SoftBank Group Q3 op profit falls 99%; misses analyst estimates

TOKYO, Feb 12 (Reuters) – Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp said on Wednesday its third-quarter operating profit fell 99%, well short of analyst estimates, …

TOKYO, Feb 12 (Reuters) – Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp said on Wednesday its third-quarter operating profit fell 99%, well short of analyst estimates, pulled down by losses at the $100 billion Vision Fund.

Profit reached 2.6 billion yen ($24 million) for October-December versus 438 billion yen in the same period a year prior, the technology investor said in a stock exchange filing.

The result compared with the 345 billion yen average of three analyst estimates compiled by Refinitiv. ($1 = 109.8500 yen)

Reporting by Sam Nussey; Editing by Christopher Cushing

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The Week in Numbers: US-China Trade Deal on The Cards?

Yield-hungry investors in Japan rushed to snap up SoftBank Group Corp bonds. Monex Group Inc’s online brokerage sold out 500 million yen (S$6.46 …

There was good news for investors as both the US and China made peace-making gestures to ease an already bruising trade war.

China will exempt some agricultural products from the additional tariffs on US goods and will renew the purchase of US farm goods. China has bought US pork despite a 62% tariff imposed on pork since last year.

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Meanwhile, the US will delay a tariff increase on certain Chinese imports. President Trump tweeted on Wednesday that he will hold off on the 5% increase in tariffs on certain Chinese goods until October 15 from the original date of October 1. This was out of respect for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

The US is calling for China to end what they believe to be unfair practices such as intellectual property theft, industrial subsidies, currency manipulation, and forced technology transfer.

The Hong Kong Exchange (which had a US$39 billion offer to take over the London Stock Exchange (LSE) rejected) has vowed to press on with the deal. The London Stock Exchange also said it would be sticking with its US$27 billion acquisition of data and analytics company Refinitiv.

LSE shares rose 3.3% on the news of the rejection. The LSE also owns the Milan stock exchange and has a large presence in the US through its FTSE Russell index subsidiary and LCH.

Meanwhile, 23% of surveyed companies with an office in Hong Kong are thinking of leaving the city to escape ongoing protests, with Singapore as their favoured destination. Around 1% have already made plans to relocate. Of those firms who are thinking of leaving, 90% see Singapore as the best option.

Around 80% of respondents said the protests have affected their future investment decisions regarding Hong Kong.

Developers in Singapore are concerned about the lackluster new home sales according to Chia Ngiang Hong, president of the Real Estate Developers Association Singapore (Redas).

Based on URA data, as of 30 June 2019, there were about 54,000 uncompleted private residential units in the pipeline with planning approvals and 35,500 of these units remain unsold. On top of that, the supply overhang is exacerbated by the potential 7,100 units from GLS sites and successful collective sales over the year that have not been granted planning approval.

All in, Chia estimates there will be 43,000 units available for sale in the near future. Based on the current take up of 8,000 a year, it will take four to five years for the market to absorb all the available units.

US stocks ended the week at near all-time highs. The Dow closed at 27,219.52, just 140 points shy of its all-time high recorded on July 15. The broader S&P 500 ended the week at 3,007.39, while the tech-heavy Nasdaq closed at 8,176.71. The US Federal Reserve has a policy meeting next week and is likely to cut interest rates once more, which could give the stock market another leg up.

Yield-hungry investors in Japan rushed to snap up SoftBank Group Corp bonds. Monex Group Inc’s online brokerage sold out 500 million yen (S$6.46 million) of the bonds in less than three minutes. Softbank is raising a total of 400 billion yen in the most recent bond sale and has priced the seven-year notes at a 1.38% interest rate.

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Cryptocurrency Personal Property Exchanges Pre-TCJA

We’ve been discussing virtual currency, cryptocurrencies, and digital currency quite a bit lately here. That’s by design. They’ve all been in the media a …

We’ve been discussing virtual currency, cryptocurrencies, and digital currency quite a bit lately here. That’s by design. They’ve all been in the media a lot lately. That’s largely due to the increased tax collection efforts by the IRS. Many bitcoin holders started out with the impression that they were “outside the system”. Despite those impressions, though, the IRS has made it abundantly clear that this isn’t the case.

Now, the IRS is looking at cryptocurrency investors and their cryptocurrency transactions with focused attention. The IRS is just like any other person or entity. That is, it doesn’t want to waste its time and energy. And this means that it wisely directs its attention to those who have the most resources. Many bitcoin holders have massive tax liabilities to the IRS. The media is focusing on them. The IRS doesn’t want to lose its slice of the pie. Accordingly, we’re now we’re seeing it exert increased efforts to use the tax law to move in that direction.

Personal Property Classification

The IRS’ classification of cryptocurrency as “personal property” for a tax year has some interesting implications. One implication is that cryptocurrencies may have been eligible in “personal property” 1031 exchanges prior to the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (TCJA). This issue is moot now, though, because the TCJA eliminated all personal property exchanges. But we may also see reviews of exchanges which occurred before the TCJA was implemented. In this post, we will go over the basics of personal property exchanges and then discuss some of the issues which may come up when pre-tax reform crypto exchanges are examined by the IRS in an audit. We’ll look at issues like potential short term capital gains taxes.

Personal Property Exchanges Pre-TCJA

Prior to the TCJA, taxpayers were able to exchange personal property held for business or investment purposes under Section 1031 in like kind exchanges. Many intermediaries specialized in personal property exchanges, and those intermediaries went out of business the moment that the TCJA took effect. Common exchange items, pre-TCJA, were for assets like business jets, cars owned by rental agencies, precious metals and antique cars. The rules for exchanging personal property were a bit different than the rules for real estate. The like-kind requirement, for instance, was interpreted more narrowly, as personal property had to be matched, according to “asset class.” This meant that a business jet couldn’t be exchanged for gold, for instance.

Before the TCJA, many crypto holders asked the question: does Section 1031 apply to bitcoin and other cryptocurrency? Is Form 8824 a required attachment to a Form 1040 personal income tax return? ? In light of the IRS position in Notice 2014-21, the logical response appears to be “yes.” If bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is taxable, then they should also be eligible for tax deferral. But, in light of the novelty of cryptocurrency, it’s likely that crypto exchange gains or losses occurring pre-TCJA will be reviewed by the IRS.

Review of Pre-TCJA Crypto Exchanges

If the IRS does review crypto exchanges occurring in the pre-TCJA era, what will be the outcome? These exchanges would seem to touch on key legal requirements, such as the like-kind requirement. If a person exchanges bitcoin for another cryptocurrency, such as Ethereum, does that satisfy the like-kind requirement? The answer seems to be yes, as they are both “cryptocurrency” and have similar features. But, what if there is a bitcoin exchange for another currency altogether, such as Japanese Yen or Mexican Pesos? If cryptocurrency is classed as property, then a logical argument can be made that it should also be in the same asset class as other currency. This could even mean that cryptocurrency exchanged for U.S. dollars could qualify for tax deferral. We won’t know the answer until we know the asset class which cryptocurrency falls into. That, in turn, will require an IRS ruling.

As we know, exchanges are documented at the time of their occurrence, in order to be valid. Accordingly, crypto holders cannot retroactively go back and try to claim that a particular transaction was an “exchange” after the fact. If someone sells their rental property and then later tries to use that property in an exchange, they will fail. That’s because that property became ineligible the moment it was sold without a contract with an intermediary. But clearly we can see that many issues come up when we discuss cryptocurrency in the context of Section 1031. If personal property exchanges return, and there’s a chance that they might, we’ll undoubtedly see cryptocurrency figure prominently in the debate.

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So there you have it. We may see a few crypto exchanges scrutinized by the IRS to see if those exchanges qualified under the old rules. If this does happen, the outcome will be interesting. There’s a chance that personal property exchanges may again be recognized in the future; so crypto exchanges may return. Who knows, we may even see this issue lobbied for by cryptocurrency enthusiasts during the next tax law change.

At Mackay, Caswell & Callahan, P.C., we try hard to stay on the cutting-edge of tax law. We do this by keeping up with current issues and reviewing current cases. We’ll continue to keep a focus on the evolving cryptocurrency tax treatment. That’s because we know that this is a key topic, both in the media, and the tax world, today. In addition to helping clients who have crypto tax debt, we handle cases involving New York income tax debt, sales tax debt, OICs, installments, and other tax matters. If you have a tax case and need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Contact us and one of our top New York City tax attorneys will review your issue right away.

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Head of Libra Association Says Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Will Launch in 2020, Renminbi “Will …

Bertrand Perez, General Director of the Libra Association says Facebook has no plans to delay the launch of its global (crypto)currency network, …

Bertrand Perez, General Director of the Libra Association says Facebook has no plans to delay the launch of its global (crypto)currency network, despite outcry from global regulators.

“We are firmly maintaining our launch schedule, between the end of the first half of next year and the end of 2020,” Perez told online French news site Les Echos this week.

Facebook may be attempting to kowtow to powerful Western interests to help ease tensions if Perez comments to Les Echos are any indication.

In the interview, he assured the public, “the Renminbi will not be part of,” the basket of reserve currencies used to back Libra.

The comment is noteworthy.

In July, Chinese bankers convening at an academic conference at Peking University expressed serious concerns that Libra could upset the balance established by the International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Rights basket.

That basket currently includes the Chinese yuan, US dollars, Euros, Japanese yen and British pounds, and “serves as the unit of account of the IMF and some other international organizations.”

“If the digital currency (Libra) is closely associated with the US dollar,” said Wang Xin, director of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), “it could create a scenario under which sovereign currencies would coexist with US dollar-centric digital currencies. But there would be in essence one boss, that is the US dollar and the United States. If so, it would bring a series of economic, financial and even international political consequences.”

Perez’ interview did nothing to quell China’s concerns:

“(The Libra coin) is 99% fixed, and will include the dollar, euro, yen, pound sterling and Singapore dollar…(as well as) very short-term government dept (less than one year) of these countries.”

As well:

“We are still thinking about weightings, but the dollar should have a very significant weight, around half.”

The Libra Association plans to ongoingly adjust basket holdings based on performance, said Perez:

“If there is a disaster on a currency or crisis between now and the launch of the Libra, we could remove it from the basket, but this decision should be subject to a vote and taken by a two-thirds majority of the association’s members.”

Critics have warned rapid implementation of Libra payments across Facebook’s network of 2.4 billion users could have a destabilizing effect on the current global financial balance and/or could undermine sanctions or illicit finance controls.

Critics have also questioned Facebook’s ability to competently act as a central bank adjusting the taps on a massive currency system, especially given the company’s dramatic mishandling of customer data (ie. the Cambridge Analytica affair).

Other critics have argued that history has proven that currency systems are best managed by elected bodies- not private companies.

The Libra Association has 28 current (mostly corporate) members, and Perez told Les Echos the association plans to bring that number to 100 by next year.

Perez also claimed the association has received “many more than a hundred” requests to join.

Perez dismissed concerns regarding the potentially destabilizing effect of Libra, and said the system will circulate, “a hundred and probably no more than $200 billion (units).”

According to the current model, Libra coins will be “stablecoins” designed to maintain a consistent value via rebalancing of assets in the reserve basket.

The relatively insubstantial amount of Libras (initially?) makes concerns about destabilization overblown, said Perez:

“This is a low figure compared to the global financial markets for currencies. We are not going to become a new BlackRock. For this reason, we do not believe that the fears about the destabilizing nature of this reserve on the monetary policy of the central banks whose currencies are in our basket are well founded. It is their monetary policies that will influence Libra, through the basket, and not the other way around.”

Perez added that, “Facebook’s motto encourages governments to accelerate their own cryptomoney projects”:

“We are also assuring central banks that…we are not going to create money. We are not here to do the work of the banks.”

While the Libra network will not be fully implemented until at least next year, Perez claimed that, “(Libra) is about to obtain…approval as a payment system in Switzerland.”

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Citigroup (C) Holding Maintained by Miles Capital Inc; Post Holdings (POST) Share Value …

Loan Was ‘Completely Appropriate’–Update; 04/04/2018 – Brian Friedman, President of Leucadia National Corporation, and Bonnie Howard, Former …

Post Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:POST) Logo

Miles Capital Inc increased its stake in Citigroup Inc (C) by 256.93% based on its latest 2019Q2 regulatory filing with the SEC. Miles Capital Inc bought 9,784 shares as the company’s stock rose 1.72% . The institutional investor held 13,592 shares of the major banks company at the end of 2019Q2, valued at $952,000, up from 3,808 at the end of the previous reported quarter. Miles Capital Inc who had been investing in Citigroup Inc for a number of months, seems to be bullish on the $158.07B market cap company. The stock increased 0.97% or $0.67 during the last trading session, reaching $69.97. About 2.21 million shares traded. Citigroup Inc. (NYSE:C) has declined 1.56% since September 13, 2018 and is downtrending. It has underperformed by 1.56% the S&P500. Some Historical C News: 15/05/2018 – CITIGROUP INC – CREDIT CARD CHARGE-OFFS 2.80 PCT IN APRIL VS 2.78 PCT IN MARCH – SEC FILING; 13/04/2018 – Citigroup profit tops estimates on consumer banking strength; 05/03/2018 – ETEnergyWorld: ETEnergyworld | Saudi ACWA Power picks JPMorgan, Citigroup for IPO; 07/05/2018 – AERCAP HOLDINGS NV AER.N : CITIGROUP RAISES TARGET PRICE TO $60 FROM $57; 08/03/2018 – MOVES-Citi Private Bank names Thomas Schlaus Zurich team leader; 21/03/2018 – Citi Says Kushner Cos. Loan Was ‘Completely Appropriate’–Update; 04/04/2018 – Brian Friedman, President of Leucadia National Corporation, and Bonnie Howard, Former Chief Auditor of Citigroup, appointed to leadership positions on the Board of Directors of STRIVE International; 15/03/2018 – CITIGROUP INC – CREDIT CARD CHARGE-OFFS 2.57 PCT IN FEBRUARY VS 2.17 PCT IN JANUARY – SEC FILING; 13/04/2018 – CITIGROUP INC – QTRLY CITIGROUP TOTAL REVENUE $18.87 BLN, UP 3 PCT; 13/04/2018 – Citigroup Reports Higher Earnings, Revenue

Route One Investment Company Lp increased its stake in Post Holdings Inc. (POST) by 0.76% based on its latest 2019Q2 regulatory filing with the SEC. Route One Investment Company Lp bought 44,868 shares as the company’s stock declined 4.14% . The hedge fund held 5.97 million shares of the consumer non-durables company at the end of 2019Q2, valued at $620.20M, up from 5.92 million at the end of the previous reported quarter. Route One Investment Company Lp who had been investing in Post Holdings Inc. for a number of months, seems to be bullish on the $7.82 billion market cap company. The stock increased 0.95% or $1.01 during the last trading session, reaching $106.99. About 7,081 shares traded. Post Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:POST) has risen 23.11% since September 13, 2018 and is uptrending. It has outperformed by 23.11% the S&P500. Some Historical POST News: 15/05/2018 – Japan Post Holdings FY Rev Y12.92T Vs Y13.33T; 19/03/2018 – JAPAN POST HOLDINGS 6178.T -REVISES 2017/18 GROUP RECURRING FORECAST TO PROFIT 890.00 BLN YEN FROM PROFIT 780.00 BLN YEN (+14.1%); 17/05/2018 – Post Holdings Announces Confidential Submission of Amendment to Draft Registration Statement for Proposed Initial Public Offeri; 19/03/2018 – Japan Post Holdings Raises FY Net View To Y450.00B; 28/03/2018 – Post Holdings Announces Confidential Submission of Draft Registration Statement for Proposed Initial Public Offering of its Private Brands Business; 17/05/2018 – POST HOLDINGS CONTINUES TO EVALUATE OPTIONS FOR PRIVATE BRANDS; 03/05/2018 – Post Holdings: Backs FY Adjusted EBITDA Guidance $1.22B-$1.25B; 03/05/2018 – POST HOLDINGS INC – MANAGEMENT HAS AFFIRMED ITS FISCAL YEAR 2018 ADJUSTED EBITDA RANGE OF $1.22-$1.25 BLN; 08/03/2018 – POST HOLDINGS INC – TERM LOAN MATURITY DATE OF MAY 24, 2024; 25/05/2018 – POST HOLDINGS INC – CAUSE OF FIRE AT ITS MICHAEL FOODS PLANT, WHICH STARTED IN DUCT WORK OF AN OVEN, IS BEING INVESTIGATED

Investors sentiment decreased to 0.82 in 2019 Q2. Its down 0.12, from 0.94 in 2019Q1. It turned negative, as 46 investors sold C shares while 485 reduced holdings. 99 funds opened positions while 336 raised stakes. 1.66 billion shares or 6.33% less from 1.78 billion shares in 2019Q1 were reported. Becker Cap Management holds 1.76% or 692,861 shares in its portfolio. Macquarie invested in 0.04% or 359,044 shares. Macroview Invest Limited Liability Corp owns 56 shares. Envestnet Asset Mgmt Inc holds 0.07% of its portfolio in Citigroup Inc. (NYSE:C) for 812,056 shares. Laurion Cap Lp holds 88,871 shares. Community Trust & Investment holds 1.94% of its portfolio in Citigroup Inc. (NYSE:C) for 225,221 shares. North Star Invest Mgmt stated it has 0.06% in Citigroup Inc. (NYSE:C). Optimum Invest Advsr reported 0.18% in Citigroup Inc. (NYSE:C). Gyroscope Cap Mgmt Limited Liability Company accumulated 110,679 shares. 479 are held by Nuwave Invest Management Ltd Limited Liability Company. Skylands Cap Ltd Llc accumulated 193,475 shares or 1.86% of the stock. Qci Asset Management Inc New York has invested 0.03% in Citigroup Inc. (NYSE:C). South Texas Money Mngmt accumulated 686,744 shares. Cordasco Financial Networks invested in 0.01% or 116 shares. Twin Focus Prtn Ltd Liability Corporation invested in 0.17% or 5,840 shares.

More notable recent Citigroup Inc. (NYSE:C) news were published by: which released: “Citigroup sounding good on interest income – Seeking Alpha” on September 09, 2019, also with their article: “Citigroup On The Edge Of Forever – Seeking Alpha” published on August 17, 2019, published: “7 Upcoming IPOs for September – Yahoo Finance” on September 10, 2019. More interesting news about Citigroup Inc. (NYSE:C) were released by: and their article: “Citigroup, BNP mixed into U.S. case against Huawei CFO – Seeking Alpha” published on August 21, 2019 as well as‘s news article titled: “Why a $3 Billion Fund Is Betting on Citigroup Stock and Against Tesla – Barron’s” with publication date: August 15, 2019.

Investors sentiment increased to 1.2 in Q2 2019. Its up 0.07, from 1.13 in 2019Q1. It is positive, as 31 investors sold POST shares while 84 reduced holdings. 39 funds opened positions while 99 raised stakes. 64.41 million shares or 2.09% less from 65.78 million shares in 2019Q1 were reported. Charles Schwab Inv Inc holds 383,812 shares. Manufacturers Life Insur The holds 161,782 shares. Moreover, Signature Est & Inv Advsr Limited Liability Company has 0.1% invested in Post Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:POST) for 12,549 shares. Federated Investors Pa holds 0.06% or 221,443 shares in its portfolio. Ameriprise Financial invested in 0.01% or 265,364 shares. Barclays Public Limited Company reported 0.01% in Post Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:POST). Goldman Sachs Group Incorporated has invested 0.01% in Post Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:POST). Proshare Advsrs Limited Liability Corp has invested 0% of its portfolio in Post Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:POST). New Mountain Vantage Advisers Ltd Llc invested 0.8% in Post Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:POST). 1,329 are held by Captrust Fincl Advsr. Hanseatic Management Ser invested 0.64% in Post Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:POST). Dupont Cap Management Corp reported 7,717 shares. Apg Asset Management Nv accumulated 0.07% or 424,100 shares. Services Automobile Association invested in 0% or 11,897 shares. Arizona State Retirement Sys stated it has 48,416 shares.

Since August 29, 2019, it had 1 buy, and 0 sales for $196,256 activity.

Citigroup Inc. (NYSE:C) Institutional Positions Chart

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