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Underestimated Fundraising Techniques To Help Your Startup Succeed - Forbes

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Date: 2022-01-18 13:59:47

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CEO & Founder @ Refocus, VP of Marketing @ Coding Invaders. EdTech enthusiast, investor, mentor and marketing expert.


According to Fundable, 57% of startups take out loans, and 38% are launched thanks to friends and family money. Don’t have savings or relatives who could invest in your idea? That’s not a reason to give up on the business launch — 2021 is considered to be the most fortunate year for startups raising venture capital. 

CB Insights data shows global funding rose 157%. One of the explanations for that boom is the lively IPO market. These days, startups have entered the market at huge value, which brings a large return for their early investors. That means VCs possess more money to support new startups. In addition, more and more nontraditional early-stage funders are beginning to take shape: mutual funds, private equity firms and hedge funds. Sounds like there’s a good chance to raise money for your startup without debts, but how to do it?

Attracting investments, especially if you are a first-time founder, might seem an overwhelming challenge. It's hard to get into an investor's sight, and even the most successful pitch does not guarantee interest that will turn into a funding round.