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It's good to learn more about Granblue Fantasy Relink. In video game, development progresses well

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Date: 2022-08-07 18:17:43

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Back in 1999, on the occasion of EVO 2022, he returns with some gameplay clip clips on video, and a message from CyGames showed that the update was somewhat good, and apparently on the release date.

To reference the films of Tetsuya Fukuhara in which he pointed out that he said that the work on Redo Ware will soon hit the stage, it would be better if it hadn’t been for the first time, which should be very advanced even if the background isn’t very clear.

So, CyGames still needs to release for 2023. However, it shouldn’t be long before we get to know something more specific about it.

Although this video is especially interesting now, you can get away with the facts that don’t have been all right to say that it’s better than the first in the universe.

This is a group of action-regimes focused on the Granblue Fantasy saga, which is very ambitious and interesting: announced back in 2016, the game began to develop at Platinum Games, but the team eventually escaped the project. That raised several questions over the game’s health, but CyGames has always explained it as a normal way of dealing with the two teams.

Recently, the release date was officially moved back to 2023, without explanation. The new gameplay snippets can be seen in the video above at the second minute of the game. It’s where the other people enter action, exploration and story-telling scenes are based.

Original Source: https://game-news24.com/2022/08/07/it-s-good-to-learn-more-about-granblue-fantasy-relink-in-video-game-development-progresses-well/