Infosys offers e-courses for engg students

BENGALURU: Infosys has launched a digital learning platform, offering curated content targeted at engineering students in their third and fourth years.

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Nvidia Stock (NVDA) Rises On Earnings, But Weak Recovery Bearish

Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) rose as high as 5% on Friday morning, after the semiconductor company posted earnings that beat Wall Street expectations.

Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) rose as high as 5% on Friday morning, after the semiconductor company posted earnings that beat Wall Street expectations.

However, the stock’s market cycles point to a pullback in the first half of the year.

The company reported earnings per share of $0.92 and total revenue of $2.2 billion, which was above the average analyst estimate. For the quarter, management’s sales guidance was $2.2 billion plus or minus 2%, compared to consensus of $2.32 billion.

CEO Jensen Huang said, “This was a turbulent close to what had been a great year. Despite this setback, our fundamental position and the markets we serve are strong.” However, the company a few weeks ago had lowered its guidance, prompting the stock to fall 14%.

In analyzing the NVDA’s market cycles, we can see that it is still in the rising phase of its current cycle.

However, it has retraced only 23.6% of the decline from its previous cycle, which indicates a weak recovery. We expect a test of its recent low around $122 by May.

Nvidia (NVDA) Stock Weekly Chart

nvidia stock nvda investing forecast analysis research bearish lower february march

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Elon Musk is having his ‘finest moment’ on Twitter — thanks to dogs

But reaching Tesla head Elon Musk quickly has proven to be as simple as sending him a tweet with an intriguing idea. Tesla debuted an adorable …

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Feb. 15, 2019, 3:49 PM GMT
By Alyssa Newcomb

Want to send Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg a Facebook message or call up Apple’s CEO Tim Cook? Good luck. But reaching Tesla head Elon Musk quickly has proven to be as simple as sending him a tweet with an intriguing idea.

Tesla debuted an adorable video on Thursday for a new feature called “Dog Mode,” which creates a cooler environment for pets who need to be left in a car for a short period of time. And it all seemed to start on Twitter. In October, a user tweeted Musk to ask if he could create the feature, to which Musk replied, “Yes.”


— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 20, 2018

Musk’s freewheeling approach to Twitter has proven to be a double-edged sword. Last year it led to the billionaire being slapped with fraud charges, fines, and a lawsuit. But he’s also hatched some of his most popular ideas on the platform.

In an interview this week with tech editor Kara Swisher, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said Musk is his favorite influential tweeter.

“He’s focused on solving existential problems and sharing his thinking openly. I respect that a lot, and all the ups and downs that come with it,” said Dorsey.

Those “downs” have included Musk being charged with fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission after he tweeted that he was thinking about taking Tesla private. He settled the charges last September, and agreed to pay a $20 million fine and to step down as chairman of Tesla.

Musk’s comments have also incited the Twitter mob to clap back at reporters or anyone else who dares to say something he might not like — in one instance, accusing a journalist of working for one of Tesla’s biggest short-sellers.

But on Thursday, Musk finally came as close as he could to uniting the Twitter masses.

The response to “dog mode” was called Musk’s “finest moment” according to early feedback from Twitter users. The feature uses a Tesla’s display, located to the right of the steering wheel, to show the temperature and a note for passersby that says, “My owner will be back soon.” If the Tesla’s battery reaches less than a 20 percent charge, “dog mode” will send the owner a notification via phone.

This is your finest moment @elonmusk — dogs are going to get to leave the house 10x as much! So much more joy in the world.

— 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄 (@Jason) February 14, 2019

The new feature was praised as “amazing” and “the most important thing ever” on Twitter. As one user put it: “Now I just need a Tesla. And a dog.”

It’s not the first time Musk has done business on Twitter.

When the southern part of Australia was dealing with blackouts, Musk tweeted that he could fix the problem within 100 days or would offer the government a refund. In 2017, he made good on that promise, building the world’s largest lithium ion battery as back-up support to the power grid.

But the freewheeling, no-filter way Musk tweets has also got him in trouble. When a young Thai soccer team was trapped in a cave last July, Musk tweeted photos and video of a “kid-sized” submarine his team developed that he hoped could help with the rescue. When the effort was criticized by a British expert cave diver, Musk hit back and called him a “pedo guy” on Twitter. That unsubstantiated claim led to a lawsuit, which Musk’s attorneys filed to dismiss in December on First Amendment grounds.

A hearing is scheduled for April 1, a notorious day in Twitter history for the billionaire. Last year, on April Fools Day, Musk tweeted that Tesla was going bankrupt. Not everyone knew he was joking.

Alyssa Newcomb

Alyssa Newcomb is an NBC News contributor who writes about business and technology.

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AI proves ‘too good’ at writing fake news, held back by researchers

OpenAI, the non-profit founded by Elon Musk and Sam Altman, is withholding its newly-developed AI writer for fear that it could be weaponized by …

The organization created a machine learning algorithm, GPT-2, that can produce natural-looking language largely indistinguishable from that of a human writer while largely “unsupervised” – it needs only a small prompt text to provide the subject and context for the task.

We’ve trained an unsupervised language model that can generate coherent paragraphs and perform rudimentary reading comprehension, machine translation, question answering, and summarization — all without task-specific training:

— OpenAI (@OpenAI) February 14, 2019

The team have made some strides toward this lofty goal, but have also somewhat inadvertently admitted that, once perfected, the device can mass-produce fake news on an unprecedented scale. A fake news super weapon for the information warfare era, if you will.

“We have observed various failure modes,” the team observed. “Such as repetitive text, world modelling failures (eg the model sometimes writes about fires happening under water), and unnatural topic switching.”

Here’s a short story i generated using OpenAI’s GPT-2 tool (prompt in bold)

— will knight (@willknight) February 14, 2019

With topics familiar to the system (a large online footprint with plenty of sources e.g. news about Ariana Grande, Hillary Clinton etc) the system can generate “reasonable sample” roughly 50 percent of the time.

“Overall, we find that it takes a few tries to get a good sample” says David Luan, vice president of engineering at OpenAI.

Also on rt.comPentagon’s 1st AI strategy vows to keep pace with Russia & China, wants help from tech

GPT-2 boasts 1.5 billion parameters, and was trained on a far larger dataset than its next nearest competitors and the system employs machine learning to establish “quality” sources of content, based on some eight million pages posted to link-sharing site Reddit. For a link to qualify for inclusion, it needs a “karma” score of three or higher, meaning that three human minds deemed the link worthy of viewing.

“This can be thought of as a heuristic indicator for whether other users found the link interesting, educational or just funny,” the team writes.

Also on rt.comAI can’t beat a human in a debate (yet), but give it time…

Quotes and attributions are entirely fabricated by GPT-2, but the story, constructed word-by-word, is coherent and based entirely on pre-existing content online while avoid direct plagiarism. Critics have already highlighted that the paper published alongside OpenAI’s announcement has not been peer-reviewed.

Debate is already raging online about the moral and ethical implications of such technology and its potential impact on the online information ecosystem as well as the political process around the wider, physical world.

Following the publication of OpenAI’s GPT-2 yesterday, there’s been some great discussion in the AI community over the rights/wrongs of their publication approach. Good thread on it (and thread within this thread) here

— James Vincent (@jjvincent) February 15, 2019

Not releasing the model on the claims of dual use is wrong. Fanning the flames is Senator @BenSasse ‘s bill “Malicious Deep Fake Prohibition Act of 2018’’

Why wrong, what’s the bill and lessons from security community to inform this discussion. THREAD

cc: @jackclarkSF

— Ram Shankar (@ram_ssk) February 14, 2019

“[We] think governments should consider expanding or commencing initiatives to more systematically monitor the societal impact and diffusion of AI technologies, and to measure the progression in the capabilities of such systems,” OpenAI said.

Google parent company Alphabet has adopted a similar practice of not divulging its latest AI research openly to the public for fear that it may be weaponized.

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3 reasons for optimism on Telstra result

Brian Han: There were three areas that we were looking for in this result. Firstly, we were interested to see how well that Telstra fightback strategy is …
| 15/02/2019 Text size DecreaseIncrease |
Tweet email_fwd
<p><strong>Brian Han</strong>: There were three areas that we were looking for in this result. Firstly, we were interested to see how well that Telstra fightback strategy is going in terms of retaining existing customers and chasing after new customers. So, on that front, the progress is really good. For example, in mobile, they gained 239,000 postpaid mobile customers. That is much higher than we or the market had expected. So, that’s a good thing. Now, there is a cost to chasing after customers so hard. For example, again, in mobile division, the mobile EBITDA margin actually fell 300 basis points to about 36 per cent and average revenue per user fell about 2 per cent.</p>
<p>So, the second area we are really interested in is how is the $2.5 billion cost-out program, how is that going to offset these things. And on that front, I think the progress is encouraging. Costs are being stripped out. Now, it is a very big program involving many employees and a lot of restructuring and it is very early days. But from where we sit, I think the early signs are encouraging.</p>
<p>Now, the third area we were interested in is obviously the dividend. Interim dividend came in at $0.08 per share. Now, we were looking for $0.075. So, on that front, it’s positive. But I think it may have disappointed the market which was, I think, looking for around $0.09, maybe even $0.095. In our opinion, whether it’s $0.08, $0.09, or $0.10, it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. What really matters now is that Telstra shareholders realise that the days of Telstra paying out 100 per cent of its earnings are over and we think it’s more important that Telstra keeps its powder dry, continue to compete hard for customers so that it can secure its earnings longer term.</p>

Video Archive…

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