Bitcoin Cash Keeps Shining as Wider Crypto Market Turns Red

By Bitcoin Cash posted the most gains out of the top 10 cryptocurrencies. Ethereum lost nearly 2%, XRP and Bitcoin over 1%, and Bitcoin …
bitcoin cash crypto market blood moonbitcoin cash crypto market blood moon
With the exception of bitcoin cash, the cryptocurrency market turned red on Wednesday afternoon. | Source: Shutterstock

By Bitcoin Cash posted the most gains out of the top 10 cryptocurrencies. Ethereum lost nearly 2%, XRP and Bitcoin over 1%, and Bitcoin SV continues to threaten an exit from the top 10. Thus is the state of the crypto market on late Wednesday afternoon.

Bitcoin Price Slips Toward $3,500

In yesterday’s market round-up, we reported that Bitcoin had risen almost 1% over the 24-hour period. Over the past day, however, the grandfather crypto has lost that near 1% and dropped by around 1.10%. A daily high of almost $3,670 led to a price at press time of $3,595. Bitcoin may be walking down the steps to its notable bottom of $3,100 or a bit lower.

Bitcoin traded within a comfortable (for crypto) range of $80 over the day, with a high of almost $3,670 and a press-time price of $3,595.

The True Strength Indicator on Bitcoin was as low as -26, a sign that sell pressure is winning today. A sentimental cryptocurrency if there ever was one, negative sentiments expressed around Bitcoin at Davos are probably not helping matters in this bear market. CCN also notes that a “zero” price figure for Bitcoin is virtually impossible.

Ripple Price (XRP) Posts Minor Losses

Mid-day trading saw Ripple (XRP) bears chomping at the bit, but overall the crypto token only lost about 1.5% over the course of the 24-hour period. Given the low cost of a single XRP, the value stayed within a penny of its opening price, rounding out the day at around 31 cents.

XRP value stayed within a penny of its opening price, rounding out the day at around 31 cents.

Ripple is miles away from its one-time high, but it is currently the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, overtaking Ethereum amid problems with the network’s planned upgrades and corresponding market dissonance.

Ethereum Loses Fight for $120

Yesterday, we noted that some markets were listing Etherum as high as $121, while the majority were closer to $118. The following 24-hour period saw a correction on some of these markets, including Bitfinex, where the following chart is from:

Ethereum fought to retain its $120 plus value on some markets, but eventually lost.

Over a four-hour period, Ethereum attempted a recovery, surpassing $120 yet again, before sliding back down to a press-time price of $117.60. Meanwhile, Coinbase had Ethereum as low as $115. Likely discount prices for those confident in the impending hard-forked future of the world’s computer.

Coinbase had Ethereum as low as $115.

Bitcoin Cash Continues to Lead

While not as impressive as yesterday, Bitcoin Cash continued its upward advance. It surpassed $132 and found a price of right around $130 by time of writing, which translates into a 24-hour gain of around 3.6%.

Bitcoin Cash continued its drive over the 24-hour period, at one point getting almost to $133.

The wind seems to be at the back of Bitcoin Cash, as money continues to exit the Bitcoin SV version. Either Bitcoin fork is one serious development away from attracting massive capital looking for a less-expensive alternative to BTC.

Bitcoin SV Still on The Retreat

Bitcoin SV continues its decline, dropping below $75 over the 24-hour period across markets.

Satoshi Vision still threatening to exit the top 10 (by market capitalization) of cryptocurrencies.

The “Satoshi Vision” fork of Bitcoin Cash has been threatening to exit the top-10-by-market-cap list all week long. It needs only to shed a few hundred million dollars from its market capitalization to do so, or between $5 and $10 per coin, to fall behind Cardano.

Featured Image from Shutterstock. Price Charts from TradingView. Launches New Educational Resource With Bitcoin Cash Report

The team explained that its first primer discusses Bitcoin Cash (BCH), in response to user demand, stating: “In November of last year, … Launches New Educational Resource With Bitcoin Cash Report
3 hours ago



Avi Mizrahi


Wallet provider has created a new educational tool to help newcomers to the cryptocurrency ecosystem access information on digital assets. The first report issued on its Blockchain Primers is an introduction to Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Also Read: The Daily: Huobi Downsizes, New OTC Desk to Launch in US

Blockchain Primers, the popular cryptocurrency wallet provider, has announced the launch of a new educational tool called Blockchain Primers. The service is intended to provide a relatively concise overview (typically less than 10 pages) of each crypto asset. Each report will contain a mix of introductory and background material for those less familiar with the particular asset in question, as well as the latest market data and analysis.’s reports will include takeaways on each crypto asset’s key differentiating features such as strengths and weaknesses, empirical data summarized in charts and tables, as well as quantitative and qualitative data-driven comparisons against similar crypto assets. Launches New Educational Resource by Publishing Bitcoin Cash Report

The team explained that its first primer discusses Bitcoin Cash (BCH), in response to user demand, stating: “In November of last year, Bitcoin Cash underwent a contentious network split. As a result, we have received more questions about Bitcoin Cash in recent weeks than any other crypto asset supported by the Blockchain Wallet.”

Explaining Bitcoin Cash details that following the recent hard fork that resulted in the creation of Bitcoin SV, BCH has resumed its traditional status as one of the top five cryptocurrencies both in terms of market value and ecosystem support in the form of exchange listings. The research also shows that BCH continues to evolve beyond its original reason for coming into existence (lower transaction fees through larger blocks) to offer an even greater degree of distinction to BTC and other cryptocurrencies. Launches New Educational Resource by Publishing Bitcoin Cash Report

Advantages offered by BCH over BTC according to the research team include greater maximum onchain transaction capacity/throughput, lower average transaction fees, and additional smart contract functionality, although like many cryptocurrency design choices some of these advantages may carry tradeoffs. However, the primer notes that while BCH is arguably on the whole more centralized at present than BTC, one upshot of being more unified is the ability to more quickly implement new technologies.

Have you checked out’s Bitcoin Cash report? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock.

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Bitcoin Cash Price Mounts Minor Comeback yet Bears Lay in Wait

It has been a while since people last got excited about Bitcoin Cash. Now that the hash war with Bitcoin SV is fully over, it seems things are going back …

It has been a while since people last got excited about Bitcoin Cash. Now that the hash war with Bitcoin SV is fully over, it seems things are going back to normal. This also means the Bitcoin Cass price still has a long road to recovery ahead in the months and years to come. Today’s gains show there is some positive momentum brewing, for the time being.

Hopeful Bitcoin Cash Price Surge Emerges

After facing a serious beating throughout 2018, Bitcoin Cash has not been the same ever since. Not only did the coin lose a lot of value, but the fight with Bitcoin SV also caused a lot of problems along the way. It now seems most of those issues are in the past where they belong and the time has come to look toward the future. What that future will hold for BCH, is a different matter altogether.

Over the past 24 hours, there has been a minor increase in the Bitcoin Cash value. A 3.1% gain in USD value and a 3.7% increase in BCH/BTC show this altcoin is far from dead. All of this is happening with just under $285m in trading volume, which is more than respectable. Due to these increases, one BCH is valued at $133.68 or 0.0372 BTC again. An interesting trend, although some holders would have expected much bigger things from this altcoin.

The value of any cryptocurrency network can be determined by the rate at which development occurs. In the case of Bitcoin Cash, it would appear several improvement proposals are currently under review or being worked on. All of these changes can introduce some positive changes to the ecosystem as a whole. This also confirms there is a genuine interest in making the project more versatile.

#BitcoinCash Proposals Currently Under Development.#BCH#BitcoinBCH#Bitcoin#BTC#Crypto$BCH$BTC

— Bitcoin Cash (BCH) News (@BitcoinBCHNews) January 23, 2019

When looking at the current price momentum, one has to acknowledge things can easily swing either way over the coming hours. Crypto Tone Loc is convinced there may be a very bullish short-term trend, assuming the market doesn’t collapse entirely in the next few hours. A rather hopeful outlook, as no uptrend has been sustained in any market for quite some time now.

BCH Uber bullish if it holds on a pullback🤔 4hr chart and Daily

— Crypto Tone Loc (@Cryptone7) January 23, 2019

Crypto Beri is also looking at the current BCH price, although this user identifies some interesting levels. The main question is whether or not the support in BCH/BTC will hold near the current levels, as that could yield a push to the 0.039 range in the near future. If the support is tested, however, things may not necessarily look all that great.


i. Brokeout of the downtrend channel, volume kicked in

ii. Local support establishing im 360-363 levels.

iii. Might go for a attempt towards major resistance of 387-391

— Crypto Beri⚡ (@CryptoBeri) January 23, 2019

All things considered, this positive momentum seems to be on rather shaky legs. That is not just a problem for Bitcoin Cash, as it affects all other markets in a very similar manner. Until Bitcoin breaks out in bullish fashion, the other currencies will not see any sustainable gains either. That means the value per Bitcoin Cash may very well head back to $130 and lower in the very near future.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.

XRP, Ethereum, and TRON — 3 Coins that Might Blow Up in 2019

2018 was a year when the crypto market received a hard blow, one that it has yet to recover from. The year was marked by significant price drops, …

2018 was a year when the crypto market received a hard blow, one that it has yet to recover from. The year was marked by significant price drops, market crashes, an ICO extinction, hacking attacks, and many other incidents that proved to be unfriendly for the steady progress of digital currencies.

However, investors remain optimistic regarding the future, and 2019 in particular. This is believed to be the year when a positive momentum will return once more, and when coins will get back on track.

Despite the bearish 2018, a lot of crypto projects managed to grow in other areas, even though their prices were dropping. Meanwhile, the crypto market became vast and filled with different altcoins, currently exceeding 2,100 individual projects.

While there undoubtedly many of them that have a lot of potentials, three of them are receiving more attention and coverage than others, apart from Bitcoin itself, at least.

The projects in question are XRP, Ethereum, and TRON. With a new year, a new hope for the future of crypto arrived as well, and these three coins have a pretty decent chance to blow up in 2019. Let’s see what makes them different than the others.

1) XRP

XRP, formerly known as Ripple, as a coin developed by the company Ripple Labs. Throughout its history, the coin usually had a relatively low price, which is currently only $0.321302. This is not particularly impressive when compared to the price of Bitcoin, for example. However, XRP has managed to expand in other ways and is currently being used all around the world.

Ripple Labs’ two major products — xCurrent and xRapid — managed to capture the attention of over 100 banks around the world, all of which wish to implement these products to better their payment systems. The products allow any transaction to be completed almost instantly, and at a significant discount. This is one of the largest crypto use cases today, and thanks to this, XRP managed to become the second largest coin in the crypto market, with a market cap of $13.19 billion

Due to its connection to Ripple Labs and numerous banks, many have accused XRP of being centralized, not being a real cryptocurrency, and even of being security. However, over time, XRP managed to prove itself again and again, and most of these accusations are now in the past, with the coin being well on its way to becoming the first crypto to enter the mainstream.

2) Ethereum

Ethereum is known for being the second most important coin in crypto history, mostly due to the fact that it shifted investors attention from the coin to the blockchain, the technology that cryptocurrencies are based on. Thanks to ETH, dApp creation and smart contracts received a lot of the attention they previously lacked, and discovering new use cases for blockchain technology has become one of the largest tech-related trends in recent years.

For a long time, ETH also managed to keep its position as the second largest coin by market cap, until XRP recently dethroned it. Its price was also more than acceptable, with its all-time high being above $1,400. These days, ETH is the third largest coin with a price of only $117.46, but many believe that it might grow once again in 2019.

In the past several weeks, ETH received several updates, delivered via hard forks. The updates are expected to improve its network, and even attempt to solve scalability issues, which have been affecting digital currencies since Bitcoin’s first day. When combined with its potential for smart contracts and dApp creation, it is easy to see why investors and developers are still not ready to give up on ETH.


TRON is probably the most popular coins today, and it certainly achieved much in 2018. In a single year, that was extremely unfriendly for digital currencies, TRON managed to launch a TestNet, a MainNet, to perform a token swap, perform several large token burns, get listed on countless exchanges and wallets, launch multiple popular dApps, and even buy BitTorrent and announce a massive project centered around it.

However, despite all of these achievements, media coverage, and general hype regarding the project — its price has failed to respond. While its market cap did increase enough to grant TRX entry to the top 10 coins by market cap (currently being ranked as 9th largest crypto), it did not do much for its value, which is currently at $0.025115.

Many believe that the reason for this is the simple fact that the market doesn’t allow positive momentum, which is why TRON’s achievements do nothing for its value. Others believe that its achievements did have an impact and that they prevented the price from going lower than the current one. Whatever the case may be, TRX managed to survive two market crashes and an entire bearish year, from which it emerged strong and well-connected, with a strong potential to explode as soon as the conditions are right.

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Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Global Coin Report and/or its affiliates, employees, writers, and subcontractors are cryptocurrency investors and from time to time may or may not have holdings in some of the coins or tokens they cover. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency and read our full disclaimer.

Image courtesy of Pexels

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Ripple price (XRP/USD) edges lower amid disappointing Wednesday trading

The coin opened the session at $0.321, which remained its highest price level for the day. Moving on a mostly downward trajectory, Ripple fell to …
Ripple price (XRP/USD) edges lower amid disappointing Wednesday trading

The Ripple price (XRP/USD) has been struggling on Wednesday, following an early attempt to break above the $0.32 mark

The second-largest digital currency on the market experienced some rough trading on Sunday, with its price hitting a five-week low during the afternoon portion of the session.

The coin opened the session at $0.321, which remained its highest price level for the day. Moving on a mostly downward trajectory, Ripple fell to $0.313, which was its lowest level since December 17. However, this was followed by a burst of positive price action, which allowed the coin to mitigate its losses for the day. The coin finished the day at $0.19, according to data from digital currency tracker Coinmarketcap.

Today’s session has so far been more of the same, with the only difference being that this time Ripple had a couple of brief spells in the positive territory. The coin touched the $0.32 mark in the early hours of the session and then revisited the level in the afternoon. However, these have been among the few positives for the token, which has been mostly trading below the level of its yesterday’s close since the start of the session.

Meanwhile, the market activity appears to have weakened compared to yesterday, when Ripple posted daily trading volume of $434 million. Recent market data shows that, over the past 24 hours, global crypto exchanges have processed some $390 million worth of XRP trades. It’s worth noting that this figure does not include nearly $150 million of volume that has been generated on the BitMax exchange.

In today’s trading, the Ripple price stood at $0.317, as of 15:20 GMT. The digital coin has lost 0.5% of its value in the past 24 hours. This makes it the worst performer in the cryptocurrency top 10 over that period.

For further information on how to buy and trade Ripple, see our comprehensive Ripple guide.

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