Hiswai F.A.Q

What is HISWAI?

HISWAI is a research tool that allows you to collect, organize and find related connections to concepts, topics or subject matter areas. The HISWAI system creates collections based on your subject area, automatically tagging, weighting and associating information so you can move through online research quickly to validate and find insights.

Is HISWAI free to use?

Yes. HISWAI accounts are free. All you need to do is sign up for a HISWAI account using your email, and create your first workspace by telling HISWAI what subject area, concept or thing you want to do research on. That’s it.

What can I use HISWAI for?

HISWAI allows you to be more productive with your information management. Whether you are conducting technical research, due diligence on a company’s financial performance, finding trends in your professional area to share with peers, or simply have a subject matter area you’re interested in HISWAI offers possibilities for new insights.

First and foremost, HISWAI accelerates online research. It automates collection of relevant content into groups that process the natural language, building taxonomies you can use to further refine the scope of your research. HISWAI provides tools for you to validate sources, create citations, and analytics to gain insights about what concepts or terms are frequently related to your topic, or which ones are trending in prominence.

Can I share what I find with HISWAI?

Yes! That’s one of the benefits of HISWAI. You have the opportunity to share with others your findings and insights. Review your collections and share articles by citing quoted material properly and ensure you’re sharing reliable sources by attributing the original source links.

Be confident that the stream of new articles, insights and relational data is reliable, validated and curated by you to create a unique perspective on the information you share with others.

Is HISWAI a curation or syndication tool?

Hiswai is a personal research curation and organization tool. It does not syndicate or republish collections found other than explicitly shared summary lists of originating collection urls. Users who utilize HISWAI to find content to share via blogs, news feeds or other ways of syndication must use other tools or systems for that. They must also follow the HISWAI guidelines for sharing/publishing.

Hiswai allows users in their private workspaces to organize the information found, validate it on their own terms and use it according to the appropriate guidance. HISWAI does NOT advocate any user republish anything from their collection without attribution of the original source link, or proper citation (HISWAI recommends APA guidelines for online sources).

Can I share workspaces with others?

You may share a Workspace Summary dashboard, which summarizes your research collection, associated tags and insights. Your workspace area is private to each user and access to the workspace settings and tools cannot be shared at this time.

How do I know I have new items in my collections?

Every month, HISWAI provides a summary of collection activity automatically by the system. For each workspace, you can enable email alerts which will be sent to you when new items have been added to your collection.

What is a “Magic Link”

We have worked to make HISWAI as easy to use as possible. You do not need to memorize a password, logging into HISWAI requires you to validate your email address after which the system will send you a magic link that automatically logs you into the system. Its that simple.

Can I suggest new features?

Yes. In fact we encourage you to suggest anything you think would make HISWAI more useful and effective. We are constantly working to improve the tool.