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Olympic Village reports first cases of COVID-19 among athletes as Tokyo sees surge in virus

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Date: 2021-07-19 13:24:44

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Associated Press

Senegal sees dramatic COVID-19 surge as major holiday looms

Adama Ndiaye got up before dawn to travel about 25 miles (40 kilometers), hoping that she would be able to get a sheep for the celebration next week of the Muslim holiday of sacrifice, Eid al-Adha. As a result of the pandemic, selling ice cream no longer provides enough money for the 63-year-old to support her four children still at home, especially not to be able to buy a sheep that costs about $140 to celebrate Tabaski, as the festivity is called in Senegal. As millions in Senegal prepare for Tabaski, health officials warn that COVID-19 cases are dramatically surging in the West African nation.

Original Source: https://news.yahoo.com/olympic-village-reports-first-cases-130328601.html