The Potential of Blockchain & Internet of Things in Italy

In this technology epoch, the phrase Internet of Things (IoT) is not new in the ears of many blockchain maniacs especially in Italy. Some of the major …
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Blockchain in Italy

In this technology epoch, the phrase Internet of Things (IoT) is not new in the ears of many blockchain maniacs especially in Italy. Some of the major applications of this blossoming technology which will significantly transfigure people’s way of living include smart city, smart homes, driverless vehicles and resolving climate problems.

According to our recent report, the blockchain market in Italy multiply day by day, with the figures showing that there was a double in the market last year to make €31 million and expecting to increase further in 2020 to generate €92 million.

Distributed Ledger Integration

Let’s see some of the benefits of this technology that we can take advantage of in order to make our lives stress free and the world a better place to live in.

Very many companies and individual have been on possible way of solving daily problems using innovative technologies such as blockchain, IoT, artificial intelligence, smart contract, machine learning and others, but mass dissemination still remains a big challenge.

This is largely because of two major components: security and data transmission capacity. In order to run at full capacity, IoT needs a highly effective connective system to enable all objects connect and communicate in real time between themselves.

As Italy plans to introduce 5G technology, it will work hand in hand with distributed ledger technology and make a great change in the IoT sector. The 5G technology has a great energy saving potential plus a higher speed compared to 4G technology, and this will ultimately enable wide-ranging use of several IoT devices. The devices will as well benefit from the security, decentralization, distribution and immutability of the distributed ledger network system.

IoT and Blockchain are on Fire

The combination of these three things – blockchain, 5G tech and IoT – appears perfect to bring a new market of significant opportunities and investment growth.

Numerous internet of things and blockchain-related projects are under consideration – especially in the city of Verona and Milan. Generally, Italy is moving in the right direction, though at a slow pace, as far as innovation and technology are concerned.

The use of blockchain in Italy is spreading like a wildfire, it is now being used in a series of sectors such as supply chain, tourism, insurance, energy, art, banking, tax authorities, smart contracts, agrifood, logistic & transport and others. The Italy is seeking for best methods of integrating distributed ledger and IoT to bring a fundamental change in the country.

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Filament Launches New Blocklet Foundation Kit – a Blockchain Development Kit for IoT Developers

… demonstrate attestation-driven smart contracts and machine-to-machine (M2M) transactions between devices on a distributed ledger with Filament’s …

RENO, Nev., April 01, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Filament, provider of comprehensive enterprise blockchain solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced that it has launched its new Blocklet Foundation Kit. Designed for embedded and hardware developers focused on the Internet of Things (IoT), this blockchain development kit provides hands-on experience with Filament’s Blocklet technology, and allows users to generate IoT blockchain transactions on-device and demonstrate smart contract functionality.

“We are the only company to provide embedded technology for blockchain transactions starting with the origination of data, at the edge,” said Frank Friesacher, executive vice president, product, Filament. “This new kit gives embedded developers hands-on experience to evaluate and demonstrate how IoT devices and sensors at the edge can integrate and securely transact in a blockchain without incurring the infrastructure overhead typically found in today’s IoT and blockchain deployments. With the increasing interest in enterprise blockchain solutions, we created this as a clear pathway to proof of concept and pilot projects that lay the foundation for successful production deployments.”

The Blocklet Foundation Kit’s comprehensive and preconfigured Blocklet-enabled hardware, software and resources can be used online or offline to demonstrate attestation-driven smart contracts and machine-to-machine (M2M) transactions between devices on a distributed ledger with Filament’s Blocklet technology.

“Filament has been an exceptional resource in our exploration of blockchain technology and the proof of concept projects we have been conducting with our partners,” said Frank E. Oriold, executive vice president, operations and business development, Kleinschmidt Inc. “Blocklet’s unique capabilities and how they might be leveraged in the supply chain/logistics space were immediately apparent to us. Filament’s flexibility in working with our team to create solutions that fit within our environment makes them stand out as a provider.”

The Blocklet Foundation Kit’s key components include:

  • A tablet computer preloaded with tools, applications and example scripts that allow an embedded developer to quickly experiment with Blocklet.
  • IoT device with an integrated, interactive user interface that demonstrates how Blocklet provides an identity for legacy infrastructure components.
  • Blocklet USB Enclaves that bring Blocklet’s features to existing hardware.
  • A lightweight, prewired IoT breadboard that includes a Blocklet UART module and ESP32 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth microcontroller, which provides a functional example of Blocklet operating in an embedded environment.
  • Ethereum support and a robust embedded Software Development Kit (SDK).

Also today, Filament announced its Accelerator Services for companies seeking blockchain consulting support in developing new business models and revenue streams through the adoption of enterprise blockchain solutions. The Blocklet Foundation Kit and Accelerator Services are currently available to enterprises and industrial corporations.

Filament’s Blocklet technology will be presented in the Demo Showcase at the Intel Capital Global Summit, taking place April 1 – 3, 2019, in Phoenix, Arizona.

About Filament

Filament builds comprehensive blockchain systems for the enterprise and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Its hardware, software and service solutions allow connected devices and machines to securely interact with and transact value against distributed ledger technology such as a blockchain. Filament is headquartered in Reno, Nevada with offices in Denver, Colorado and Saint Paul, Minnesota. Learn more at

Filament and the Filament logo are registered trademarks of Filament in the U.S.A. and other countries. Blocklet and Blocklet Chip are trademarks of Filament in the U.S.A. and other countries. All other trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective companies.

Filament Media Contact

Christy Kemp

Dahlia Public Relations


A photo accompanying this announcement is available at

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UCI Division of Continuing Education Partners With The Decentralized Education Nexus (The DEN …

“This partnership is all about bringing top-notch blockchain and distributed ledger technology academic programs to higher education and providing …

IRVINE, Calif., March 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The University of California, Irvine (UCI) Division of Continuing Education announced a partnership today with The Decentralized Education Nexus (The DEN) to provide formal training and certification programs for blockchain and distributed ledger technology. This partnership represents a giant step forward in the UCI Division of Continuing Education’s mission to bridge the gap between the high corporate demand for blockchain developers and low supply within the mainstream talent pool of software developers.

“This partnership is all about bringing top-notch blockchain and distributed ledger technology academic programs to higher education and providing corporations and students with industry-tested learning experiences that they won’t find anywhere else,” said Surag Sheth, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of The DEN. “With this partnership, we’re starting off the new year with two exciting programs – Ethereum Engineering Masterclass and Blockchain for Business Leaders.”

Through a project-based approach, the Ethereum Engineering Masterclass provides existing developers with the necessary tools and knowledge they will need to develop decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain. When comparing the number of people in the world who own an iPhone to those who know how to create an app for one, one can easily understand why blockchain developers are in such a powerful position in today’s job market. A report from Upwork showed that the demand for blockchain development skills has increased over 6000 percent through 2018. Blockchain technologies are rapidly working their way into every nook and cranny of global industry and business. With lightning fast expansion and innovations occurring every day, ambitious developers have been presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spearhead humanity’s path through the next digital revolution.

Blockchain for Business Leaders provides professionals and entrepreneurs with a critical understanding of the technology’s fundamentals, use-cases, and effective implementation strategies based on live industry case-studies. According to IBM, “Mass adoption isn’t far behind with roughly 65 percent of banks expecting to have blockchain solutions in the next three years.” Furthermore, McKinsey has identified trade finance, cross-border B2B payments, cross-border P2P payments, repurchase agreement transactions, OTC derivatives, KYC/AML management, and identity fraud as seven bona fide use cases in which blockchain can generate $80B – $110B in impact by 2021. With industry giants like Walmart, Microsoft, and Huawei all actively utilizing blockchain technology to streamline processes and improve bottom lines, future focused companies and individuals must work to understand how it will affect their industries and how they can use it to flourish.

The partnership aligns closely with UCI Division of Continuing Education’s initiative to offer specialized, innovative programs designed for the working professional seeking to advance their career, start a company, or stay on the cutting edge of technological developments.

“Blockchain technologies are evolving quickly and a variety of career opportunities are created every day for business and software development professionals,” says Hally Gruber, Director of Technology Programs at UCI DCE. “Our partnership with The DEN gives our students access to valuable resources and world-class training from the industry leader. This is a unique learning opportunity in Southern California for developers building a blockchain project or business leaders hoping to understand how these technologies can impact their organization.”

Sheth adds, “Ultimately, this partnership will increase opportunities for workforce participation and quality employment within a rapidly growing industry.”

Ethereum Engineering Masterclass runs from May 6-11 on the UCI campus. And Blockchain for Business Leaders is scheduled from May 11-12 on the UCI campus. Registration is open now to the public.

For additional questions, contact; (408) 657-0861

About UCI Division of Continuing Education

The University of California, Irvine Division of Continuing Education (DCE) provides lifelong learning opportunities to thousands of students worldwide each year – fulfilling the school’s 60-year curriculum platform to connect degree programs to the world of work and achievement after graduation. The Division offers a broad range of certificate programs, specialized studies, and sequential courses to local, regional and global markets through online, on-campus and on-site delivery. A leader in the open education movement, the Division offers free Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) and content through the UCI Open initiative. For more information about UCI Division of Continuing Education, visit

About the University of California, Irvine

Founded in 1965, UCI is the youngest member of the prestigious Association of American Universities. The campus has produced three Nobel laureates and is known for its academic achievement, premier research, innovation and anteater mascot. Led by Chancellor Howard Gillman, UCI has more than 28,000 students and offers 192 degree programs. Located in one of the world’s safest and most economically vibrant communities, it’s Orange County’s second-largest employer, contributing $4.8 billion annually to the local economy.

About Decentralized Education Nexus

Decentralized Education Nexus, a U.S. based global distributed ledger technology workforce accelerator, helps individuals and organizations develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the distributed ledger technology and blockchain ecosystem. As they continue to be the catalyst for the adoption of blockchain technology by building a community of creators and innovators who share their knowledge and experience in developing distributed and decentralized technologies as the technological landscape continues to evolve. By working with existing blockchain companies’ CEOs, CTOs, engineering leads and developers, they are able to identify and ensure a standard for blockchain education rooted in continuous industry research. The DEN is currently focused on delivering immersive programs on Ethereum and Hyperledger development along with training for business professionals interested in utilizing new technologies.

MediaContact: Vivian Slater (714) 573-0899 x 235

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Cisco Reports: By 2027 Blockchain Will Capture 10 Trillion of the Worlds Wealth

The technology conglomerate Cisco recently released a new report on blockchain. In the report they discuss how they see the technology being used, …

The technology conglomerate Cisco recently released a new report on blockchain. In the report they discuss how they see the technology being used, what the advantages of blockchain are and what financial impact they expect blockchain to have on the market.

The Financial Impact of Blockchain

Similar to Joseph Lubin’s prediction that blockchain will capture half of the world’s wealth within the next twenty years, the Cisco report predicts that by 2027 10% of the global GDP will be stored on blockchain.

Currently the global GDP is about $80 trillion. Accounting for growth and new value that blockchain is expected to add to the economy, global GDP could easily be $100 trillion by 2027. If Cisco’s report turns out to be accurate that would mean a $10 trillion crypto market is only eight years away.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware walletLedger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

Blockchain’s Major Innovation

According to Cisco, “the true innovation of blockchain is its ability to automate trust among the parties using it. – This embedded trust allows consumers, enterprises, and governments to automate how they manage any transactional relationship.”

Although the ability to create a trusted environment for transactions to occur may not be something that the average consumer thinks about, it’s very important for businesses. In fact, the Cisco report claims that, “83% of executives believe trust is the cornerstone of the digital economy.”

How Blockchain is Going to Benefit Business

In addition to creating trust, the Cisco report found that supply chain tracking will be significantly improved by blockchain. Says the report, “blockchain can enable manufacturers to improve track and trace of components and finished goods across a supply chain and enable new applications around anticounterfeiting, supplier and purchaser financing.”

Since blockchain will allow a company or a customer to track a product from its creation on the factory floor till delivery at the outlet, it will be significantly easier to detect fraud, waste or theft in the supply chain. This will benefit everyone as companies save money and pass those savings on to the consumer.

How much savings? While it’s difficult to accurately predict anything eleven years in the future, the Cisco report states that, “the transformation toward an era of a programmable economy is expected to deliver efficiencies and new business value in excess of $3 trillion by 2030.”

That’s an incredible amount of money and it stands to reason that the savings will only continue to grow as the technology matures. That’s good news for business, good news for consumers and good news for everyone in crypto. It means increased adoption, legitimacy and hopefully a return to higher prices as blockchain technology begins to get adopted.

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Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware walletLedger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

Indian IT Giant TCS is Creating Multiple Blockchain Projects

According to TCS, it’s Blockchain venture was designed to speed up the adoption of the technology. Deploying the distributed ledger initiative across a …
blockchain technology

Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS), India’s largest software company, is said to be working on multiple decentralized projects. These projects are developed leveraging Microsoft’s Azure blockchain workbench and R3’s Blockchain platform. According to TCS, it’s Blockchain venture was designed to speed up the adoption of the technology. Deploying the distributed ledger initiative across a broad range of industries in the country

Ethereum (ETH) Price Today – ETH / USD

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TCS Opts to Go Deep Into Blockchain Development

According to the initial report, TCS is actively developing five different Blockchain architectures. Each of these initiatives is said to be offering a different solution. The solutions range from digital identity issues to tokenization. Also, the decentralized ledger platforms will facilitate solutions like asset monetization, track-and-trace, and assets in common.

The Indian IT giant revealed that the new platforms would leverage Codra Enterprise and R3’s blockchain platform. It will be hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

TCS is the world’s ninth-largest IT firm by market capitalization. The company intends to develop more advanced cross-industry Blockchain projects that would make it much easier to give users scalable solutions. Apart from the development of shared ledgers, TCS is looking to develop several solutions set up on these decentralized frameworks.

TCS Hasn’t Set a Specific Timeline for the Implementation of These Initiatives

TCS Global head of Blockchain services, Lakshminarasimhan Srinivasan, said:

Some anchor solutions we are working on in the new platforms include skills marketplace, affordable mobility, anti-counterfeiting of luxury goods, loyalty and rewards programs and shared telecom infrastructure for 5G.”

While TCS plan looks ambitious, the IT heavyweight hasn’t given any timeline for the launch of its new enterprise-level Blockchain projects. However, the company hopes that cross-industry Blockchains will increase the adoption of DLT technology.

TCS Looking to Become Blockchain Leaders

With this recent report, TCS is planning to develop a market position within the Blockchain sector. For this reason, the software powerhouse has successfully offering Blockchain solutions (an example is Quartz). Quartz gives enterprises in the financial sphere the opportunity to use distributed ledger technology to cut down the cost of transaction processing significantly.

Earlier in January of this year, Srinivasan insisted that distributed ledger technology, AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things), can open new income opportunities. His words:

The combinatorial effect of the Blockchain technology with other technologies like AI (artificial intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), and VR (virtual reality), can drive hyper-productivity and initiate business transformation. They can open new revenue streams by means of disruptive innovation.

While TCS continues to aggressively pursue Blockchain development, other Indian software companies aren’t actually far behind.

It would appear Tech Mahindra is one of such companies. The tech firm has been bullish on the technology. In recent years, Tech Mahindra revealed its plans to use the DLT to register vehicle numbers. The IT heavyweight also penned down a deal with the Telangana state government to build a Blockchain district. The goal is to foster startups in the space.

Tech Mahindra also went into a collaborative process with Microsoft. The goal is to develop a Blockchain platform to regulate unsolicited telecom communications.

Last year, Infosys, India’s second-biggest software firm deployed a tailor-made Blockchain finance network. The is designed to eliminate opportunities for fraud in the Indian banking sector.

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