Maximize Your Digital Marketing That’s Can’t Miss with Prospects

Channel Futures: What are some tips for building effective digital marketing and social content? Is it difficult to build content that connects with potential …

Digital marketing and social media content are crucial for gaining and building trust with prospective clients.

But developing valuable content for your digital brand can be a challenging process. Having a clear strategy ensures the content is effective and draws the correct response.

In this Channel Evolution Europe keynote, “The Marketing Superpower of Digital and Social Content,” Dec. 1, MSP design and brand expert Claire Jenks will show you ways to attract prospective customers through content marketing strategies. She’ll share how blogs, videos, knowledge banks, infographics, downloadable PDFs and checklists can net results.

Claire Jenks

Claire Jenks

In a Q&A with Channel Futures, Jenks provides a sneak peek of the content she’ll share with attendees.

Channel Futures: What are some tips for building effective digital marketing and social content? Is it difficult to build content that connects with potential customers?

Claire Jenks: The best tips for building effective digital and social content is to think about education, engagement and entertainment. You want to create content that fits into one of these three categories and is more effective when it is. Forget selling. Think about being helpful and sharing more about the business and being human. An easy way to build effective content is to think from your clients’ and potential clients’ perspective. Answering they’re frequently asked questions (FAQs) is a great way of doing this. Sharing case studies that they might relate to is another. People also buy from people. So don’t be afraid to show off the people behind the business and get them involved in creating content.

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CF: What are some common mistakes that can lead to ineffective digital marketing and social content?

CJ: The most common mistake which leads to ineffective digital and social content is inconsistency. Being consistent with both is where you create the most impact. Businesses will try and do everything, start to create video, blogs, emails, social media as well as running the day-to-day operations. Unless you have a team behind you, this can all become overwhelming and it will all come to a halt. Few months down the line, they start again and the same thing happens. It’s best to find something that works for you, targets your audience in the right way and something you can be consistent with. If you choose to only post on LinkedIn twice a week, that’s absolutely fine. Be consistent with it and the rewards will come.

CF: What difference can effective digital and social content make for your business?

CJ: Effective digital and social content can help to establish you as an authority in your field or area. By using digital and social content to show off your expertise in a helpful way, it goes a long way to keeping you front and center for new potential clients. And it builds the trust and relationships with your current clients, too.

How many people go to social media these days to check a company out? If a potential customer goes to your Facebook page and you haven’t posted in five years, that …