More than 250 clinics are happening in Greater Boston and several more rural areas before the end of the year.

The Boston Public Health Commission held an event in Franklin Park in September where anyone who got a booster or got their children vaccinated was eligible for a $75 gift card. The state is now launching a similar program. Jonathan Wiggs / The Boston Globe

Massachusetts residents can get a $75 gift card for getting vaccinated against COVID-19 through Dec. 31.

All members of a family, adults and children alike, can receive gift cards for getting their first dose, second dose, or booster shots.

Gift cards are being offered at many clinics across the state between now and the end of the year. Between Nov. 30 and Dec. 23, there are eight clinics taking place around Boston — in Dorchester, Roxbury, Mattapan, and Jamaica Plain — as well as around Greater Boston and in several rural areas. A full list of the more than 250 clinics that are offering gift cards can be found here.


The Get Boosted program is run in accordance with the Vaccine Equity Initiative, which works with the populations and communities hardest hit by COVID-19 to increase vaccine acceptance and access. These include neighborhoods in Boston as well as 10 other municipalities and three rural areas with the lowest booster rates and highest BIPOC populations.

A similar gift card giveaway, exclusively for Boston residents, took place in September under the aegis of the Boston Public Health Commission.

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