Tencent Partners With China’s Biggest Wine Producer For A Blockchain-Based Platform

According to China News Network, Changyu has implemented the Tencent-powered blockchain in every phase of the wine production and distribution …

China’s leading technology corporation Tencent previously revealeded that they are working on a project to launch their new blockchain-based wine traceability platform. This project marks a strategic partnership between Tencent and Changyu – the biggest winery in the country with a well-known reputation for high quality products.

Days of Wine and Blockchain

According to China News Network, Changyu has implemented the Tencent-powered blockchain in every phase of the wine production and distribution processes, including planting, brewing, distribution and operations.

The winery also confirmed that a unique traceability certificate is given to each wine bottle created on the Blockchain network. Now, the company’s bottles are marked with scannable QR codes, so that the quality of the wine can be checked.

Code scanning also enables customers to trace and to verify the origin of products through a wide range of data on the blockchain network, including information on grape growth and planting management. The data can be enlarged and analyzed on grape varieties, sources, precipitation levels, sunshine levels and temperature.

Distributors and sales offices can now use the blockchain network to avoid counterfeit goods and to classify bottles for which quality assurance checks have been failed. The goal is to bring a transparency to consumers without going through complicated stages.

Blockchain’s Use For Many Industries

Application of blockchain is a remarkable solution for several industries. The technology is highly appreciated, equivalent to artificial intelligence, and at the same time, it is promoted by economic organizations, governments or universities to explore its further development.

In the field of supply and transportation, blockchain is similar to a giant book for everyone to use. It stores all data about goods, from raw products to consumer use. A number of large companies in the world, such as Walmarts and Co-op, are integrating this technology to optimize their supply chains and with the project between Tencent and Changyu is another key example.

In 2018, Middle Kingdom wine distributors started applying blockchain technology to import French wines, using bottle-based QR codes as well, in an effort to fight against fake French wines.

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