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How SASE Helps Protect Against Ransomware - Forbes

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Date: 2022-07-01 17:49:03

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Etay Maor is Senior Director, Security Strategy for Cato Networks, a developer of advanced cloud-native cybersecurity technologies.


Experts project global ransomware damage costs to reach $265 billion by 2031. It’s safe to assume the ransomware epidemic won't abate any time soon. For attackers, it’s easy money with little repercussions. For organizations, it’s a lot more than simply losing the ransom money. Ransomware can easily make businesses unviable.

What’s Really At Stake With Ransomware?

For starters, without data and applications, most operations come to a halt once ransomware hits. Even with a robust ransomware plan, full-scale restoration could take weeks. Second, attackers are now exfiltrating data before encrypting it. These so-called double-extortion ransomware attacks start a vicious cycle of blackmailing and repeated ransom demands.

Having sensitive data exposed publicly is worse than simply losing access to it. A flood of lawsuits and legal fines may follow, along with irreparable reputational damage. Many businesses can’t ever recover from these unquantifiable costs.