States seek more federal funds as Medicaid enrollment grows

National enrollment in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance … While this ensures that more individuals have medical coverage during a …

“The issue of growing enrollment in the Medicaid program is top of mind for our members, and has been since the onset of the pandemic,” he said, adding that it is difficult to pin down how much the enrollment increases are caused by economic conditions in the states or due to the continuous enrollment requirement in the first COVID-19 law.

“We understand and agree with congressional intent to ensure no one loses health insurance coverage during the pandemic, though we have asked for targeted modifications to address certain scenarios where individuals may have non-Medicaid coverage options available as their circumstances change,” he said.

States like New York, Nevada and Utah saw some of the highest increases in Medicaid and children’s health program enrollment this year, according to CMS. Most, but not all, are lobbying for more federal aid.

Freeman Klopott, press officer for the New York State Division of the Budget, says the state is concerned about funding for a variety of programs that are at risk to offset the state’s $62 billion, four-year revenue loss.

“For six months, we’ve been calling on the federal government to take action, including raising the enhanced FMAP reimbursement rate to 14 percent and keeping it in place until the national unemployment rate falls below 5 percent. Washington continues to promise federal aid is forthcoming; we believe them, and we are managing the state’s finances to keep the budget in balance as we await clarity on federal action,” Klopott said.