BBB Scam of the Week: FBI Cryptocurrency update

In less than a decade since Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin to the world, a lot seems to have happened very quickly! Bitcoin Ethereum, Litecoin …

MONROE, La (KNOE) – Monroe has now joined the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency with two businesses now registered with the U.S. Treasury. There are those who call it a bubble and there are others who say it has the potential to disrupt the global economy.

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Blockchain technology ( which is the core technology behind cryptocurrency) is undoubtedly described as a major disruptor of the global business process. However, it does seem like a lot more attention is being paid to cryptocurrencies than to blockchain technology. Many entrepreneurs have jumped on the bandwagon to create ICO campaigns, selling tokens to the public and raising hundreds of millions of dollars. In less than a decade since Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin to the world, a lot seems to have happened very quickly!

Bitcoin Ethereum, Litecoin, and many other cryptocurrencies are now in use for financial investment purposes. What we know is that they have been used for funding of crimes of cruel and sinister acts and have threatened governments and economies around the world. We know cryptocurrencies are disruptive, but by how much and what the future holds only time will.

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Bitcoin Price Predictions 2019

Since it was created in 2009 under the name Satoshi Nakamoto (pseudonym for a person or group), the market value of this crypto-currency has kept …

A hurricane swept the international market off its feet sometime last year, carrying with it speculations, theories and even complications as to what it really is. Nonetheless, the one answer known to all was the fact that this hurricane was gaining grounds and slowly dominating the market with its value. That hurricane is no other than bitcoin.

For the benefit of those who are coming across this term for the first time, what is Bitcoin?


Bitcoin is a very popular cryptocurrency that employs the principle of scarcity and innovative blockchain technology. As a currency, it means that Bitcoin revolution is a legal tender of transaction that is fungible and valid for settling debts and business transactions.

Since it was created in 2009 under the name Satoshi Nakamoto (pseudonym for a person or group), the market value of this crypto-currency has kept fluctuating with its record as high as $20 000.

Yet many businesspersons and Wall Street gurus are concerned that the flourishing Bitcoin might just be another bubble. This has caused many people in so many circles to speculate the future of this mega cryptocurrency. Some of these speculations are rather outlandish while others have outrightly called it a bubble that is doomed to fail. A few years ago, nobody considered Bitcoin to worth anything the best model prediction put it at $5000. Today, Bitcoin has carved a niche in the cryptocurrency market going for as much as $20 000.

2019 has not seen a very good start for the currency master that once dominated the market. With each second passing by, it seems as though Bitcoin is losing its value and place in the world’s financial systems. However, according to famous Bitcoin analysts, there is no reason to panic.

In this article, we have compiled a list of famous Bitcoin price predictions.


John is more of a Bitcoin fan known for his massive support of the cryptocurrency. Last year, Bitcoin far surpassed his prediction of $7 000. In one of his recent tweets, he predicted Bitcoin to go for a price as high as $1 million at the end of 2020. For those of us still waiting for the best moment to take that leap of faith, what are we waiting for?


Ronnie Moas took a very analytical approach. He speculated that the demand for Bitcoin would appreciate with its scarce supply not budging. The forces of demand and supply as he suggested would leave the Bitcoin at $28 000 at the end of 2019. If the forces of demand and supply favour Ronnie Moas, the implication would not be on 2019 alone but in subsequent years, which will see the value of Bitcoin skyrocket.


Bobby Lee took a different turn from the two already mentioned. Rather than see an appreciation of Bitcoin’s value, he saw a roller coaster ride. In one of his recent tweets, he speculated that Bitcoin will hit an all-time low in 2019- $2 500 and then begin to peak out in 2021- $333 000. That’s not all though because he expects Bitcoin to crash from $333 000 to $41 000 in 2023. Lee bases his prediction on a repeat of history. However, he does well in painting the murky waters ahead for Bitcoin.


Zhao Dong is what you will call a serial Bitcoin trader. He claims that this is the best time to invest in Bitcoin, suggesting that Bitcoin might reach as much as $50 000 by 2021. A 100% – 200% return on investment is not bad at all.


Novogratz, a former hedge fund chief expressed his beliefs about Bitcoin at a finance event. He said that the Bitcoin won’t get to $9 000.


Fran Strajnar is a Bitcoin optimist who believes that the market value of Bitcoin could skyrocket up go a $200 000 by January 2020. He cites his prediction on the forces of demand and supply, which he expects, should make Bitcoin more valuable.


Sony Singh is the chief commercial officer (CCO) at BitPay. Speaking at an interview hosted by Emily Chang of Bloomberg, Sonny Singh attempted to calm the nerves. He stated reasons why there is no cause for alarm or reason to panic citing market conditions. He supports the possibility that Bitcoin would rise up to $20 000 by 2019. He bases his speculation on the surge of funding for Bitcoin dependent start-ups.

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Bitcoin Revolution: What is it?

Unlike Bitcoin’s creation which is connected with Satoshi Nakamoto as its creator, the current revolution that is nearly taking the world by storm has no …

Bitcoin as a digital currency took the world at a swipe. The money that is not backed by any government or any known financial institution like World Bank penetrated the minds of the populace till today. Today as we speak, there has been a significant shift in the way online digital currencies behave leading to some disadvantaging results for every holder of the Nakamoto‘s invention.

What is bitcoin first of all?

Well, bitcoin, also famously known as cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is obtained by mining from relevant networks that fitted with specialized algorithms. After the downward trend, that was sharply felt by every holder of the new digital currency, there has been the emergence of what is now called Bitcoin Revolution. Bitcoin revolution is a specialized tool that is key to forecasting the market trends ahead of any other existing market structures so that there is no incurring of losses per se.


Who came up with the Bitcoin revolution?

Unlike Bitcoin’s creation which is connected with Satoshi Nakamoto as its creator, the current revolution that is nearly taking the world by storm has no specific person, organization or any known financial institution behind it. The revolution is the doing of a group of middlemen called brokers that have the necessary knowledge about the Bitcoin system and how it works. Being the middlemen, they are able to secure the Bitcoin trading platform; they have come up with a website that makes it easy for anyone willing to trade to take part. The exciting part of this is how their self-led developed system can help you out a great deal in carrying out your trades without necessarily having to possess the knowledge of the market. If this is not a revolution, then you will never notice one even if it were to happen at your doorstep!


This site is a package with every required algorithm and software that enables it to sense and determine the current trends are hence making an informed decision as far as cryptocurrency trading is concerned. It boosts with almost 100% accuracy. Even if you have no experience in trading online you don’t have to worry because you will have a simple task of loading your account, initiating the trade but the rest you can leave to the able machine systems. You must be asking yourself if this is real, right? Okay if you can visualize the forex trading at the different bourses’ platform, you will understand this concept clearly. Grokked? Yes by now this must be crystally clear to you and let us move ahead.


From them that have had experience of how it works

This platform is said to be the easiest to create an account on and get started immediately. Secondly, it has been established that they have a good customer care unit that will assist you just in case you hit a snag. There’s also a demo account that leads you into the platform to get the required confidence and experience with some virtual dollars before you can switch to the live account. Isn’t that a worthy platform we have been waiting for? People who are already using it say that everything you need to know to be able to navigate the website is on clear display at the top menu and you don’t need a particular type of skill to understand how the whole system works since it’s self-explanatory!

Is it a Scam?

People usually connect online trading with scams, it’s good that we establish whether the whole idea of Bitcoin Revolution is a scam or legit. This concept is legit. If we have to look at the reason for its encroachment which is to offer the needed stability to Bitcoin as a currency by cushioning it against the impact of inflation, you might ask how would this be possible? Every single Bitcoin generated from mining is immune to inflationary effect! This is the reason as to why I can assert that the whole thing is legit and not a scam.


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Roger Ver: Bitcoin Cash Will Become What Bitcoin Should Be In 2019

To highlight his commitment, he pinned Bitcoin’s original White Paper published under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. This White Paper is about … CEO and Bitcoin Cash follower Roger Ver muddied the waters again, making Bitcoin investors angry. Ver has been trying to assure everyone that BCH hardfork is what the first cryptocurrency should have been from the very beginning. The entrepreneur advices investors to buy Bitcoin Cash if they do not want to get deceived and want to get genuine Bitcoin saying that if someone buys BTC in 219 and thinks that this is Bitcoin than the person is deceived. According to Rodger Ver, investors need BCH – peering e-payment system.

To highlight his commitment, he pinned Bitcoin’s original White Paper published under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. This White Paper is about creation of a digital currency for peering e-payment system. Ver graws attention to Bitcoin’s ability to simplify electronic commerce.

And anyway, Ver stands for Bitcoin Cash, this was manifested during last year’s dubious hardfork. At that moment, Ver together with Jihan Wu supported Bitcoin Cash ABC and provoked hashrate war with Craig Wrights and Calvin Ayre who, at their turn, supported «radical» Bitcoin Cash SV fork.

According to Ambcrypto, most of Twitter users did not approve Ver’s groundless crackdown on the main cryptocurrency the share of which in the market exceeds 50% now. Many think that it was last hope to promote Bitcoin Cash and make it increase in the bear market.

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Chilean tax bureau requires crypto profits declared

The Servicio de Impuestos Internos (SII), Chile’s tax agency, is now implementing income taxes on profits made from selling cryptocurrencies.

The Servicio de Impuestos Internos (SII), Chile’s tax agency, is now implementing income taxes on profits made from selling cryptocurrencies.

Diario Bitcoin cited local outlets reporting that the SII’s Form 22 will include a new section for other income from companies that do not declare their effective income based on certain provisions in the country’s tax code. Even though not explicitly mentioning cryptocurrencies, the SII had stated late last year that the new section is for income from digital assets.

A May 2018 letter from the SII director had stated that cryptocurrencies were not subject to value-added tax, because they fell under the exempt category of “intangible assets,” but that the agency would require registration of cryptocurrency enterprises.

Chilean banks and cryptocurrency exchanges have been at odds, with the banks claiming the inability of the exchanges to comply with regulations requiring disclosure of personal information from those engaging in cryptocurrency transactions. These exchanges’ bank accounts were closed, prompting the exchanges to file suit.

Last April, the country’s anti-monopoly court ordered for the banks to keep the bank accounts open while a final court decision is pending. This was affirmed by the Court of Appeals in July, but the Supreme Court later said the banks were within their rights to close the accounts. Even so, the anti-monopoly court ratified its decision to keep the accounts open in the meantime.

The country has yet to define the legal status of cryptocurrencies. Last month, Minister of Finance Felipe Larrain stated that his ministry was coordinating with the Central Bank of Chile and the Financial Stability Board in fashioning a regulatory framework. He has also said that the creation of regulations would help normalize the situation between banks and cryptocurrency firms.

Two banks in nearby Brazil have been made to reopen the accounts of cryptocurrency exchange Bitcoin Max, under pain of fines for abusive conduct, wherein the banks had not issued notifications prior to closure of the accounts.

Note: Tokens on the Bitcoin Core (segwit) Chain are Referred to as BTC coins. Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) is today the only Bitcoin implementation that follows Satoshi Nakamoto’s original whitepaper for Peer to Peer Electronic Cash. Bitcoin BSV is the only major public blockchain that maintains the original vision for Bitcoin as fast, frictionless, electronic cash.

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