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Teacher shares how she prepares her classroom for an active shooter in viral TikTok - The Daily Dot

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Date: 2022-01-23 22:21:21

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A teacher’s plan to use hockey pucks to deter a potential school shooter has gone viral on TikTok. 

The original video has reached over 2 million views, as commenters are horrified at the state of gun safety in America. 

In the TikTok, Carly (@crzachar) begins by saying, “Hey teachers! So if you’re just like me you’ve probably been doing a lot of thinking recently about your school safety.” 

She goes on to give a tour of her classroom, explaining, “I had these big windows along my back wall. My kids know that Plan A is always just to get out of that middle window and run across the street.” 

“But of course Plan B is barricade the door and fight, you all know this,” she says. 

@crzachar #teachersoftiktok #schoolsafety ♬ original sound – Carly Zacharias

Her classroom door, however, presents a challenge. Its wooden and has a giant window in the center, making it a weak point of defense. 

“What can I give every single student just something to prepare themselves?” Carly says.

The answer: a hockey puck. “It can really hurt you,” she explains. “Especially 30.” 

Carly goes on to explain the kids were fidgeting with them during class, so she used double-sided tape to store them underneath desks. 

“That way kids can use them if they need them,” she narrates. “Obviously it’s just a deterrent, but it definitely makes us feel a little bit better.” 

TikTok responded with horror at the hockey puck school shooter plan. 

“America is a third world country with a gucci belt,” said @ghost_cherry_

“how is america real,” added @chlofirth. 

@adoxographic75 commented, “teachers spending their own money so that students have something to throw at shooters. everything is fine. 

@sarahgrahamcracker asked, “Do non-Americans watch this kind of thing with shock and horror?”

@cindy.3442 said, “the way you said ‘you all know how it is’ scares me, in europe i have never had to have a way to defend myself in school”

“They replaced your door with a less safe option?! Ugh. This is a good idea though. Easier to throw than books or those heavy tape dispensers,” commented @saberstaff. 

The official TikTok account for March For Our Lives commented on the video, “We have to fight for a reality where we don’t need those hockey pucks [blue heart emoji]. Thank you for being so committed to protecting your students, sending love.” Carly liked the comment and responded “absolutely.” 

The Daily Dot reached out to @crzachar via TikTok comment.

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Original Source: https://www.dailydot.com/debug/hockey-puck-school-shooter-precaution-tiktok/