Discover hidden connections with #hiswai

The wait is finally over!

We’re now accepting early access users for Hiswai – the perfect research and due-diligence companion for finding the right information.

What’s the hooplah with Decentralized Finance? Machine learning? Quantum Computing? Normally you ask Google, but you have to sift through thousands of pieces of content to find authoritative information. And connecting the dots in between afterwards? A headache.

Hiswai answers your research questions in the right contexts and connects the dots between big stories in ways that might surprise you. It gathers information from authoritative sources, explains your query, and provides a neat list of references you can check out afterwards.

Sign up for early access and tell us about yourself. What industry do you work in and what are your areas of interest? Simply ask for access to test out Hiswai on your own or participate in our Advanced User Program, where we can work together to dig deep down your research rabbit holes.

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