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Top Coworking Spaces in the Twin Cities - Owl Labs Blog

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Date: 2021-10-14 00:34:32

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On a global level, coworking spaces have boomed in recent years. The market is projected to reach $8.14 billion by the end of the year, and although that is only an incremental growth (2.1%) compared to pre-pandemic growth, the entire coworking space market is still on track to reach $13.03 billion by 2025 at a steady annual growth rate of 12% after this year. 

While some areas have been slower to adopt the coworking trend, the workforce that calls the Twin Cities home have wholeheartedly embraced the flexibility offered by shared work spaces. To date, there are dozens of coworking spaces sprinkled through southern Minnesota providing remote and hybrid individual employees and entire companies with the freedom of choosing where they work each day.

people walking to work in minneapolis, minnesota, USA

Image via Unsplash

This comes to no surprise when you remember that Minnesota has a history of innovation and growth. In 2018, the state was deemed the Land of 10,000 Startups on top of already being the homebase for powerhouses like Target, Best Buy, and General Mills. Current day, this lower half of Minnesota remains a mecca for inventors, creatives, and business leaders alike. Coworking and shared spaces are there to help support these innovators navigate the future of work.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 coworking spaces in the Twin Cities.

What do people think about shared office space services in Minneapolis?

As long as it has been the home base for leagues of startups and emerging businesses, the Twin Cities have also been a hot spot for shared office spaces. What started as an already larger than average number of coworking spaces turned into an entire networking system of shared offices back in 2018 when Mogwai Collaborative had the idea to link up with five other coworking spaces in the region. Their goal? To create a passport program that gave easy access to members who travelled frequently. With one of these coworking passports workers would be simultaneous members of multiple shared spaces for maximum flexibility.

Known as the Greater Minnesota Coworking Passport, this program allows members to utilize shared office spaces and accompanying amenities in six different cities in southern Minnesota. For example, a startup founder could start their day taking calls from one coworking space in Minneapolis and meet with potential investors at a coworking space in St. Paul in the afternoon without having to worry about where to meet. 

While the passport program may be new, this emphasis on coworking spaces and communal innovation started earlier when Minnesota Governor Tim Walz unveiled his Launch Minnesota initiative— a program intent on “accelerating the growth of startups and mark Minnesota a national leader in innovation”.

Average Cost of Coworking Space in Minneapolis

Every coworking space has different membership prices based on a user’s specific needs. For example, day passes for an unassigned desk typically range from $20-$50 and part time monthly memberships range between $50-$350 a month depending on exact location, size of the space, popularity, and other amenities offered by the space. Reserving a private office at a coworking space can cost up to $880 a month and depending on the size of office needed, private office suite space for startups and emerging companies can cost between $350-$800 a month per person.

If you are interested in participating in the Greater Minnesota Coworking Passport, for $99 a month members can visit any of the coworking spaces up to five times. For $250 members have unlimited access to all locations.

Top Hybrid Workspaces in Minnesota

With so many coworking spaces in the Twin Cities to choose from, it can be difficult for companies and individuals to pick the best spot for them. It’s always a good idea to shop around and do your research before becoming a member at a shared office space. To get you started, here is a look at some of the top hybrid workspaces in Minnesota to choose from.

Top Coworking Spaces in St. Paul

Fueled Collective

people working remotely from a trendy coworking space in st. paul minnesota

Source: Fueled Collective

An office space that understands just how much an atmosphere can affect productivity, Fueled Collective was created to stoke collaboration amongst like-minded individuals. Pop in for a day of work or to attend one of the many gatherings on their event calendar, a monthly standard coworking pass costs $195 and a dedicated desk is $400.


people working from individual desks in a shared coworking space in st. paul minnesota

Source: Wellworth

Taking flexibility to the next level by offering full and half day passes, Wellworth is located in the heart of St. Paul— making it the perfect location for any busy Minnesotan. 24/7 monthly access costs $275, while those looking for a day pass can get one for $50.

Local Collective

people using a shared meeting room in a coworking space, one person is presenting and streaming on a laptop

Source: Local Collective

This eclectic coworking space has a twin location in Texas and on top of hosting workspaces and offices to rent, they also offer spacious event rooms that individuals and businesses can rent out for gatherings. Unlimited monthly access will cost you $300 and private offices start at $500.

Top Shared Office Spaces in Minneapolis

Industrious Downtown

empty coworking space with individual workstations and a lounge area for conversations or collaborative work

Source: Industrious Office

This modern coworking space is known for its relaxing atmosphere and warm environment. Located in the heart of Minneapolis’ bustling business district, monthly memberships for offices start at $653 a month.

The Reserve

exterior of a shared coworking space in minneapolis

Source: The Reserve

A shared hybrid workspace equipped with a variety of different sized desks, offices, and meeting rooms. With three different locations in the greater Minneapolis area, unlimited monthly desk passes start at $320 a month.


interior of a wework with some people working at individual booths and others using a collaborative area to work

Source: WeWork

The trailblazing chain of coworking spaces is popular for a reason, members appreciate the amenities and ultimate flexibility that the space provides. On top of that, WeWork is known for regularly hosting informative workshops and special events for members. Pricing for WeWork Minneapolis is available upon request.


people working at a trendy coworking space in minneapolis with a communal table and spaces for private meetings

Source: CommonGrounds

Offering just as many amenities— a sports club, Zipcar rental, and wine & coffee bar— as they do flexible workspaces— shared desks, meeting rooms of various sizes, and  three different sizes of private office— pricing for this shared office space in Minneapolis can be found through contacting CommonGrounds.


people working from a trendy looking creative coworking space in the twin cities

Source: Flock

Built with the history of the Twin Cities in mind, Flock is a coworking space intentionally designed to spark creativity and inspire workers to take innovation to the next level. Unlimited monthly passes for coworking space access during business hours go for $300 a month, while 24/7 access to facilities will cost you $400.


women walking past a shared coworking space for women in minneapolis with a sign that says modernwell

Source: ModernWell

Open to all, ModernWell is a woman-centered hybrid coworking space that doubles as an inclusive wellness center as well as a coworking space. Members are encouraged to use the space for professional matters as well as for socializing with one another, monthly flexible desk memberships cost $325 and private offices start at $700 a month.

Coworking spaces come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, but regardless of the one you choose to work from each day, the truth remains that hybrid workspaces are the future. For a comprehensive look at the world of shared office spaces, check out Flexible Workspaces: The Socially Distanced, Shared Workspaces of the Future.

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