A BMW painted with Vantablack

Vantablack — the darkest, most light-absorbing pigment on the market — is freaky stuff to behold (previously, previously, previously, previously, and …

Black cars are notably more dangerous to drive than white cars for reasons of visibility already. A study by Monash University Accident Research Centre in Australia, which studied crash data across the country from 1987 to 2004, found that compared to white cars as a baseline, crash risk was higher for just about every other common color, including red, blue, silver, green, gray, and, yes, black. Black performed the worst by every measure: In daylight, the chance of crash is 12% higher than that of white cars. At dawn and dusk, that jumps to 47%—though your relative risk of getting into an accident at that time is lower at those hours, the authors point out. Monash’s study was consistent with at least one other, from the University of Granada, which determined that yellow was a safe alternative to white. The center is a respected resource in vehicle safety, also contributing to the annual Used Car Safety Ratings.

In any case, if black is the least safe color for a car, making that black even blacker seems like an objectively terrible design decision. In fact, BMW confirmed outright that this car will not be going into production. As to whether or not the company considers it safe? “The car hasn’t been made for road test drives and hasn’t seen daylight yet, but we will certainly test it on our proving grounds to see how it reacts/looks outside of a hangar,” a spokesperson said. “Therefore, we can’t answer this question yet.”

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UK drivers cover an estimated 216m miles a year without an MOT

A study of more than 2,000 drivers by company car insurance firm Direct Line for Business found that almost a fifth had “accidentally” driven their car …

British motorists drive an estimated 216 million miles a year in vehicles that do not have a valid MOT, according to new research.

More on the MOT test:

A study of more than 2,000 drivers by company car insurance firm Direct Line for Business found that almost a fifth had “accidentally” driven their car for at least a week after the MOT certificate had expired in the past five years. Even more worryingly, eight percent confessed to having driven without a valid MOT certificate for more than six months.

Rusted car a definite MOT fail in the UK

Of those who accidentally drove without a valid MOT for a week, almost half (45 percent) said they only drove once, but eight percent admitted to driving five or more times. Assuming the average motorist drives 21.6 miles every day, Direct Line says this means Brits could have covered as many as 216 million miles each year without a valid MOT certificate.

MOT certificates are a legal requirement for all cars used on the public road, unless they are electric goods vehicles registered before March 1, 2015, tractors or some classic cars first registered more than 40 years ago. Driving a vehicle that needs an MOT but does not have one is punishable by a fine of up to £1,000.

Mechanic inspecting car with torch

The MOT test involves checking over key vehicle components and ensuring the car is safe to be used on the road. Any faults will fall into one of four categories, ranging from ‘dangerous’ to ‘advisory’, via ‘major’ and ‘minor’. Vehicles with dangerous or major faults will fail, while minor and advisory faults will be noted down and should be monitored and fixed if necessary.

According to Direct Line for Business’ study, men are more likely than women to have driven without a valid MOT, with 20 percent of men claiming to have forgotten the test compared with 15 percent of women. Meanwhile those aged 18-34 are much more likely to forget than 35-54-year olds or 55-year olds, of whom just nine percent admitted to having driven without an MOT.

Halfords Autocentre MOT Service and Tyres centre in Basingstoke UK

Regionally, a third (32 percent) of Londoners admitted to driving without a valid MOT for a week, while 25 percent of drivers in the North East confessed to the same offence. Rounding out the top four were the North West (20 percent) and Yorkshire (19 percent).

Matt Boatwright, head of Direct Line for Business, said: “Keeping a vehicle roadworthy is a legal requirement and essential from a safety perspective for both the person driving and others on the road. We understand that having to turn down work because your van is in the garage can be frustrating, however not having a valid MOT could result in a hefty fine and in some cases lead to you losing your licence.”

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Apple Programmer Killed When Rideshare Is Struck by Stolen Vehicle, and Driver Charged with …

A 28-year-old California woman was killed and two others were injured in a vehicle collision after their Lyft was hit by a stolen car. Claudio Perez, 32 …

A 28-year-old California woman was killed and two others were injured in a vehicle collision after their Lyft was hit by a stolen car.

Claudio Perez, 32, was allegedly driving a green 1996 stolen Honda Accord when he ran a red light and broadsided a rideshare where Carol Major was a passenger in Santa Clara early Sunday morning.

Major, a technical program manager with Apple, was rushed to a nearby hospital where she died of her injuries. A 26-year-old male passenger is listed in critical condition. The 28-year-old rideshare driver also suffered moderate injuries in the crash, but has since been released.

Perez, who received minor injuries in the collision, was booked on charges of murder, driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs while causing an injury, evading a police officer and auto theft.

He is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday afternoon.

“The suspect’s action was egregious,” Santa Clara Police Capt. Wahid Kazem tells PEOPLE. “The devastation that was left for the injured and the deceased’s family is significant.”

Police said the 1996 Honda Accord, which was reported stolen earlier in the month, was found by officers parked at a strip mall Saturday night, before the crash.

To try to catch the alleged car thief, officers placed spike strips under the tires and waited for the driver.

Claudio PerezClaudio Perez
Claudio Perez

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When Perez was seen getting into the car around 1:15 a.m., officers approached him to initiate a traffic stop, but he sped off.

“Due to the reckless manner in which the suspect drove, their officers did not initiate a pursuit,” according to a Santa Clara police press release obtained by PEOPLE.

Police said shortly after Perez fled the scene, he collided with the Lyft, which was making a left turn.

“[The Lyft] was making a left turn with the green light and the vehicle failed to stop and impacted the rideshare vehicle on the rear passenger door which [Major] was occupying,” says Kazem. “Unfortunately her seating position took the brunt of the impact.”

Anyone who may have witnessed the crash is asked to contact Traffic Investigator Nick Cusimano at (408) 615-4764.

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What Happens If Your Uber Ride Crashes in LA?

All Uber drivers are required to carry liability insurance. There is also further insurance which is provided by Uber themselves. This covers the time …

Uber Ride CrashesUber Ride CrashesEven with the recent disputes over pay, there are still plenty of Uber drivers waiting to pick up passengers in LA. The ride sharing provider is popular in the city. The bad news is that more Uber drivers on the road naturally means there is an increase in accidents involving Uber passengers.

So, what should you do if you are involved in an Uber accident and what legal help might you need. The good news is that you should be covered by the insurance of one or the other driver involved in the accident or by the additional insurance that Uber provides. However, it’s not quite that simple.

The insurance situation with Uber drivers

All Uber drivers are required to carry liability insurance. There is also further insurance which is provided by Uber themselves. This covers the time from when an Uber driver accepts a request from a passenger and when the passenger exits the vehicle at the end of the journey.

The policy that Uber holds allows for increased coverage in cases where there is injury to a third party and the Uber driver is at fault. It also provides cover If another driver is at fault, a third party is injured, and the other driver is either uninsured or does not have sufficient coverage. As you can see, you should be covered for injury if you are involved in an Uber accident as a passenger.

But, what happens if liability is a gray area? This can happen when both drivers are at fault. There may be a reluctance to accept liability and pay out fully on claims.

Seeking legal help when there is an issue

If you have been caught up in an accident as an Uber passenger, and the situation becomes complicated, it’s worth seeking legal help. This is because you want to make sure that you get the compensation that you are entitled to.

It can be especially useful to do this when there is more than one passenger in the vehicle. This is because when several different claims are made the situation is complicated further. You should still certainly be entitled to compensation but getting legal help can make the process easier for you. It can also give you peace of mind because you feel as though someone is offering you the support that you need.

In summary

Hiring an Uber in LA is one of the cheapest and most popular ways of getting around if you do not want to drive yourself or use public transport.

However, if you are a passenger in an Uber vehicle there is always a chance that you could be involved in an accident. If this happens you should of course make sure that your health is protected first by calling 911 and getting assistance, if you are injured. You should also be sure to make a claim for compensation. If the situation is complex, or you simply feel as though you need help, you should consider seeking legal advice.

Jeremy Biberdorf

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Uber driver involved crash warns drivers of insurance loophole

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — An Uber driver involved in an accident while on the clock is being forced to pay thousands of dollars to fix her car, and …

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — An Uber driver involved in an accident while on the clock is being forced to pay thousands of dollars to fix her car, and she said the reason is a loophole other rideshare drivers need to know about.

Jennifer Reed has been driving for Uber for about a year to make extra money while she pursues her dream of becoming a Pilates instructor.

Last week, she was waiting to pick up a rider, when she rear-ended another car on I-40 near the Nashville International Airport. The result was a few bumps and bruises, and damage to the front and side of her car. Her airbag also deployed, and her seat belt is now broken.

She reported the accident to her personal insurance company only to learn she wasn’t covered.

“They said as soon as I turn on my app, my personal insurance turns off because my car is considered a business,” said Reed.

On Uber’s website, the company says it provides insurance to every driver. Reed reported her accident through the Uber app, only to find out the company’s insurance wouldn’t cover her either.

“Their reason was I didn’t have anyone in the car,” said Reed. “The whole reason I was in the car was to drive for Uber. What is the point of having insurance if they don’t protect you?”

Reed said she has struggled to get any clear answers from Uber, and she fears she isn’t the only rideshare driver to be a victim of this type of situation.

“Other Uber and Lyft drivers need to know there is a gray area that you can fall into, and this can set you back thousands of dollars,” said Reed.

Uber states its insurance policy for drivers on its website. It says if a driver is in an accident and is not using the Uber app, their personal insurance will apply. However, if a driver is available or waiting for a ride request and is involved in an accident where they are at fault, Uber offers third party liability insurance to cover bodily injury and property damage. This only covers damage to another person or another vehicle. If the driver is en route to pick up riders or is on a trip, Uber will cover third party liability, and damage to the driver’s vehicle subject to a $1,000 deductible.

Reed was forced to pick up another job to help make ends meet, and said she feels both insurance companies have taken advantage of her. She added Uber needs to clarify its policy so drivers fully understand what is covered.

“It’s unfair. It’s criminal and they are shirking their responsibilities,” said Reed.

For more information on Uber’s insurance policies visit: https://www.uber.com/us/en/drive/insurance/

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