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Using Hiswai to stay up to date on professional or technical topics helps you provide insights to your colleagues online. By regularly reviewing and refining your workspace, your findings and insights can be shared with others, showing your ability to be an SME and valued resource to peers, co workers and prospective employers.

A firm which manages a large capital fund requires constant research on potentially volatile equities in one of their portfolios. Several of the stocks are from companies that are at high risk of fluctuation based on investment news and opinion analysis.

A research analyst has created a number of dashboards which cover the areas of business these companies stocks participate in. The analyst regularly reviews and refines the collections by validating and summarizing the current state of the environment surrounding these stocks to provide a summary to the fund managers.

As part of an R&D team with an emerging techology company, one of the technical analysts continues ongoing research for technical development announcements, scholarly articles, or particular insights on advancement activity within the area the R&D team is working.

The analyst can refine and validate these collections, sharing new information and insights both with the team and with the Engineering leadership to make critical decisions in moving development projects forward in a faster and more informed manner.

Monitoring current news and opinion discussions around a particular concept or subject can be important inputs to decision making and general understanding of the present state of affairs.

A writer who is following the general zeitgeist of cryptocurrency is seeking insights that will provide them with information that can help them write more informed and interesting articles for their Crypto Blog. The writer creates multiple workspaces around key cryptocurrency concepts, regularly monitoring both new information coming into the collections as well as the movement of associated key words and phrases that are trending upwards, downwards, or increasing in relation to the core topic of the dashboard. The writer can then use the article tools to validate the sources and properly cite them in their published written works.