The Latest Creation of Dark Net Team: Countdown of Opening PTS Fire Planning of Zodiac

To pay tribute to Nakamoto,Realizing the true decentralization of the blockchain world, the Darknet team took a year to build the latest resonance …

To pay tribute to Nakamotoļ¼ŒRealizing the true decentralization of the blockchain world, the Darknet team took a year to build the latest resonance mode.PTS (Protogonos Program) Fire Planning of Zodiac will be launched on August 17th, 2019. PTS is a new consensus tool to create a completely decentralization. The founder of PTS ecology hopes to create a token ecology with real meaning and universal value, just like Satoshi Nakamoto.

PTS focuses on the design of ecological model, puts forward the rules that really accord with the development of the block chain, and chooses the zodiac suitable for the development of the ecosystem. The PTS ecological dividend and PTS ecological start-up team do not participate in any form of dividend distribution. After the selection of the zodiac, we will completely transfer the right of ecological construction to the zodiac for management.

If you have 800ETH, you can become one owner of zodiac and you will have the earliest PTS tokens which are lower than the resonant price in the later period. You can participate in various promotion, contribution value evaluation and welfare, divide up all the resonant tokens. You can become the opinion leader of PTS community, participate in and lead the future development of PTS ecology. You can also get additional rewards for PTS nodes in the important links of development later. Through the promotion and preaching of zodiac and members of the network of zodiac, PTS will have a large number of users who held digital currency.

Twelve rights and interests of the owners of zodiac:

1. Voting on ecological development and autonomy

2. Initiate activities through the APP client.

3. Develop and distribute PTS-based apps and games for profit.

4. Purchase advertising resource in APP by using PTS.

5. Initiate new sub-projects and use PTS for resonance.

6. Docking media and exchanges to expand contacts and resources.

7. Promotion of airdrop activities and incentives within the community.

8. Manage and maintain online and offline communities and make rules.

9. The exchange held by the owner of the zodiac has the right to trade currencies.

10. The news, media and first-hand PTS information owned by the owner of the zodiac.

11. The benefit of currencies held by the owner of zodiac is the highest in ecology. The client-side zodiac developed and installed by zodiac ecology will obtain 10% of the benefit.

12. Supervisors of zodiac who meet the requirements will have the privileges of project funds and receive dividends from investment returns.

Looking forward to the future, PTS will have more landing apply scenarios, so that consensus can produce value to make PTS fully circulate in the market and improve its own value.

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