Key start Loans starts a Peer-to-Peer Investing Platform as a Disruptive New Tool.

KeyStartFunds is a using award-winning fintech to upend the industry. FinTech, which stands for “financial technology,” has been one of the biggest …

KeyStartFunds is a using award-winning fintech toupend the industry.

FinTech, whichstands for “financial technology,” has been one of the biggest buzzwords in theworld of finance over the last few years, and for good reason. Broadlyspeaking, FinTech is made up of new technologies that are applied to—orsometimes specifically designed for—the traditional financial services sector.And as of late, they are startingto disrupt the financial industry bybringing in a deluge of new players who had previously been denied access tothe game. And one of the most obvious examples is peer-to-peer investing.

Peer-to-peerinvesting is changing the way people invest and borrow money. In years past, ifyou wanted to borrow money to start a business or buy a house, your only optionwas to go to a bank and apply for a loan. Thus, only large financialinstitutions had access to highly profitable debt investments. But now, peer2peertechnologies are democratizing the process. Online peer-to-peer platforms areconnecting borrowers with private investors by the thousands, creating anentirely new, mutually beneficial asset class in the process.

One of the mostnoteworthy peer-to-peer investing services out there today is KeyStartFunds.Launching in April 2019 with backing from its mother company Key start Loans a20 year old Australian financial services company and several prominent venturecapital firms, the company has built an innovative peer-to-peer investingplatform that is arguably going to disrupt the investment market than anyother firm.

KeyStartFundsPeer-To-Peer Investing

KeyStartFundsis a high-tech online marketplace for loans.Put another way, it’s a peer2peerlending platform that breaks standard loans upinto small pieces so individuals can become microlenders. And the entireprocess is guided by cutting-edge data analytics.

KeyStartFunds works with established private lenders from acrossthe world to purchase buy back guaranteed debt. They review each lender’s trackrecord, then run the loans through their own proprietary analytics engine. Byusing advanced algorithms and data science, the company is able to curate apool of safe, high-qualify debt investments. In this way KeyStartFunds connectsinvestors with borrowers in a way never before possible. Investors get to earn15 percent or more on their investments, and borrowers get the money they needto buy a house or run a business.

But KeyStartFunds’sFinTechinnovation doesn’t stop merely at peer2peerlending. They also employcutting-edge Automated Investing technology that takes the guesswork out ofbuilding an investment portfolio. All you have to do as an investor is selectyour investment criteria, such as interest rate or loan term, and you will benotified when loans that meet your criteria become available or authorise autoinvest robot to make investments on your behalf.

P2P Loans are the most innovative way to invest yourmoney. It earns you great returns while generating monthly cash flow that you canreinvest and earn even higher returns it may just be amatter of time before KeyStartFunds’s automated investing tech becomesavailable to everybody.

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Upstart raises $50 million and partners with banks to expand its AI lending business

The startup counts Google Ventures, Khosla Ventures, former Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt, Mark Cuban, and Salesforce founder and …

Upstart, a startup founded by ex-Googlers that uses AI to identify who should get a loan and of what size, said today it has raised $50 million. The startup has also inked deals with banks as it looks to expand its lending business.

The series D round for the San Francisco-based startup was led by Progressive Investment Company, Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan, and First National Bank of Omaha. In total, the seven-year-old startup has raised $160 million to date, with more than $100 million in cash and equity capital in hand. The startup counts Google Ventures, Khosla Ventures, former Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt, Mark Cuban, and Salesforce founder and CEO Marc Benioff among its early investors.

In its seven-year journey, Upstart has scaled its business impressively. More than $3.3 billion in loans have originated from the platform, CEO Dave Girouard said. He told VentureBeat that the startup, which makes most of its revenue from borrower fees or servicing charges, has been profitable since the second half of 2018 — a status it expects to retain throughout this year.

Upstart is among a growing crop of peer-to-peer lending platforms that matches borrowers with those willing to lend. Upstart competes with a score of startups, including Funding Circle, Prosper, and SoFi, that are also attempting to tackle credit-card debt consolidations and small-business loans. These finances are different from typical mortgages and home equity loans that are secured against significant collateral such as a home.

Upstart’s biggest selling point is its use of machine learning to make its credit decisions — that is, who should be eligible to get credit, of what size, and at what rate. The startup largely serves college graduates aged between 28 to 35 with an average of $12,000 in credit card debt, Girouard said. These customers don’t have a comprehensive credit score history.

The startup also uses AI to eliminate fraud and automate most of its verification processes, Girouard said. In the past two years, the startup has fully automated two-thirds of the loans that it approves, he added. This means that a person who is looking to get a loan does not need to provide any documentation or sit through a phone screening.

Upstart said it has inked its first deal with Customers Bank and its BankMobile division as a technology partner, meaning it sees itself as a technology platform instead of a financial institution that would someday finance all the loans itself. First National Bank of Omaha, First Federal Bank of Kansas City, and Accion Chicago will be leveraging Upstart’s technology as part of a similar agreement.

These partnerships are important to Upstart, which has been increasingly trying to expand its licensing business — thereby operating as a “lending-as-a-service” — that sees bank partners share a cut. “With Powered by Upstart, banks and other lenders can leverage Upstart’s AI platform in the form of a white-labeled lending application to power their own lending programs,” an Upstart spokesperson said in a statement. “The Powered by Upstart platform allows banks and other lenders to enforce their own credit policy and lending terms while benefiting from Upstart’s patent-pending risk modeling and automation.”

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Flipkart Pilots Video-Based eKYC Tech To Allow Money Lending Services

Some of the notable players dominating the online lending space in India are Zestmoney, Lendingkart, FlexiLoans, KredX, Capital Float, and …

Walmart-owned ecommerce company Flipkart is developing a video-based know-your-customer (KYC) solution to offer instant credit to users purchasing from its platform.

The ecommerce giant had disclosed its plans to bet on the lending segment last year however the plans had not materialised since then. However, the company is now looking to develop its technology and tap into the growing Indian fintech market.

In order to offer the services, Flipkart has been working with smaller fintech partners to offer ‘cardless credit’ and check out finance to its users.

Currently, Flipkart is pilot testing the video-based project for completing the KYC process with around 10K customers, reported ET. The company is awaiting approval from RBI and will then extend the service to more customers.

According to the company, it has already given loans to 1.2 Mn customers through its partners. Flipkart is now looking to further develop its proprietary credit underwriting model which will operate mainly by using its own customer data.

In July 2018, Flipkart had announced its plans to foray into the lending space and had applied for an NBFC (Non Banking Financial Company) licence to focus on consumer lending.

At that time, the company said its plans to offer microlending and micro-insurance products for purchase on its website. It also revealed its long term plans of moving to products such as general and life insurance.

Why Is Flipkart Betting On Lending Space?

Flipkart’s efforts come at a time when a report by BCG predicts that the Indian digital lending market has the potential to become a $1 Tn opportunity in the next five years.

In June 2018, Flipkart arch rival Amazon India had launched its Seller Lending Network, which offers sellers on Amazon India, loan options from multiple third-party lenders.

The Amazon Seller Lending Network allows sellers to choose loan offers tailored for their business needs from multiple lenders and loan types such as term loans or overdraft loans.

As the online lending market in India continues to grow, many companies have been looking to strengthen their position in the market.

Most recently, Sweden-headquartered caller identification app Truecaller revealed its plans to provide a full spectrum of financial services in India with a focus on digital lending service. It has also partnered with a non-banking finance company, whose name is yet to be disclosed.

Some of the notable players dominating the online lending space in India are Zestmoney, Lendingkart, FlexiLoans, KredX, Capital Float, and MoneyTap.

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Nitrogen Network: Decentralized Secured Loans Platform?

On the platform, users can find someone to “rent” their crypto assets on their terms, with their collateral held safely by a smart contract as an escrow …
Nitrogen NetworkNitrogen Network

What Is Nitrogen Network?

Nitrogen is a decentralized P2P network for secured loans, where users can earn interest by lending. On the platform, users can find someone to “rent” their crypto assets on their terms, with their collateral held safely by a smart contract as an escrow agent.

Nitrogen also allows users to borrow assets to trade in the crypto market. They can get liquid assets they need without selling long-term holdings to go short, invest in ICOs, or utilize assets in other trades.

Borrow And Lend In A Safe And Transparent Way

At Nitrogen, users have the opportunity to borrow and lend in a safe and transparent way. This is possible by keeping exclusive assets control where all private keys remain on the client-side applications. Nitrogen does not have access to the user’s assets.

Besides, it’s possible to trade the way they want, defining all the deal terms, and collaborating with the counterparty directly. They can also protect their loans, which are always secured with collateral. Additionally, it’s possible to remain flexible in trading by using partial matching mode to make an order available for many users, which enables them to split an order.

Getting Started On Nitrogen Network

  • The process starts with signing up and connecting an account to Metamask.
  • Once the account is up and running, users can browse orders that match their request
  • Users can create their own order with simple step-by-step setting process
  • They can manage their trades and orders, collaborate with the counterparty to change trade conditions

Nitrogen Network Mission

Since it’s a decentralized P2P lending network, its mission is to increase the liquidity of cryptocurrencies and improve their availability. Therefore, the platform opens more opportunities in the crypto space for everyone to provide them with an easy-to-use but powerful platform to manage their crypto portfolios more effectively.

Nitrogen Network has a team of committed developers with several years of experience in the banking and crypto industry. That team came up with a relevant platform to serve fellow members of the community. Their experience in the industry, together with the collaborations they have made with like-minded partners will ensure that their products are secure and efficient.

To crown it, Nitrogen Network works for everyone. The primary objective of the platform is to improve the experience of cryptocurrency hodlers as well as traders who can use it on various platforms such as wallets and exchanges.

Easy To Use

Nitrogen comes with an intuitive interface that makes it easy for even new users to learn the platform. The platform is also available on Telegram and e-mail to assist their customers with any questions.

Nitrogen Network And Paxos Partnership

The Nitrogen Network has collaborated with Paxos (PAX), which is a USD stablecoin, upon launching their crypto-loan platform. This partnership enables Nitrogen customers to easily withdraw PAX in exchange for their crypto loan deposits. The platform selected PAX because it is a 1:1 USD backed cryptocurrency, which means it’s a stable digital asset with all the trust and stability of Fiat currency.

Worldwide Financial Technology (FinTech) Market 2019 Business Summary, Data Source …

Global Financial Technology (FinTech) Market research report offers a detailed research about the inclusive state of Financial Technology (FinTech) …

Financial Technology (FinTech)

Global Financial Technology (FinTech) Market research report offers a detailed research about the inclusive state of Financial Technology (FinTech) Market, the modern industry data and industry upcoming trends, allowing you to identify the products and end users driving Revenue evolution and profitability. The Financial Technology (FinTech) market research report lists the foremost participants and provides the insights strategic industry Analysis of the important factors influencing the market. The report consists of the forecasts, Analysis and discussion of significant industry trends, market size, market share estimates and profiles of the prominent key industry Players.

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The global Financial Technology (FinTech) market was xx million US$ in 2018 and is expected to xx million US$ by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of xx% between 2019 and 2025.

Competitive Market Share

Key Players Analysis: Financial Technology (FinTech) market report includes the following top manufacturers in terms of sales, price, revenue, gross margin and market share (2018-2019).

Some of the top players include Lending Club, Prosper, Upstart, SoFi, OnDeck, Avant, Funding Circle, Zopa, Lendix, RateSetter, Mintos, Auxmoney, CreditEase, Lufax, Renrendai, Tuandai, maneo, Capital Float, Capital Match, SocietyOne.

Financial Technology (FinTech) Market Segment by Regions includes:

  • North America (USA, Canada and Mexico)
  • Europe (Germany, France, UK, Russia and Italy)
  • Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia)
  • South America
  • Middle East and Africa.

Financial Technology (FinTech) Market Segment by Applications:




Financial Technology (FinTech) Market Segment by Types:

P2P Lending



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TOC of Report Contains: –

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