SWORD Health Raises $8M in Series A Funding Round Led by Khosla Ventures to Redefine …

The founder of Khosla Ventures, Vinod Khosla, says that “Musculoskeletal care has had very little innovation in the past 50 years, and yet it is one of …

NEW YORK, April 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — SWORD Health, a tech-enabled physical therapy provider, has raised $8 million in a series A investment round led by Khosla Ventures and several other prominent angel investors. It will allow SWORD to focus on bringing its technology to more patients’ homes and expand its footprint in the U.S. market.

The investment will bring SWORD Health closer to its ultimate goal of cutting the costs of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) in the U.S. by half. The funding round will also allow the company to further expand the product’s clinical validation and engineering.

More than 50 percent of Americans struggle with MSDs, requiring a yearly expenditure of $190 billion, making it the second biggest cost driver in healthcare. Even though physical therapy is endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as the best solution to treat of MSDs, current treatment solutions still include the use of opioids and cumbersome surgeries.

“We already proved we could make the impossible possible by developing a new technology many thought unthinkable,” said SWORD Health’s founder and CEO Virgilio Bento. “With this round we want to go from the possible to the inevitable.”

“Musculoskeletal disorders are driving work absenteeism, fostering opioid consumption and paving the way to otherwise avoidable surgeries. We’re building the next 50 years of the physical therapy world and with this we’re reshaping musculoskeletal care,” added Bento.

SWORD’s Digital Therapists bring physical therapy to patients’ homes, making it more convenient and engaging, and SWORD’ approach has already proven to be more effective than traditional physical therapy (studies here and here). Furthermore, a clinical team of doctors and physical therapists remotely assesses, validates and supervises the therapeutic program of each patient.

The founder of Khosla Ventures, Vinod Khosla, says that “Musculoskeletal care has had very little innovation in the past 50 years, and yet it is one of the most expensive areas in healthcare. SWORD can disrupt the physical therapy landscape with their end-to-end technical approach that enables exponentially more efficient delivery of care for patients and payers.”

SWORD Health is already working with some of the biggest self-insured employers and health plans in the U.S. to treat and prevent MSDs, thereby reducing healthcare costs.

Existing seed investors also participated in the latest funding round, that follows a seed round of $4.6 million in April 2018. The company has now raised more than $15 million since its inception in 2015.

About SWORD Health

SWORD Health is a tech-enabled provider of physical therapy, pairing its AI-powered digital therapists with human clinical teams to recover patients faster and better. SWORD Health is cutting Healthcare costs with musculoskeletal disorders by half while providing patients with more convenient and effective physical therapy at home.

After his brother was in a car accident, Virgílio Bento, the company’s founder and CEO, identified a gap between the demand for physical therapy and the ability to deliver it. Following his Ph.D., Bento decided to address the problem and founded SWORD Health. The company has offices in San Francisco, New York and Porto.

About Khosla Ventures

Khosla Ventures is a venture capitalist firm that provides venture assistance and strategic advice to entrepreneurs working on breakthrough technologies. The firm was founded in 2004 by Vinod Khosla, co-founder of Sun Microsystems. The firm focuses on transformative technology in consumer, enterprise, education, advertising, financial services, semiconductors, health, big data, agriculture/food, sustainable energy and robotics. Khosla Ventures is headquartered in Menlo Park, California. For more information about the firm’s activities, please visit https://www.khoslaventures.com.


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Breakthrough Energy Ventures: Our Malevolent Benefactors and Their Master Plan for Humanity

… running in 2017 after snagging over $930 million in funding from Khosla Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and others.

A Business Insider story by author Aria Bendix caught my eye this morning by framing Bill Gates and his compatriot billionaires as “planet saving” heroes. According to the story, the same men who have made trillions off super-capitalism, and created a cabal that controls many governments, they’re now investing in six agricultural startups through Breakthrough Energy Ventures. One look at the investors should send shivers down any reasonable person’s spine. Let me frame this for you, painted with sarcasm so I retain my sanity.

Gates Loves Us to DEATH

Everyone knows how much Bill Gates loves humanity, he’s sold trillions of dollars worth of software, tablets, crummy smartphones, and even Monsanto poisons to us over the past few decades. But who among us can even fathom the warm and fuzzy adoration His Royal Highness Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia feels for the world? Why look! Right alongside Gates, Al Talal, and Amazon’s Bezos, there’s Richard Branson, Alibaba’s Jack Ma, and Carlyle Group co-founder David Rubenstein, just to mention a few of our most loving philanthropists. Yes, my friends, we are doomed by their fuzzy malevolence for certain.

The “mission” of Breakthrough Energy Ventures is to “commercialize energy innovation at scale,” at least according to the group’s narrative. I guess this means the fund is not about philanthropy after all (sorry, I am growing to hate these people). Let’s get to the point here, I do not want to waste your time or mine. Gates and these others are engaged in profit-making on a scale the Roman emperors would not have fathomed. Let me quote from The Guardian story and a statement by Seattle-based Agra Watch – a project of the Community Alliance for Global Justice on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Monsanto play:

Monsanto has a history of blatant disregard for the interests and well being of small farmers around the world… [This] casts serious doubt on the foundation’s heavy funding of agricultural development in Africa.”

In this story from way back in 2010, Gates’ investments in the faceless agri-giant Cargill were also brought into the light. Furthermore, the Microsoft zillionaire was being portrayed as humanity’s savior through GMOs and agri-tech back then, as well. But let’s concentrate on Gates and these other loving caretakers today.

Believeth in Me

In a blog post by Gates recently, the world’s second richest man (on paper) talks about cow farts and soil being huge where excess greenhouse gasses are concerned. Reading Gate’s notes, I get the chills when I realize how crazy this evil genius and his billionaire pals have become. Instead of pointing to the fossil fuel dependency of our food production, Gates goes deep into technobabble to conceal many facts, and to set the stage for what these psychopaths really have in store for the world. Before I get to this, read this from the revealing “We should discuss soil as much as we talk about coal.” Gates just plays out his hand by recommending GMO solutions he and these others are investing in.

Microscopic nitrogen factories that replace fertilizer: What if we could fertilize plants without releasing so much harmful nitrous oxide into the air? BEV is invested in a company called Pivot Bio that has genetically modified microbes to provide plants with the nitrogen they need without the excess greenhouse gases that synthetic alternatives produce.”

Take note here, this “movement” by the elites is alternative climate change adjustment outside what we generally consider “alternative energy” solutions. This is because big oil and big energy are involved with Gates, Bezos, and Bloomberg in funding these GMO innovations. Also consider, to date the multinational agrichemical companies make profits from both the herbicide-resistant seeds and microbes Gates brags about, as well as from the herbicides some are designed to resist. But this is not what is so horrific about their plan for humanity. New “strains” of good old fashioned lima beans and cucumbers should not be our major fear here. Total food dependency should.

Do you think it is interesting that all of Bill Gates’ solutions for us involve playing God? Not once have I read anything from this man or his contemporaries about returning to nature or modifying our habits. Take his story The Future of Food. Again we read Gates recommending companies he has invested in as the solution to all our problems. A company called Beyond Meat is but one example of how Gates backed mad-science is always preferable to mother nature. And this takes us to the real mission of our billionaire benefactors. Total control over what we, eat, drink, breathe, buy, and sell. A movie some of my Baby Boomer readers may remember, Soylent Green starred superstar Charlton Heston as a man caught up in corporate control of a food supply based on recycled human flesh. Before you call me crazy or a conspiracy theorist, read this Bloomberg story about Gates, Cargill, and Sir Richard Branson backing the growing meat made from cow stem cells grown in the lab.

The Devil at Davos

Today, the world is almost totally dependent on products and services under the control of the richest 1%. They control our electricity and our transportation. They control the markets for the clothes we wear, for the diamonds we buy as engagement rings, and they run the politicians who rewrite our truth and decide our futures. None of us like admitting this, but the truth of elitist control of our lives is unarguable, equivocally true, and we all know it. The only facets of our existence we can control involve primal survival when all is said and done. And our survival is inextricably linked to food, air, and water. These people are at work making our planet into a concrete jungle where every square centimeter holds a profit for them. The Amazon is disappearing. Oil consumption is higher than ever before. The planet is polluted to a point some experts warn is a tipping point. And now the same people who have profited from our births, lives, and deaths, they claim they will “help us” some more by creating artificial or modified food! Before I continue, please read the “cabal” commitment statement:

The Breakthrough Energy Coalition is committed to building new technologies that change the way we live, eat, work, travel and make things so we can stop the devastating impacts of climate change. We believe that forging deep partnerships between governments and our members will lead to more investment earlier and more energy solutions for more people faster.

The lesson I would like to spur the reader with is that the moment these aristocrats of industry tell us they’re “for us” is the moment we must put the magnifying glass on them. For supportive evidence of this, I present the case biofuels mess Gates colleague and Breakthrough Energy Ventures backer Vinod Khosla brought to the state of Mississippi. In this one, Kosla supposedly tried to create the “Exxon of biofuels” with a venture called KiOR, which went bankrupt leaving IPO investors holding worthless stocks. Kosla and these other globalist elites have more up their sleeves, but let’s move on to examine what they mean when they say “deep partnerships” with governments. Right here, ponder for a moment what these globalist elites discuss in the mountains of Switzerland when they meet at Davos. Then, try and imagine their warm adoration for all of us.

Engineering Humanity

In October of 2018, a few months ago, the EU announced a joint investment with Gates and his pals. The partnership reminds me of the state of Mississippi’s investment in Khosla’s bio-fuels shell game that ended up costing everybody involved, only the stakes are much higher in the European sideshow. It is with this “investing guarantee” that I am torn between whether or not Gates and his colleagues are just downright crooked and evil, or incompetent and wanting company. Take Khosla and another startup called Jawbone, which hit the dead-pool running in 2017 after snagging over $930 million in funding from Khosla Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and others. Moving over to the alternative energy side, another massively funded and state-supported startup called Abound Solar went belly up after $641 million in funding, as well as backing from the U.S. Department of Defense. BP Alternative Energy Ventures was involved in that one too, in case you are looking at interesting connections. Other promising startups like Aquion Energy (Bill Gates), held great promise once, which leads me to another theory of mine on these technocrats and globalist billionaires. I think they are hedging all their bets to downright own us.

Researching the Investment Fund (EIF) I immediately keyed on the fact the SME’s the fund is supposed to help, they represent 99% of all business conducted in the European Union! You read this correctly. The fund established to help small business with capital, it’s also backing Bill Gates and the people with huge vested interests in doing BIG business. Now Gates and his Breakthrough Energy Ventures are hand-in-hand and positioned to control whatever emerging technologies rise up to challenge their HUGE businesses. In a brilliant (and evil) move to control these industries from the onset, Gates and the others can either buy into the next solutions or literally cause them to die. This is what I believe KiOR was all about, but nobody has proven anything but mismanagement and too much hype there. But watching how the stock market is played these days, it is not inconceivable that these billionaires are playing every angle to suck money out of the system. Now factor in the obscure dealings of this huge investment bank, and the risk this Wall Street Journal story says EU citizens may be exposed to. Author Max Colchester refers to something called “financial engineering” when he describes exactly the kind of guarantee Gates and his billionaire buddies just got from the EIF. I’ll address the potential of this Gates and Co. engineering project in a later report. For now, I must sum up on the major concerns here.

Fiddling as the World Burns

The liberal world order I constantly refer to is not some Illuminati conspiracy theory or an invention of my overactive imagination. This white paper from the World Economic Forum I found from the Global Agenda Council unabashedly admit the post-World War Two order that has run things since 1945. This Global Agenda Council, for those unfamiliar, is chaired by Robert Kagan of the Brookings Institute and Karen Donfried of the German Marshall Fund of the US. The paper produced by these world order leaders, reveals the real agenda behind the investments of these billionaires I’ve discussed. To encapsulate:

The US is leading a revolution in energy – with profound implications for America’s standing in the world, its relations with other major powers and for global order. In less than a decade, US oil and gas production exploded as new technologies released abundant fuels from shale rock formations across the country. This revolution and other global factors contributed to a nearly 50% decline in the global price of oil since June 2014.”

While Gates and the others profess their undying commitment to saving us from bad old climate change, their friends at the rulemaking end of the liberal world order are bragging about America’s newfound “energy security,” based on the most unsustainable policies possible. Furthermore, the colleagues of our billionaire benefactors are unashamed to be the cause of Cold War II, as this statement shows:

As the United States emerges as a major player on the global energy supply market, it can exert influence in ways that weaken some of its most important adversaries.”

This is the narrative of many of those attending the infamous World Economic Forum, let me remind you. The paper calls on the American people to defend this liberal world order with any “military, political, economic, and cultural means necessary.” Robert Kagan is also on the Council of Foreign Relations and writes a column for Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post. And the paper delivered at the World Economic Forum contains hidden warnings for the people of Europe to pay attention to.

People in other nations need accelerators and venture capital, but above all, they need a culture that accepts both the frequent flame-outs and the creative destruction that entrepreneurial innovation generates.”

A New Final Solution

Does this sound like a preparatory strategy paper to assist this liberal order and these billionaires? “Frequent flame-outs” may not be something the already crippled EU economy is ready for. I’ll leave you to read about the liberal order bragging that one-third of Kenya’s gross national product flows through a startup called M-Pesa, which was initially funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) in the UK, which works with the European Investment Bank (EIB) and even USAID through DAI Global in Bethesda, MD. Readers will also be interested to know that Bill Gates Tweeted how wonderful M-Pesa is:

Kenya’s M-Pesa proves that when people are empowered, they will use digital tech to innovate on their own behalf.”

In 2015, DAI received $272,429,308 of contract funding from USAID, and another £58.3 million from the U.K. Department for International Development. The Venezuelans say DAI is a CIA front organization, and my research turns up nothing to prove the contrary. This WikiLeaks cable labeled “Secret” reveals USAID and DAI cooperating to create insurgency in Venezuela when Chavez was still alive back in 2006. I’ll not delve in too deeply here, since our focus is on Gates and the other billionaires. The point is, the collusion between the technocrats, government agencies, the deep state, and their higher order partners is not obscured.

When Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and his captains came up with what was called “The Final Solution” – there must have been some rationale that justified such horrors as eradicating a people to solve the “Jewish Question.” Today, the code name for the planned murder of all Jews within reach of the Third Reich could be applied to the deep planning of these elite globalists. They control the media, the money flow, industry, government, and pull levers on all aspects of life in the west. All that is left is food and water. And with the control of these commodities we can simply be rounded up and herded to slaughter like animals. Think about it. This is not a stretch of the imagination. What other purpose is there? What alternative end do you think these powerful men seek? Oh, I left out their God fearing devotee consciences. We all feel this devotion daily here in Greece. Soon, very soon, I fear the warmth will reach deep into the Americas and the rest of Europe.

Top Photo | Bill Gates, chairman of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, gestures during a session at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Jan. 22, 2019. Markus Schreiber | AP

Phil Butler is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books.

Source | NEO

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Tarana Secures $88 Million Financing with Khosla Ventures, EchoStar Corporation, and 1010 …

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tarana Wireless Inc. today announced a $60 million financing with Khosla Ventures and EchoStar …

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tarana Wireless Inc. today announced a $60 million financing with Khosla Ventures and EchoStar Corporation, as a follow-on to financing of $28m led by 1010 Holdings, LLC, the family offices of Greg Wyler. In conjunction with the financing, EchoStar Chairman Charlie Ergen, Khosla Ventures partner Samir Kaul, and Greg Wyler, Chairman of OneWeb, have joined Tarana’s board of directors. Kranti Kilaru recently stepped down from his role as EVP at EchoStar to join Tarana’s leadership team as President.

With total financing of nearly $200 million, Tarana has created a new class of radio technology with unprecedented immunity to obstructions, interference, changing conditions, and spectrum scarcity. Tarana’s fixed wireless access technology will drive a tenfold improvement in the network economics of gigabit broadband access at massive scale.

Company founder and COO Sergiu Nedevschi stated, “We are excited to complete this round of financing, which allows us to finish our product development efforts and start commercial trials with a number of tier 1 operators who are now making plans for that phase.”

Samir Kaul said, “We’ve evaluated many companies who have tried to solve the world’s broadband problem with fixed wireless. We believe Tarana is the only one that has developed the technology required to consistently deliver the affordable gigabit bandwidth that both consumers and businesses worldwide are demanding.”

Greg Wyler added, “Tarana has the lowest-cost and highest-capacity solution for suburban residential users everywhere, whether that is the US, Europe, Africa, South America, or Asia. Tarana’s access network enables mobile operators and ISPs to leapfrog fiber to the home and quickly provide equivalent performance at a fraction of the cost. This is a great complement to OneWeb’s rural capabilities and fits perfectly with the mission to bridge the digital divide.”

Kranti Kilaru comes to Tarana after nearly 30 years in the EchoStar organization, where he led several initiatives critical to the company’s growth and success, including development of key elements of DISH Network, management of the world’s most extensive content broadcast system, and most recently leadership of the architectural and operational evolution of the Sling TV streaming platform into a world-class, truly scalable offering. Mr. Kilaru said, “Tarana’s national-scale tier-1 service provider engagements on multiple continents will demand careful attention to very high-volume and flawless business execution on top of their unrivaled technology foundation. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to leverage my experience at EchoStar in providing guidance to the Tarana team.”

Tarana plans to grow its organization, currently 165 strong, by more than 35 employees by mid 2019, in a range of engineering, operations, and outbound positions. Candidates interested in helping make the world a better-connected place with the industry’s leader in broadband technology innovation are invited to visit www.taranawireless.com/careers to explore opportunities.

About Tarana

Tarana Wireless, Inc. is the performance leader in fixed wireless access network solutions, powered by a number of industry-first and well-proven innovations in perfect, multidimensional optimization of radio signals. Its Gigabit 1 fixed access system overcomes previously insurmountable network economics challenges for service providers in mainstream broadband markets, using free unlicensed spectrum. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and has additional staff in Pune, India. Prior funding rounds have included participation from AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, and a number of global private investors. Please visit https://www.taranawireless.com for more information.

About Khosla Ventures

Khosla Ventures is a venture capitalist firm that provides venture assistance and strategic advice to entrepreneurs working on breakthrough technologies. The firm was founded in 2004 by Vinod Khosla, co-founder of Sun Microsystems. The firm focuses on transformative technology in consumer, enterprise, education, advertising, financial services, semiconductors, health, big data, agriculture/food, sustainable energy and robotics. Khosla Ventures is headquartered in Menlo Park, California. For more information about the firm’s activities, please visit https://www.khoslaventures.com.

About EchoStar

EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS) is a premier global provider of satellite communication solutions. Headquartered in Englewood, Colo., and conducting business around the globe, EchoStar is a pioneer in secure communications technologies through its Hughes Network Systems and EchoStar Satellite Services business segments. For more information, visit www.echostar.com. Follow @EchoStar on Twitter.

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Entrepreneur Vinod Khosla: “Focus on the consequences of success”

… last week, and it led him on a path that ultimately included becoming the co-founder of Sun Microsystems and, later, chairman of Khosla Ventures.

Vinod Khosla grew up in rural India in an environment where he says there was no science, and no business. Science became his religion, he told an MIT audience last week, and it led him on a path that ultimately included becoming the co-founder of Sun Microsystems and, later, chairman of Khosla Ventures. Last year, he became one of the initial investors in a company established to develop MIT’s pioneering approach to producing practical fusion power.

On March 6, Khosla described his thoughts on entrepreneurship, personal development, and how to tackle the world’s most challenging problems, during a freewheeling “fireside chat” with Dennis Whyte, who is the Hitachi America Professor of Engineering, head of the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering, and director of the Plasma Science and Fusion Center.

The discussion was the 2019 David J. Rose Lecture, an event dedicated to the memory of a longtime professor of nuclear engineering and pioneer of fusion research. Rose’s widow, the Rev. Renata Rose, was in attendance.

Khosla stressed the importance of taking chances, trying new things, and being unafraid of failure. As an example, he pointed out that he founded two different companies at about the same time, in 1982. One of them was Sun, the powerhouse company that catapulted him to wealth and success. But as for the one that failed, nobody even remembers it, he said. “Failure doesn’t matter,” he said. “My willingness to fail gives me the ability to succeed.”

That’s the attitude that propels his current investments, he said. When it comes to tackling the really big problems facing the world — providing enough food, water, energy, and meaningful work for a growing population — “some problems are too important not to work on,” he said. “Let’s not focus on the probability of success, let’s focus on the consequences of success.”

He pointed out that today, roughly 700 million people live in relative wealth. Those people, around the world, are “rich in energy, rich in housing, rich in medical care, rich in education.” But to try to apply those living standards in an incremental way to all of the world’s 7 billion people — 10 times as many — “that can’t be done. A linear progression is just not going to work.” Instead, drastic changes and advances are needed, he said.

While most investors focus on short-term rewards, all of the truly important and significant breakthroughs, like those that are needed today, have come from pioneers who took big chances and strayed far from the established and safe ways of doing things, Khosla continued. “Most large innovations that have had a large effect on society have generally not come from people who are experts” in the field involved, he said.

As an example, he cited a study in 2010 that comprised hundreds of pages, including interviews with experts at leading car companies, that projected how many electric vehicles might be sold over the coming 25 years. “Tesla exceeded their projection in five years,” he said. “Elon Musk tried to do something crazy, with no experience at all in that business,” and in the process “he beat [the projection] by 20 years!”

In general, to achieve the big leaps in progress, “You need a multiplication of resources,” he said. “The only thing that can provide that multiplication is science and technology. How do you make a ton of steel go 100 times farther? A nonlinear approach is needed.”

That kind of long-term thinking, openness to new ideas, acceptance of risk, and desire to tackle the biggest and thorniest challenges are behind Khosla’s decision to invest in Commonwealth Fusion Systems, the private company established last year to develop and commercialize some major advances in fusion power plant technology that MIT researchers have developed. After thoroughly studying the plans, Khosla became an early supporter, convinced of its potential to make dramatic changes in the world’s energy supplies and in the battle to limit climate change.

Another venture he is supporting involves exploring ways to change the chemistry of cement in a way that would incorporate carbon dioxide into the material’s structure. The result would reduce greenhouse gas emissions and, by adding a ton of carbon dioxide to a ton of cement, “you essentially double the amount of cement,” he said.

Khosla at one point left his various businesses behind to spend time at the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico, studying subjects completely outside his experience. Along the way, after studying how complex climate models were developed, he became convinced that a major transformation in medicine would be coming soon — a kind of AI and robotics-based medicine that would, for example, be better at keeping up with the ever-growing medical literature.

Speaking of that break from his normal work life, he said, “I highly encourage everybody to change fields often enough to enhance your thinking. Diversity of experiences helps in a real way in influencing conceptual models.”

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InsurTech startup Jetty raises $25 mn in Series B funding

Insurtech startup, Jetty, which insurance and guarantor services to renters in the US, has recently closed a Series B funding round led by Keith Rabois …

Mike Rudoy- CEO& Co-Founder, Jetty

Insurtech startup, Jetty, which insurance and guarantor services to renters in the US, has recently closed a Series B funding round led by Keith Rabois of Khosla Ventures and amounting to $25 million. Existing investors, including Valar Ventures and Ribbit Capital, will also join the round. The investment brings the Company’s total funding to more than $40 million.

This recent funding will be used by Jetty to expand its real estate distribution footprint, leveraging its property management partners as its primary channel to provide a better resident experience.

“As growing metropolitan areas struggle to build enough housing supply, no financial services have helped mitigate the impact to consumers,” said Keith Rabois, Managing Director at Khosla Ventures. “Jetty is focused on improving the lease-signing experience by providing a suite of financial services from a security deposit replacement product to a renters insurance product, for both renters and their property managers. By providing value to both sides, they’ve been able to create partnerships with the largest property managers across the U.S.”

“The process of signing a lease is full of barriers: It’s time-consuming and can be prohibitively expensive for everyday renters to access their desired home,” said Mike Rudoy, CEO and co-founder of Jetty. “Jetty is challenging the status-quo by empowering the everyday renter with tools to lower move-in costs, while simultaneously giving property managers a way to streamline operations and mitigate risk. It’s truly a model where everyone wins.”

Established in 2017 and headquartered in New York, Jetty empowers renters with financial access to rental homesacross the nation. Its three products work alone or together to lower the barrier to entry for everyday renters with a tech-focused, design-centric product.

Founded in 2004 by Vinod Khosla, Khosla Ventures provides venture assistance and strategic advice to entrepreneurs working on breakthrough technologies. With over five billion dollars under management, the firm focuses on a range of areas including consumer, enterprise, education, advertising, financial services, semiconductors, health, big data, agriculture/food, sustainable energy and robotics.

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