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Biosite Launches New Facial Recognition Solution for Construction Sites

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Date: 2021-04-22 19:30:00

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Biosite is looking to meet the growing demand for contactless security options with the release of its new Biosite Facial Recognition product. The new solution was developed entirely in-house, and is fully compatible with the other products in Biosite’s Access Control portfolio.

Biosite Launches New Facial Recognition Solution for Construction Sites

Like those other products, Biosite Facial Recognition was designed to facilitate secure access control in the UK construction industry. The system is truly touchless, in the sense that employees will not need to enter a PIN or perform some other secondary action to gain access to a site, and it can be paired with an optional temperature detection feature to ensure that those employees do not expose the work site to a potential illness.

The facial recognition scan is carried out with connected cameras installed at various points of entry. Workers need only stand in front of the camera, and their faces will be matched to a pre-registered image for authentication. The process takes less than 0.2 seconds and is completed remotely, which is to say that the system stores all biometric data in a separate database rather than on the camera device. The setup reduces processing time, and provides coverage for multiple sites so employees do not need to re-register to gain access to another location. It also provides businesses with more comprehensive data about their workforces.

“We approach facial recognition as another method of capturing workforce data and wanted to deliver a robust, integrated solution for customers where this is the preferred site access option,” said Biosite Managing Director Li Wang. “This enables a wider pool of data to be established via the Biosite software workflow, across devices and sites, so there is visibility of the workforce at a group level. This has always been our approach to workforce management and I’m pleased that we can now offer our customers a facial recognition solution.”   

HID Global parent company ASSA ABLOY acquired Biosite back in February of 2020. Biosite is one of several companies that has pivoted to contactless security in response to COVID-19, with Invixium in particular providing similar face and temperature screening services for employees at the Crocodile River Mine in South Africa.

April 22, 2021 – by Eric Weiss

Original Source: https://findbiometrics.com/biosite-launches-new-facial-recognition-solution-construction-sites-042202/