitious project will be to make Gram of all around 300 million users of the app available.Should prove to be true, these rumors would Telegram to implement this, where Facebook is threatening to come due to the strong headwinds, apparently, to its limits. Because one thing should be clear. In an Ecosystem with 300 million members, Gram would be a truly global digital currency.About Gram is on a technical level, is still little known. Apparently, the project is flying largely under the Radar, which has the advantage that it is excited at regulatory authorities only little attention. At least, if we compare it in Relation to the vehement resistance, to the Facebook Libra is encountered. That may change, however, with safety, once more passes through the project to the Public. Perhaps the article in the New York Times represents the starting shot for it.If you’re looking for a reputable point of contact, to act with real crypto currencies, then take a look at our Binance Test 2019! In this article, we have analyzed all the features and benefits of the crypto-exchange in more detail and evaluated. In Binance in our exchanges has reached the comparison in the first place. The most the most popular crypto-stock exchange today!

Has started the war of currencies?

It remains unknown at this time, how are you plans with the state authorities deal with it. This is seen in projects such as Libra and Gram direct competitors to their state-subsidized currencies. For hundreds of years, the state monopoly is provided for the first Time on the money creation to the test.For all those who have not noticed it yet: The digital age has ushered in the Era of digital currencies as a downright natural corollary. The demand on the part of the market adapts to the current conditions of our economy. With the increasing digitization and internationalization of our world, a digital and a global currency appears to be the logical consequence. But which currencies will prevail in the Darwinian principle result in?With security, there will be more than a currency, and certainly the markets will not be limited to national territories. In addition, should also be clear that this power is not held only among States, but, increasingly, Non-banks will try a piece of the proverbial cake that happens to you.We must appreciate definitely happy to be part of these exciting developments and radical changes, monetary systems, and are excited for what is to follow.What do you think about the project from the Telegram? Who makes in your opinion the race, telegram Gram or Facebook Libra Token? Come in to our Telegram Chat and talk with the experts and the Community. Subscribe to our News channel to not miss any news more. (Image Source: Shutterstock)

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Binance plans to issue Venus! How is it different from Facebook’s Libra?

What is Venus, the virtual currency of Binance? The project has not yet been technically backed up in the investigation phase and Binance is currently …

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has announced plans to issue a table coin called Venus. The project will be a stable coin that is linked to international legal currencies such as the US dollar and the Pound, although each country issues Venus based on its own currency. In that sense, it’s very similar to Libra, which Facebook has announced and discussed.

What is Venus, the virtual currency of Binance? The project has not yet been technically backed up in the investigation phase and Binance is currently looking for a development partner. If Libra is to aim for “global reach,” Venus intends to be localized and localized.

There are many similarities even though the expression is different. On August 19, 2019, the company said, “Binance is seeking to build new alliances and alliances with governments, general companies, technology companies, and other virtual currency companies.

The project will be involved in a larger blockchain ecosystem and will empower developed and developing countries to promote the spread of new currencies.”

Competition with Libra is not intended? Changpeng Zhao, Chief Executive Officer of Changpeng Zhao, Bainance, said in a statement that the project was not intended to compete with Facebook’s virtual currency Libra. The project is scheduled to be ported on to binance chain, which has just started in April 2019.

The Binance Chain has already ported the Binans Coin (BNB).

In addition, there are two types of stable coins on the Binance chain: BTCB linked to Bitcoin (BTC) and BGBP linked to the British pound.

At the start of this project, Binance will provide partners with full technical support, a compliance risk management system, a multi-dimensional cooperative network for building Venus, and regulatory requirements.

Stretable coins like Venus bring new digital economy Venus, like Libra, is intended to revolutionize the traditional financial system, which refuses to accept poor people who do not have bank accounts that use legal currency. Yi He, the co-founder of Bainance, said, “We are in the near future and in the long term as a momentum for stable coins to replace traditional legal currencies around the world.

We believe that it will bring new stable digital economic standards.” Earlier this month, Walmart, the world’s largest supermarket chain, also plans to enter the same market as Facebook and Vinance. It has been reported that a patent for a stable coin linked to us dollars has been filed.

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Facebook’s Libra asks other founding members to speak up and show support

… and will publicly support the project, including Coinbase, Xapo, Anchorage, Bison Trails, Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), and Union Square Ventures.

An executive of Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency has asked the project’s other members to show their support amid the increasing regulatory scrutiny in the U.S. and Europe.

It’s time for us to speak up individually and collectively and build some momentum coming into the end of 2019,” Bertrand Perez, Libra Association’s Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, told Bloomberg Law.

He further added that if the 28 founding members have indeed devoted their selves to the Libra project’s financial inclusion goals, then “please say so publicly the next time you are asked.”

Recent media reports have noted how the other founding members, including Visa, Paypal, and Uber, have kept mum in their commitment to Libra.

As previously reported, at least three of the founding members are allegedly considering ending their association with Libra. Two of them are reportedly mulling to sever ties because of heightened regulatory pressure on the project. Another member voiced concern that supporting the project publicly could draw attention from authorities on their business.

However, while other members are planning to retreat, CoinDesk found that there are those that have no intention of leaving and will publicly support the project, including Coinbase, Xapo, Anchorage, Bison Trails, Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), and Union Square Ventures.

In addition, the news outlet noted that despite regulatory issues, many also want to join the Libra Association. In fact, Winklevoss twin brothers said they are willing to set aside their legal dispute with archrival Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to form a partnership with Libra. The Gemini founders even revealed they have been in talks about joining Libra’s governing body.

It is no secret that since its announcement in June, Libra has been the subject of scrutiny among lawmakers and regulators worldwide. But Facebook is planning to please them by complying with regulatory requirements.

As previously reported, Facebook is on a hiring spree for a new team that will work on “compliance,” which will ensure that the company’s activities abide by current laws and regulations. At least 47 job openings have been opened for Facebook’s blockchain, more than half of which is for Calibra alone. Jobs ranged from “Head of Compliance” to “Head of Fraud.”

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Telegram Investors Claim Company Will Issue First Gram Tokens Within Two Months

Telegram conducted a much-publicized initial coin offering for Gram in 2018, raising a reported $1.7 billion from investors who were promised Grams …

Posted on Aug 28, 2019

Social messaging app company Telegram plans to launch its new Gram digital currency by the end of October, the New York Times reported on August 27. The firm has reportedly told investors that the first coins will be issued sometime in the next two months. That’s according to three investors who spoke with the Times anonymously, due to nondisclosure agreements.

The company is expected to begin testing its Gram network at the beginning of next month. It eventually hopes to provide Gram digital wallets to all of its several hundred million Telegram users worldwide.

Telegram conducted a much-publicized initial coin offering for Gram in 2018, raising a reported $1.7 billion from investors who were promised Grams in the future. As part of that promise, Telegram agreed to either deliver those Grams by October 31, 2019, or return the money to investors. According to the Times, the company has been “racing to get the coins out before that deadline.”

The news comes as Facebook faces increasing skepticism from regulators over its proposal for the Libra digital currency project. Telegram, which has been even less transparent about its own cryptocurrency project, is likely to face similar skepticism as it gets closer to launching Gram.

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Telegram says its Gram cryptocurrency is still on track to launch by October 31

There have been several rumors of an “initial coin offering” (ICO), but the company had reportedly scrapped the plans after seeing the increasingly …
In brief: Telegram is the latest company that wants to launch a digital currency with high ambitions and a tight deadline. To succeed, it must comply with regulators by the end of October, which sounds unlikely but only time will tell. The company doesn’t have the best relationship with governments, but it stands to lose a hefty investment, so it’s trying its best to deliver on its promise.

While many are probably familiar with Facebook’s efforts to take the global payments market by storm with its Libra cryptocurrency, you may have not heard about a similar project that comes from another social network, Telegram. There have been several rumors of an “initial coin offering” (ICO), but the company had reportedly scrapped the plans after seeing the increasingly tight regulations proposed the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Now, it turns out that the much-hyped project might see the light of day. According to a report by The New York Times, Telegram is planning to launch a digital currency called Gram within the next two months. The company has told investors that it’s going to roll out the Gram wallets to two thirds of its estimated 300 million global users.

Just like Libra, Gram is yet another digital currency that promises to make payments easy, fast, and secure. However, due to the way Telegram works, the very same encryption that makes its messaging app secure is also what brought it under the lens of regulators. The company’s digital currency will probably emulate Bitcoin in many ways, which would make it an attractive option for people interested in avoiding laws and regulations. This wouldn’t bode well with authorities, who are increasingly interested in such developments and their many implications.

Telegram is apparently pushing its token out to hold onto an estimated $1.7 million raised from over 200 investors. The idea here is that the company has a deadline — if it doesn’t manage to launch Gram by October 31 it risks losing all that money.

In the grand scheme of things, several companies are trying to push their own digital currencies. Binance is a notable example with its Venus cryptocurrency, but that is in the early stages of development. Still, Telegram’s token isn’t backed by real currency and its value would instead fluctuate as a result of how many people are willing to invest in it.

The company says a test version of the Gram network will go live within the next few weeks, and third party wallet providers like Button Wallet are jumping in to help with adoption by offering Gram tokens to those who activate its wallet. The social platform has bigger plans for the Telegram Open Network — it wants to slowly evolve it into a decentralized infrastructure for all kinds of digital applications, similar to Ethereum.

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