NFT Collectibles Platform Pixura Launches on the Ethereum (ETH) Mainnet

Pixura, a non-technical toolkit for building and selling crypto-collectibles via a personalized marketplace, announced Friday that it has officially …
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Pixura, a non-technical toolkit for building and selling crypto-collectibles via a personalized marketplace, announced Friday that it has officially launched its platform beta on the Ethereum (ETH) mainnet.

Excited to announce our mainnet launch! Now it’s super easy for anyone to create and sell crypto-collectibles with just a few clicks 😎

— Pixura (@pixura_io) February 15, 2019

According to the announcement, the new platform allows users to easily create a unique ERC-721 non-fungible token in just a few clicks. After the NFT is generated, a public-facing marketplace is automatically generated, allowing users to customize their brand and organize the sale and distribution of the tokens.

Pixura leverages the 0x (ZRX) protocol for marketplace transactions, allowing for greater access to liquidity. “By taking advantage of the flexible 0x architecture, we can enable royalties, customer affiliate fees, and other innovative marketplace mechanics,” added the Pixura team.

The Pixura Difference

With the launch, Pixura released a list of 32 ideas of what to build on the platform, ranging from in-game assets to authentication tokens for physical goods. However, perhaps most interesting is their focus on streamers and esports teams, as they recommend ideas like special access badges, fan rewards, and collectibles that immortalize significant moments in competitions.

As crazy as the last idea might sound, reliving previous moments in competitive gaming has become a notable element of esports, akin to “top plays” in traditional sports. Notably, Team Solomid’s (TSM) competitive Fortnite team just signed into a deal with Hasbro to promote a new NERF product in part by recreating some of their top battles in real life.

Add to that the fact that Fnatic, a pro esports organization based in London that fields teams in numerous games, previously partneredwith World Asset eXchange (WAX) to release collectibles and merchandise using WAX’s blockchain e-commerce platform, and it’s clear that digital assets have a real future in gaming.

Moving forward, Pixura will look to compete with Rare Bits, a similar online auction-style marketplace for buying, selling and trading crypto-based goods. Rare Bits, which previously closed $6 million in venture funding from major firms like Spark Capital, First Round Capital, Craft Ventures and SV Angel, also recently launched Fan Bits, a new platform enablescontent creators, such as photographers, influencers and streamers, too build and sell their own non-fungible crypto assets, like art and collectibles, on the blockchain.

This won’t be an easy battle for Pixura by any means, especially as Rare Bits is currently backed by both Twitch CEO Emmett Shear and the company’s founder, Justin Kan. This has helped Fan Bits find its way onto Twitch as an extension option for streamers.

Fan Bits on Twitch

Pixura does note that it is already powering, an Ethereum-based digital art platform, which claims to have already processed $100,000 in total creator earnings.

More: Pixura Platform is Live

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