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NY Cannabis Insider's week in legal weed for Sept. 10, 2022 - syracuse.com

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Date: 2022-09-10 12:00:14

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NY Cannabis Insider’s conference schedule for the rest of 2022 is now available! Get tickets to our Syracuse half-day conference on Sept. 23 and our full-day conference in Tarrytown on November 4.

Welcome to the fall season, the time in which anticipation of frigid temperatures and a coming deadline to get some CAURD dispensaries open by the end of the year will loom heavily.

In the first week after Labor Day, we highlighted “People to know” in NY cannabis and a CAURD applicant, while also examining the challenges faced by NY’s higher education institutions that offer cannabis-focused courses.

Let’s check out what we published:

As part of our running People to know in NY cannabis series, we featured Tosin Ajayi, who founded CBD and lifestyle brand Holistic Remedies in 2018, and is a cannabis entrepreneur and nonprofit leader.

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Ajayi, who also founded advocacy group NYU CannaPolicy, said she thinks being respectful of the cannabis plant and community is the most important thing for anyone trying to enter the NY marijuana industry.

On Thursday I wrote about how the continued federal prohibition of marijuana limits how college instructors can teach cannabis-focused courses.

To be clear, higher-ed instructors and administrators in NY by-and-large aren’t worried that DEA agents will raid their classrooms, zip-tie their hands and throw them into black, windowless vans. But schools that offer cannabis programming do risk losing not only federal grants, but also the ability to participate in federal student aid programs – meaning students cannot use federal student loans to attend that institution.

“If schools violate [federal law], we’re then in a situation where we could lose a grant; we could lose a federal contract,” said Esta Bigler, who leads the labor and employment law program at Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations, and is part of the Cannabis Workforce Initiative. “Many, many universities and colleges get federal grants; frankly, that’s how many schools live.”

Last week we also posted attorney Jeffrey Hoffman’s latest Ask Me Anything segment. On his weekly LinkedIn Q&A, Hoffman answered questions about license scoring, pre-packaged flower, and more.

Lastly, as part of our running “Show us your CAURDs” series, we featured TJ Lewis, the owner of TJ’s Hydroponics in Liverpool, who applied for a CAURD license and hopes to open a conditional marijuana dispensary in Central New York.

“My plan is to utilize my knowledge of cannabis and business experience to open numerous locations in the CNY area,” Lewis told NY Cannabis Insider.

That’s all for this week! Make sure to get tickets to our upcoming Syracuse conference on Sept. 23 and hear experts dive into hot-topics such as cultivation, labs, banking, security, hiring, and lots more.

Original Source: https://www.syracuse.com/marijuana/2022/09/ny-cannabis-insiders-week-in-legal-weed-for-sept-10-2022.html