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Tag: Slang

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Capitol rioters' social media posts influencing sentencings - KARE 11
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2021-12-12 11:19:59

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2022-01-23 17:48:26

Two members of Google's Ethical AI group leave to join Timnit Gebru's nonprofit - Neotizen News
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2022-02-02 23:53:22

BBNaija's JMK Complains About Men Who Talk Crap About Women After They Are Rejected - Tori.ng
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"Remove Miner" Is Trending on TikTok, but Many Want to Know What It Means - Distractify
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2022-03-25 06:02:08

RSM Albury and CSU's Dr Stacey Jenkins talk workplace flexibility | The Border Mail | Wodonga, VIC
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2022-04-29 19:13:36

What Does IB Mean In Tiktok? The Social Media Slang Explained - OtakuKart
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2022-05-29 22:07:43

The Greatest Singer on Earth Is a Double-Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot - Rolling Stone
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2022-05-30 16:16:40

What Does TFW Mean On Tiktok? The Social Media Acronym Explained - OtakuKart
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