Blockchain Bites: Big Bitcoin Bets, SushiSwap Drops, bZx Attacked

Hackers hit DeFi protocol bZx again, derivatives traders have placed bets bitcoin will hit $30,000 by year’s end and the latest twist in the SushiSwap …

Hacked again

Decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol bZx is the victim of yet another hack – this time costing nearly $8 million. On Sunday, an unnamed attacker apparently tricked bZx into minting iTokens, an interest-earning token that allows users to redeem crypto in the protocol’s lending pools, cashing them out for nearly 220,000 LINK tokens, 4,507 ETH, 1.76 million USDT, 1.4 million USDC and 670,000 DAI, CoinDesk’s Paddy Baker reports. Early this year, attackers drained nearly $1 million from the protocol in two separate attacks – raising questions over a DeFi feature called “flash loans.” The latest bug apparently passed through two audits performed by security firms Certik and Peckshield. bZx co-founder Kyle Kistner said the drained funds will be covered by the protocol’s insurance fund, pending community ratification.