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Hiswai is your ultimate tool for finding information on any topic quickly and effortlessly. Our system works automatically to gather the most relevant information for your search needs. Plus, it helps you refine your search and uncover new insights along the way.

Our platform harnesses the power of advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to deliver highly accurate and tailored search results.

With Hiswai, search has never been easier!

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Automate your search process

Effortlessly gather information

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The HISWAI Workspace

Automated Research Information Gathering

HISWAI workspaces allow you to create research collections that are centered on a particular topic, phrase or concept. HISWAI then begins to collect data automatically. Through the use of data processing and proprietary algorithms, your workspace collection will begin to grow. HISWAI automatically sends you notification summaries of what it finds so you can return to your workspace to begin organizing and refining your research.

Advanced Automated Tagging & Phrase Taxonomies

The processing algorithms in HISWAI allow you to refine your search by identifying other commonly found language patterns within your research collection. HISWAI builds comprehensive tag libraries that identify other related topics that might increase reach and value to your research collection. Using these new language tags you can refine subsequent additions to your collections and pinpoint key areas of interest to your topic.

You can narrow automated search patterns by chaining together keywords and phrases as Boolean operators along with your core topic to more precisely pinpoint what you are seeking

Review and Validate Your Collection Sources

HISWAI provides the ability to vet, sort, and weed out the items in your collection that do not match your research criteria. HISWAI users can then use the information in their collections in their own works by having all citation and source references available to properly attribute and organize sources used as part of their research.

Insights and Analytics

HISWAI’s analytics views allow you to see associated keyword and phrase prominence, trending, and terms that are frequently associated with the topic you’re researching. Visualizations will show you what is commonly discussed with your topic and perhaps show you a new path to discover.

Share your Findings

Workspace Dashboards are summaries that can be shared with others using a unique link. Dashboards show the progress and overview of the collections that you’ve built and you can share these links with others. You can also share individual articles in your collections with others by sending summary links (that include originating source links).

A Growing List of Features

HISWAI is continuing to develop new high-value research tools and collection types. All new features are user-driven directly from our feedback form on the application itself. If you see the value in a feature, so do we.

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