Elon Musk to start digging tunnels in Vegas amidst SEC controversy. What’s next for him and his …

Elon Musk took to Twitter on Wednesday to announce some exciting news for The Boring Company. Musk is not known to be a man who would miss …

Elon Musk has had a busy week, last week, and life. The entrepreneur and inventor is quite a workaholic. The South African-born businessman worked and studied day and night to get where he is today. And where he is, is pretty impressive. 21 billion dollars accumulated through innovation and technological advancement. The 47-year-old is in charge of some of the biggest companies in the World. His groundbreaking electric car company Tesla, the first private space exploration company in the World – SpaceX, and his latest venture – The Boring Company.

Lately, the news media is having a go at Musk. Everything from his tweets to the security worries, to layoffs and firings. It seems like everything the man does is under fire nowadays. This Monday he was even prompted to write a response to a complaint from the SEC. The national securities and exchange commission is trying to hold Musk in contempt of Federal Court, which is quite an offense if he does get indicted.

A bit of good news

The SEC would like toprevent him from tweeting controversial stuff that affects business and stock, and Elon said something along the lines of “you can take my titles, but you will never take my tweets,” paraphrasing the first amendment. In the past, the businessman has been known for his controversial tweeting habit that got him into quite a bit of trouble last year. 2018 was a rough year all in all for Musk. From his failed relationship to a young female rapper that turned into a PR catastrophe for him, to the infamous exchange with the people trying to rescue those boys in the Thai cave, to being forced to step down as Chairman of Tesla and face a hefty fine. It’s been a challenging 12 months.

However, a new year is upon us and It’s not all gloom and doom. Elon Musk took to Twitter on Wednesday to announce some exciting news for The Boring Company. Musk is not known to be a man who would miss out on a chance to create waves on Twitter:

Las Vegas allows Boring company to dig tunnels

It would appear that Musk finally managed to secure permissions for building his underground tunnels in Las Vegas. The entrepreneur has been trying to acquire proper licenses for quite some time now. This news comes at the beginning of a new page for the company and Musk himself.

The Boring Company is a new startup by the inventor and businessman. It aims to revolutionize how cars move around in large cities. The methodology for this is good old tunnels. Musk doesn’t seem to want to invent the wheel. Just improve on it. But all of this is under question now as Musk comes under fire from SEC.

What are Elon Musk’s plans?

We’re not entirely sure. If he is indicted and found guilty, Musk could face giant fines and even be forced to step down as the CEO of Tesla. Which could be catastrophic for the company as it already struggles. Last year, Musk already had to step down as the Chairman of the company but losing a CEO is still another level of damaging. Musk himself doesn’t seem too phased by this development. Or at least, that’s what he wants us to think. The rapper Azealia Banks did leak her private correspondence with Musk’s then-girlfriend Grimes last year.

In the letters, among other things, Grimes was seen discussing the emotional instability of Musk and some of the things he struggles with. Therefore, It’s a safe bet to say that he’s probably at least somewhat worried about what’s to come. What’s more important, is that this doesn’t appear to discourage him and his work in the least.

SpaceX for finding other Worlds, Tesla and Boring Company for advancing this one

Vegas permits Elon Musk to dig tunnelsElon Musk is exceptionally good at branding and even better at innovating, inventing and tackling problems. The products he’s been consistently coming up with over the last couple of decades transformed the World to a degree and garnered a nearly cult-like following. Regardless, what one thinks of the man and his emotional issues, everyone must give credit where credit is due.

Musk created the then revolutionary digital payment system PayPal all the way back in the year 2000. Since then, he created Tesla, an electric car maker that pretty much single-handedly breathed a new life into an industry that barely even existed. Tesla is now worth more than General Motors and high-performance electric cars pioneered by the company are becoming more and more widespread. So is the autopilot technology which Tesla was also first to dabble in. At least in any significant way besides a cruise control mechanism.

Controversies regarding his companies and business practices

Now, none of what Musk does is perfect. He’s a human running multi-billion dollar companies. A lot of mistakes have been made and a lot of criticism attracted. But individuals like Musk are a force of nature. A necessary component for progress. They pave the way where others aren’t willing to venture. And as all trailblazers, Musk’s road is full of mistakes and controversial decisions.

Tesla itself is far from a truly environmentally conscious company. The car manufactures rubber tires and expensive batteries pollute the environment just like everyone else. The charging stations for Tesla cars also use dirty power grids. The environmental cost will only increase once those batteries start to become worthless in a couple of decades and will have to be thrown away to the landfills.

Make no mistake, Musk is no faultless environmental activist. The process of innovation is complicated and full of corners to cut, loopholes to abuse and sacrifices to make along the way. But it’s all worth it in the end. This is also where the Boring Company enters the game.

Musk is an innovator above everything else

Elon Musk’s self-proclaimed main goal is to create a colony on Mars. That’s what his SpaceX-related efforts are focused upon. He already revolutionized space exploration by becoming the first person in History to create reusable rockets, drastically slashing the costs for traveling to space. But not the least of his goals is to change how life works here on Earth. His struggle and frustration with Los Angeles traffic inspired him to create the Boring Company. The company wants to build complex underground railway and tunnel systems for speedy travel. The name cleverly plays off of the term “bore down”. As we mentioned, Musk is a master in branding. He’s also created Neuralink, a company the ultimate goal of which is to create a human-computer interface. Essentially, Musk wants to log a computer’s processing power into the human brain. This in case somebody thought his projects weren’t ambitious enough.

Elon Musk is aware of the environmental challenges

Musk seems to be acutely aware that his industrial efforts are leaving a trace on the environment. In a way, the Boring Company is one of the methods of combating that. Getting traffic off the city streets and down under might just prove to be a truly functional solution for city pollution. At the very least, it will reduce the amount of harmful gases and smog that city inhabitants are forced to ingest every day. The company already unveiled its first high-speed tunnel located in Hawthorne, California. The tunnel is merely a mile long and cost 10 million USD to finish. However, like all technology, it needs experimentation and tests in order to become truly efficient and functional one day.

The 10 million required for the test tunnel might sound like a lot to us, but Musk made it in a few days. Having just finished selling off 50,000 hats for 20 dollars each, Musk and Boring Company created “Not a flamethrower” in 2018. 20,000 units of the “not” flamethrower were sold for 500 USD per unit. The supply was gone in record time. And voila, there’s you 10 million dollars. This is exactly the kind of energy and unbound ambition Boring Company will need to alleviate traffic from US cities.

Boring Company: From an afterthought project to Musk’s flagship enterprise?

The Boring Company was founded nearly 3 years ago. That’s less than what it sometimes takes to pass simple legislation. During that time, the company has made impressive progress. In the beginning, the company was little more than a hobby for Musk. He said the following while being interviewed by Joe Rogan on a podcast of the same name:

“I have this, it’s sort of a hobby company, called The Boring Company, which started out as a joke, And we decided to make it real and dig a tunnel under LA. And then other people asked us to build tunnels, so we said yes in a few cases.”

It’s safe to assume that Musk didn’t have grandiose plans for the company in the start. But things change and the company now does have plans that are quite grand. The run-ins with the US lawmakers and bureaucrats must have been exhausting over these years. But now that the city of Las Vegas has finally given the project green light, the road is all clear. Musk wants to build a tunnel from the Las Vegas International Airport heading into the city. This could prove extremely helpful with the traffic problems in the city. The company claims it can do the job a measly 35-55 million USD. Compared to some of the absolutely pointless or ineffective spending cities like Las Vegas do year-round, that sum is a steal!

It might be time to let Tesla develop on its own

In case the SEC goes through with its threats and Musk is actually made to step down as CEO, it might not be the worst thing in the World for the entrepreneur. In fact, it might even be the correct way to go. Boring Company needs an effective and daring leader right now. It’s a new and highly interesting business opportunity. Especially considering how urbanization is increasing non-stop around the World. Big cities are in dire need of relief from traffic. Now that the legislative and bureaucratic threshold is beginning to lift, Musk cannot wait around. Tesla could hire a reliable, intelligent person, appoint him as CEO and the company would be fine. The company is a well-established player on the market and as we already said, has amazing market capitalization.

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Tesla doesn’t need an eccentric, benevolent mad scientist risking billions is stock price over a pair of tweets or a joint. All it needs right now is a careful guiding hand and it will be fine. The company has already started making more affordable cars and recently even slashed the prices.

Boring tunnels: A new, ironically quite exciting business venue

Public and private transportation is facing some real challenges in the US. The United States Government has so far been unable to adequately deal with the challenges the country faces. This is true in high-urbanization areas as well. The political good will and attention seem to be focused elsewhere lately. Meanwhile, the problems persevere.

SpaceX is an amazing company and the footprint it left in space exploration will never be forgotten. However, with a lot of people expressing serious doubts about how realistic a colony on Mars really is, Boring Company might provide Musk with an enterprise he can really commit to and see the results. Evolving Boring Company into a huge organization which will spread its tunnels in the World’s largest cities, alleviating or at least easing the problems associated with urbanization might even become the foremost thing Elon Musk will be truly remembered by. It would be unwise to let that opportunity pass.

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SpaceX Moon Mission Launch Could Happen In June 2020, Thanks To NASA

The SpaceX Moon mission launch could happen sooner than expected as Elon Musk’s space company is said to be the frontrunner of NASA’s …

The SpaceX Moon mission launch could happen sooner than expected as Elon Musk’s space company is said to be the frontrunner of NASA’s planned Moon exploration.

According to CNBC, NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine said in a Senate committee that they are considering the use of commercial rockets for a lunar crew test flight instead of the agency’s SLS spacecraft. The mission is tentatively scheduled for June 2020 and if all goes to plan, SpaceX could potentially win the contract.

“I think we should launch around the moon in June of 2020, and I think it can be done. We need to consider as an agency all options to accomplish that objective. Some of those options would include launching the Orion crew capsule and the European service module on a commercial rocket,” Bridenstine said.

The NASA administrator mentioned that the space agency could consider using two heavy-lift rockets and hinted of the “amazing capability that exists right now” in the U.S. space industry. Bridenstine’s statement could mean two very possible contenders of the mission: United Launch Alliance (ULA) and SpaceX, which are currently the most active private space firms today. Both companies are part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program.

Between the two, however, SpaceX seems to be the most likely choice. SpaceX is fresh from the success of its Crew Dragon capsule demo launch to the International Space Station (ISS) and the spacecraft’s recent return back to Earth without any problems.

SpaceX lead designer Musk’s vision of offering a more cost-effective option for space missions might also bode well for NASA. Currently, SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket is priced at $150 million per launch. This is a big difference compared to Boeing and Lockheed Martin’s ULA Delta IV Heavy rocket, which costs roughly $350 million per launch.

There is also the question on whether or not ULA could be ready to do a Moon mission to align with NASA’s 2020 timeline as the company needs at least two to three years to prepare for a launch. In comparison, SpaceX is capable of high volume launches.

“If speed is of the utmost importance, then they may be willing to pay more than SpaceX’s stated price. SpaceX is clearly the front-runner given this time frame,” Chad Anderson, CEO of investment firm Space Angels, said.

Musk and BridenstineElon Musk’s SpaceX could land contract to launch NASA’s moon mission. Pictured: NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine (L) speaks with SpaceX chief Elon Musk during a press conference after the launch of SpaceX Crew Dragon Demo mission at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on March 2, 2019.Photo: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images

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Elon Musk: SEC Chaos Might Allow Tesla CEO to Work on Less ‘Boring Projects

There was some great news on Wednesday for The Boring Company though, and evidently, Musk wasn’t going to miss the chance to get his fingers …

If Elon Musk was busy last week, he’s swamped this week. The workaholic Tesla boss has his hands full at the best of times overseeing one of the world’s most valuable car companies (Tesla), a ground-breaking private space exploration enterprise (Space X) and his lesser-known but equally interesting public-transit company (The Boring Company). Telsa has been occupying a lot of media coverage lately, with safety concerns and company layoffs. On Monday his schedule got even more hectic as he was forced to file a response to a worrying SEC complaint which wants to hold him in contempt of Federal Court.

The SEC want to stop him tweeting, and Elon said (roughly speaking) “you can take my titles, but you’ll never take my tweets” citing his first amendment rights. Many political commentators thought this was absolutely the wrong way to go. There was some great news on Wednesday for The Boring Company though, and evidently, Musk wasn’t going to miss the chance to get his fingers tapping,

Looking forward to building a Boring Company tunnel in Vegas. Assuming to be operational by end of year! https://t.co/cSSO4SJ140

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 12, 2019

What Next For Musk When the SEC Dust Settles?

So what happens next? Well if he’s found guilty, he could potentially be banned from tweeting, face a huge fine and/or lose the Tesla CEO position. He has already given up as Chairman, but Chief Executive Office could be a more significant blow to the company. At this point does Musk even care? I would argue possibly not.

Space X Can Help us Reach Another World, But the Boring Company Can Improve This One

Elon Musk is an innovator and a problem solver first and a businessman second. What he excels at is creating groundbreaking products and marketing them in a way that generates an almost religious following. Tesla launched an electric car when no one could make one that looked and performed better than a cereal box. He changed the plug-in vehicle game forever. But now what? Its already worth more than GM and electric cars are becoming the norm rather than the exception, as is development in self-driving technology. Teslas use rubber tires and environmentally expensive battery manufacturing processes.Most of their charging stations use dirty power grids like everyone else.

Even the most ardent supporters have to admit that they are still an environmental negative when charging their Model S, 3 or X. Don’t even think about what we are going to have to do to dispose of the batteries when they are spent in 20 years. You can’t just melt them down like a regular car. Add in the fumes and fuel from Space X-ploration and Musk isn’t looking like the tree-hugger he was accused of being at the beginning of all of this. Enter the Boring Company.

Musk Is First of All a Visionary

Elon Musk loves to be on the cutting edge of innovation and Tesla is the mainstream now. It’s Beverly Hill’s Prius (a little joke for the Los Angelenos there). His biggest goal is he wants to get to Mars, but for sure he wants to keep making a difference on earth too. As a resident of the West-Side of Los Angeles, Musk knows what pain traffic causes in urban areas as much as anyone. Well, the Boring Company seeks to solve these problems by creating a more efficient, speedier and safer public transportation system. In LA everything is so built up over the ground, underground provides a unique opportunity.

This is where Elon can be an environmentalist. He knows that changing car motors to electric doesn’t get the life-shortening particulates out of our cities and that Lithium is a nightmare to procure. The real answer to urban pollution is to get cars off the roads or at least reduce their road time.

tesla stock price, citron researchtesla stock price, citron research

Tesla’s path is clearly plotted, what left is there for Musk to do?| Source: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images / AFP

More Attention Will Improve Boring’s prospects

His incredibly hectic schedule has at times made it seem like The Boring Company was an afterthought, and some struggles with Californian bureaucrats may have dented his enthusiasm. Musk is no stranger to legal obstacles after launching Telsa’s direct to consumer business model, and it is great to see the City of Las Vegas apparently on board with what Boring are trying to do. The proposed loop for the tunnel would help ease congestion and provide transport from the Las Vegas International airport. All for a staggeringly low cost of $35 to $55 million! California can barely build a public toilet for less than $100 million.

Tesla is Fully Evolved, It’s Time to Let Go

Losing the Tesla CEO position might be exactly the jolt Musk needs. Of all his companies, Boring Company needs him the most. A safe pair of hands could push Tesla along at this point. All you need is to avoid scandals and keep coming up with fun updates for the cars. Much like Tim Cook is doing at Apple without Steve Jobs. Musk has laid out enough of a vision for the future of the company with all the planned models that there isn’t much “envisioning” left to do. Boring Company needs a push at this stage; however, as with Urban centers around the world increasingly getting busier, infrastructure is groaning.

Lack of Urban Infrastructure a Major Obstacle to Global Growth

The US Government have so far failed to address this issue meaningfully. With all the talk of the wall and raising taxes and Russia, everyone has forgotten that both sides want to spend money on the US’s crumbling infrastructure. Bi-partisan concessions or agreement seem to be toxic in Washington at the moment, which is a shame as it means this vital project is, once again, left to gather dust on the steps.

Boring by Name, Not By Nature

Look at how the Boring Company came to be created in this quote from Musk on Joe Rogan’s show,

“I have this, it’s sort of a hobby company, called The Boring Company, which started out as a joke, And we decided to make it real and dig a tunnel under LA. And then other people asked us to build tunnels, so we said yes in a few cases.”

Well, what started as a joke might turn out to be pivotal in making the 15-mile, 2-hour commute a thing of the past. It could be Musk’s enduring legacy if he doesn’t get people to Mars.

While I’m thinking about it, someone @ Elon musk or The Boring Company and ask him/them to take over California’s high-speed rail project. Billions could be saved as they wouldn’t need to worry about buying so much land. It could also be more direct as it wouldn’t affect any protected areas. Get digging guys.

The Pentagon wants $14.1 billion to help the Air Force develop ‘space warriors’

The Pentagon wants to set aside $1.7 billion to buy four rockets for national security space launches. SpaceX and United Launch Alliance — the joint …

The Air Force is also seeking $72.4 million to establish a headquarters for Trump’s proposed Space Force. The figure represents about 0.01 percent of the proposed Pentagon budget of $718 billion. President Donald Trumpsigned a directive last month ordering the Pentagon to draft legislation that would create the Space Force as a part of the U.S. Air Force. Space Force is slated to become the sixth military branch, the first in 72 years.

Goldfein said the next milestone in creating a sixth and separate military branch would be to pick a combatant commander for space.

“It normalizes space war fighting for us, and we as a department then know how to act,” he said.

Initially, the Space Force would be composed of approximately 15,000 personnel, most of which would transfer from existing sister service branches. While the White House is asking for $8 billion over the next five years to establish the force, departing Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson told CNBC last year that the new branch is likely to cost as much as $13 billion.

The Pentagon wants to set aside $1.7 billion to buy four rockets for national security space launches. SpaceX and United Launch Alliance — the joint venture of Boeing and Lockheed Martin — are the two rocket companies likely to bid for the $1.7 billion in contracts. In the past year, SpaceX has won seven national security launch contracts worth $718 million total, while ULA has won five worth $796.8 million.

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Baksman: Fast And Instant Cryptocurrency Exchange

For EXMO Exchange users, the platform has allocated a separate direction of EXMO codes with the top list of cryptocurrencies. Users do not need to …

Genius, billionaire, philanthropist, engineer, inventor and investor, a man whose name has been very popular in recent years. The man drove by a dream, a dreamer who wants to conquer the space and bring technology to an absolutely new unprecedented level. As you may have guessed, this is Elon Reeve Musk.In this article, we will talk about how the man who was born in the poor city of Pretoria which is in the Republic of South Africa, has risen on the top of technological progress.

1. Early years

As we said above, everything began in South Africa, in the city of Pretoria. The father of the future genius was a successful businessman and was able to give his 10-year-old son a computer Commodore VIC-20, on which little Elon learned to program. The first deal in Musk`s life happened when he was 12 years old: he sold his first video game “Blast star” for 500 dollars. This game was a rethinking of the well-known game “Space in Waders”. The teenager invested the raised money in shares of a pharmaceutical company, the development of which was closely followed by his father. When he was 17 years old, Musk sold these shares to leave his hometown for studying in Canada. It should be noted that Elon’s parents were against such a decision, but the young Musk insisted on his own and left his homeland and flew to North America.

2. The first companies and PayPal

In Canada, Musk settled at relatives, soon he applied to Stanford, but never finished it. In 1996, Elon together with his brother created his own company Zip2, which developed software for news companies. After just three years, in 1999, Compaq bought Zip2 for $308 million. Musk’s share of this deal was $22 million. A few months later, Elon became one of the founders of the company X.com, which after the merger with the company Confinity became the world-famous payment system PayPal. It should be noted that Elon himself was against the name of PayPal. This service began to actively develop, mainly it was used to buy various goods at auctions, including the most famous Ebay.com. In October 2002, the company PayPal was bought by eBay, the amount of the deal amounted to $1.5 billion, a record for those times. At the time of the sale, Elon Musk owned 11.7% of the company’s shares, which allowed him to receive $165 million.

3. Road to the stars “SpaceX”

In 2002, Musk founded the company SpaceX, which is a private developer of a series of launch vehicles and a commercial operator of space systems. It should be noted that Musk personally invested in SpaceX $100 million, which he had earned from the sale of his previous companies. Elon Musk set the goal: “to reduce the cost of space flight by 10 times.” It seemed unreal, but it took 6 years for Musk and his engineering team to realize it. In 2008, Nasa signed a contract with SpaceX for $1.6 billion. It is very important to note that Elon Musk not only managed this company, he also dealt with engineering and visual activities. As his partners say, Musk independently studied rocket science and continues his own self-study to this day. Almost all the brilliant ideas implemented in SpaceX came to Elona Musk’s mind.

SpaceX is the only company in the world that uses the first stages of launch vehicles on a reusable basis. The ultimate Musk`s goal is the conquest of the space: a colony on Mars and other space bodies of the Solar System. The first flight to the Red Planet is scheduled for 2024. A huge BFR (big falcon rocket) spacecraft is currently in a process of development.

4. Electrification of the automotive industry “Tesla”

At the same time that SpaceX was developing, Musk started the not less ambitious project – in 2003 Musk founded Tesla Motors, the company that specializes in the production of electric cars. This was a very difficult project since Musk and his team were pioneers in this market. In 2006, the brainchild of Elon launched his first car Tesla Roadster, which is a two-seater supercar. The production of this model was very limited since all the cars were assembled by hand.

Now Tesla company is one of the largest car manufacturers in the United States. The company’s lineup now includes Model S (business class sedan), Model X (roomy crossover), Model 3 (budget sedan), Tesla Semi (truck, mass production will begin at the end of 2019), Tesla Roadster 2 (supercar, mass production will begin in 2020). Also in the project are the Model Y (budget crossover) and Tesla pickup.

Source: https://www.wikipedia.org/

In 2018, the company had problems that were related to the scaling of production capacity of Model 3, but 3 and 4 quarters of 2018 were profitable for the company and Musk promised investors that the worst was over and that in the future the company would only expect growth and prosperity.

5. Transition to the energy of the sun “Solar City”

In July 2006, Elon Musk`s cousins (with his participation) founded the company Solar City, which specializes in installing solar panels on the roofs of both private houses and public premises. Just a year after the founding of this company, it became the leader in its field of activity in California. Subsequently, Solar City was acquired by Tesla.

6. Underground tunnels “Boring company”

Another problem that Elon Musk decided to fight with was traffic jams. To solve this problem, Elon proposed to build a network of underground tunnels in which cars would move on special platforms, at a speed of 200 km/h. Musk with the company’s engineers are working to improve the drilling rigs in order to cut down the cost of building tunnels by ten times. The most advanced modern boring machines move with a speed that is 7 times less than the speed of movement of an ordinary snail. As Musk joked, the main goal of the company is to outrun the snail. In December 2018, the Boring Company held a presentation of its first test tunnel, which cost the company $10 million, which is several times less than the average market price for a contractor.

7. Conclusion

Elon Musk is very versatile, he has a number of innovative, but less well-known projects:

  • StarLink is a satellite Internet project with coverage of 100% of the globe. The idea is to launch about 12,000 satellites into low-Earth orbit, which will have to give the Internet anywhere in the world. This is a project of SpaceX, which is now actively preparing for its implementation.
  • Hyperloop – a project of a supersonic train. For the first time, this idea was voiced by Elon Musk in 2012, but he said that he would not personally deal with its implementation. Already after a short period of time, there were created two companies which actively began to implement the project.
  • Neuralink is a neurocomputer interface project. To fully describe this idea of Elon Musk, it is needed to write a separate rather long article. But in short words, Neuralink will help connect the human brain directly to the Internet and to the gadgets that surround us. Today it sounds like a fantastic movie script, but some 10 years ago, self-driving electric cars or manned first stages of launch vehicles that land and can fly again, were also unreal. But as we see, all the goals that Elon Musk sets for himself, sooner or later become a reality.

So we can only wish him good luck and watch him changing our world beyond recognition.

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